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Can you calm your baby fish in time and save them from hungry sharks?
Submitted by Darman (@Fi8015) — 12 minutes, 56 seconds before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
In this game you try to keep your baby fishs calm and stop them from being eaten by sharks. As time passes more and more babies spawn and they get scared more easily, causing them to swim off. This makes you lose control about the situation and you're -> Out of Control.

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing art

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing audio

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What an incredible game. Nicely simple and well executed. The atmosphere was really amazing. I can't stop playing this game. Man, you've done addicting game. I got so much fun. Awesome.


From hopeful to anxious, down to depressing. This game present you with a story from parents' perspective trying to save their kid from being slaughter by the ocean of sharks. While it didn't have much gameplay, I still enjoyed(probably wrong use of word here lol) the experience this game presented. The aesthetic and musics of this game are awesome. It really did create the feeling of deep ocean. Overall, this is a short but solid entry to the jam. I'm glad I played it. Great job! 


It felt a little weird running ParentControl.exe but it was a nice game.


really beautiful artstyle and presentation. also, very cool concept, but kinda dark ending lol. overall, great job, just wish it was a little less laggy.


the graphics are so beautiful and relaxing to look at (until the sharks show up then panic starts haha)

nice job!


The game broke the presentation rating. Would give it a 10/5 stars if I could! I'm not so sure if I was playing it right but even when the sharks started getting crazy and I got sad that the my fishes are getting eaten, it felt satisfying to see them getting eaten? (I'm questioning why I said that)

Anyways, loved the game from start to finish!


the presentation of this game is simply top notch. it's short, it's beautiful, it does a great job at executing what it wants. i do agree with other commenters that the sharks are a bit too aggressive in the second half of the game (i didn't really feel overwhelmed so much as feeling that it was pointless to try and soothe the fish bc they're just dying instantly) but otherwise this is fantastic


Love bloom, love neon, my kids kept trying to get me killed but it was a fun spectacle watching them all get eaten! Fun times


rated on stream


Started out fun, and then it wasn't. Sharks spawning in right on top of stray fish was way too brutal


hey there,
thanks for your feedback. I agree that the sharks get a bit too aggressive at the end. Though it is somewhat related to the theme, towards the end you get more and more desperate and lose control of the situation. :)


Beautiful visuals and audio!! I'm mesmerized


Love the graphics and the audio! Very pretty game


Nice job! The graphics are absolutely stunning with the glowing fish and sharks, and I really liked the satisfying mechanic of keeping your fish alive. Well done! :D


The graphics are absolutely gorgeous! The gameplay feels a bit clunky, but it works well overall. And the music was sweet. 

(My score was 3679, dunno if it's any good xD)

Good job!


Very nice to look at and nice gimmick to integrate the control key into the game. Fits the theme perfectly!


Wow, the game looks beautiful! I wish we had a few more options for protecting the babies, but I understand the time constraint. 


WOW! I loved this, the are was beautiful and my when my first fish got eaten I was terrified. This was a great experience encapsulated by a game, I felt like I was playing through some thought piece about the futility of life or something, good work!


Absolutely gorgeous graphics. The "force" you experience when a red shark eats one of your small sharks creates a feel of sadness and responsibility. Extremely well executed!


Fantastic aesthetics! So many sharks ate my babies, but it was fun and chaotic at the end around a 4000 score


The art style is beautiful. Really liked it and the music complimented that. 
Gameplay idea is neat, but it gets repetitive really fast. Sadly you ran out of time as i saw in the comments. 

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