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Puzzle Platformer
Submitted by GrizzliusMaximus (@GrizzliusM) — 26 minutes, 48 seconds before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
Take control of multiple robots. Some robots cannot be controlled. you can only control one robot at at time. robots remember the last thing it did before you loose control over it

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing audio

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Loved the mechanics and creative puzzles! I think its one of the better games in this jam, and fits well with the theme.

It took me a while to figure it out, but the movement retention was neat once I found it. (that was the only mechanic that could have used some extra explanation, in my opinion).

The music started getting a little repetitive after a few levels, but other than that this was good :)


Great game! I tend to get pretty frustrated with puzzles, but the difficulty curve here felt very manageable.


Hello! I played your game on stream! If you want to see your game played with live feedback, you can find the VOD and watch from this sheet:


Thanks for playing my game. It was nice watching you!


Wow, I's so polished and feels so good, and puzzles are awesome. Great game. Well done :D

And if you had time, I'd be thankful if you try my submission <3


First and foremost, great game!

I like how the core mechanics are introduced to the player without the need for instructions. The one place I wish there was more instruction would be the mechanic of having a robot continually repeat a task (i.e. jumping) while the other robot is in control. I really like the variety of puzzles, and how some can be solved with just a strategy, while others require more skill and timing. I really think it speaks to the versatility of the game design. I also like the way that respawning is used as a puzzle solving mechanic. I personally didn't notice an opportunity to use the automatic movement mechanic (not including jumping) in order to solve any puzzles.

The graphics and audio felt very polished, down to the particle effects and animations. If I would have one piece of feedback it would be that the jump sound repeats in an unpleasant way when a robot is trying to jump but can't. You would have to add a check that the robot can jump before playing the sound to rectify this. Not that big of a bug for a game made in 48 hours, but I thought it might be worth noting.

All things considered this was one of the most fun games from this jam I've played so far. Great job!


Everything you said I agree, from the positive to the negative! Pretty much the most accurate comment about my game so far. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

In the post jam,  I plan to make it so  jumping with robots above will push the whole stack and if it can't it shouldn't make the jumping sound. 

Indeed, I wanted to add more levels with the automatic movement but I ran out of time. I also wanted more shooting mechanics.

Again, thanks for your comment!


Player feedback is great, I love the foot step sounds. It's quite a pretty smart game, I like how the puzzles asks to think for a bit. Pretty cool aesthetics too :)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

This is great! Solid puzzle design with clever use of spatial reasoning. The mechanic of equipping/unequipping the special ability, and the way it persists through death and combines with the respawn locations for puzzle complexity, is quite interesting.

I wanted a "restart level" button! Several times I made a wrong move and couldn't complete the level, and had to use b/n just to restart the current level.

Very impressive—felt like a full-fledged tiny game. I got some Braid / Super Meat Boy vibes.

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

Thanks for playing! 

There was restart button using the R key and one on the top right corner of the  screen. Maybe It wasn't obvious, sorry.

Edit: Thanks for telling me about this. I forgot to add the reset button key  controls in the description 


Ha! Nice, now I see the button in the upper-right; somehow I missed that before. And it serves me right for not just trying the "R" key. But yeah, I'm glad you added it to the description. I was like "why would they add back and next buttons but not restart? that doesn't make sense," haha.

Submitted (3 edits) (+1)

Really really love it! The puzzle are very well made. There are a few bugs, however I could complete the game without any issue. Thank you for make it!
Just a question: what is the "correct way" to complete this level? I use a solution but I don't understand if it is a bug or a mechanic.. :D


Thanks for playing! I could say this is worst implemented level but I wanted to teach a the auto movement mechanic (you can do this for shooting too but i didn't make a level where that is useful). Also, I do consider changing the jumping physics so that robots can jump even when there are robots above it.

Here's how to solve it:

You have to switch controls while holding jump to perform auto-jump.

Is this how you did it? I've let streamers play my game and there were levels where they played it entirely differently from how I designed it..


Wow, this is a really well-polished and fun concept. I think the puzzles are fun to play and the amount of polish to it for a 48 hour project is really impressive. Really awesome work


Great game, I really enjoyed it! Would play a full release of this!


Your art style is beautiful. Loved it! Your music is really good and kept me going!

I love the implementation of out of control. Holding down a button and then relinquishing control will make the robot continue to do that action! :D

All the puzzles were excellent, felt really thought out and awesome to solve.

This was one of my favorite games from the jam. I really can't think of any problems I had with it, besides that I wish there was more!


Thank you so much for your comment! This made my day! Will definitely add more levels in the future for post jam development!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I really enjoy the music! The controls were very well polished, and the level design built up perfectly.


Beautifully polished game.   Really enjoyed the game play.    Not 100% sure on how it fit the theme, but it's so well done I didn't really notice until I was done playing.   Can't wait to beat the final version of this (if I can ;)


Interesting take on the out of control theme! The double jumping is quite hard to pull off though! Feels like the physics get in the way of the puzzle at times.

Could use another button than the shift button as its too close to WASD and you're already using left hand for that.


Loved it! The mechanics and level design are amazing. And the feeling of the game aso!


I really like this one. Feels nicely polished and has a great concept. Nice work!


Great mechanic and execution! Very well thought puzzles and development of the idea. Outstanding game!


Very fun puzzle game with a lot of content considering the fact it was made in 48 hours! I really like how much depth you added to the game while teaching the player new things. The only thing I would recommend is making the power ups pickup automatically. It just feels quite awkward to have to stand over them and press shift. However, this is a very small detail and overall the game is great, amazing job!


Originally, the power-ups were automatic but then there were puzzles where the power-ups get in the way, especially if you just dropped them. But I agree. Maybe I should give a cooldown so if you dropped it, you won't re-grab it again for about a second like  in minecraft


I really like the game's pixel art and animations!

I think it could fit the theme in a better way, the dark coloured robots are out of control but that is just another way of saying they are enemies, maybe add a trap that makes light-coloured robots into dark ones and hence enemies. The concept could have been more original but the gameplay and level design as of now is also nice!

Nice Job!


I had this idea of some white robots going dark after some time but I haven't implemented it. Post jam maybe? Yeah, theme is definitely a weak spot in my entry. Thanks for taking the time to play my game and being my 30th rater XD


well... the game is really well done, is super polished, super fun, the difficuly is tuned with extreme care, the pixel art is awersome, the music... was ok, but... BUT...

It lacks a tutorial... (for the special orbs, at least...) because i'm a big dummy and i didn't see the commands in the description, i spended much time than i should have to try to understand how to pick up and use the special orbs (ok, the game is fairly intuitive, so the majority of people dosen't even need one so the lack of it is forgivable... maybe do a thing where the tutorial pop up saying "press LShift to pick up Jump Orb" only if the player stand close to the orb without picking it for 10 seconds)


I agree that there needs to be a better tutorial on that aspect.  Thanks for the suggestion. It was something I had in mind but failed to implement. somehow, none of those who play tested my game had problems with it. 

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