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8?? I have only five hearts! Wow, a new reason to replay the game :D

A classic MetroidVania with cute graphics and a good level design.
I was hoping that the final boss was a bit more challenging, but for the rest everything was great. BTW It was really a pleasure play it.

Hello! Has there ever been a response, and can I hope to read the Italian translation of the game?


Really a great job! But somethimes it is difficult to understand why a solution isn't correct

Thank you for playing and for your kindness 😁

Thank you for playing! Probably it need some more "polishing" on the obstacle of the levels, but I'm happy that you enjoy playing my game 

I understand what you say, I need to think about It. Thank you for playing!

You're not the only one that say to me that the fall is slow, probably I really need to tweak it. Thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing Martin! Thank you for you suggestion and the bug report, they are really precious

Thank you!

It doesn't seem to work properly: if I put instance_destroy(RenderPipeline) in a Create Room event, it seems like the application surface or the draw events doesn't work anymore , because I see a "screenshot" of the previous room, but I can see, for example, my show_debug_message so I think that the rest of the game works correctly.

Hello! I would like to switch bewteen two room, one with Fauxton and another one without it. How can I "reset" the room to not inherit anything? 
Thank you!

So small, so cute <3

Hi! I'm following the documentation, but I don't understand how to use lighting.
I placed the WorldEnvironment object inside the room, but nothing really changed. I don't understand if I need to place PointLights and SpotLights or make them the parent of objects that I want to cast light on.

Thanks in advance!

Data restored 100%... but I'm stuck at the (probably) latest puzzle :D Anyway a really good little experience, I enjoyed it!

Very clever puzzles and really nice to play! I really like it

I played with my Macbook Air 2017 on Opera GX and I haven't any issue

I really like this little Metroidvania, it's incredible that is so polished with this limitation!

Really love it! Beautiful little game!

Wow, brilliant idea and amazing platform! I really love it!

So simple but so cute! I really like it!

So cute! I really enjoyed playing it!

A great puzzle game, as usual! ;)

I'm blocked to level 11, but I really love the puzzle mechanics! Simple but addictive, great idea!

So beautiful! Clever mechanics and really great graphics!

The game is a pretty standard platform.. But I really like the graphics and it's fun to play! I hope you'll add some power-ups in the future!

Sorry, I read your feedback too late :( Thanks for your feedback, I don't mind that the control could have hard to master, I'll probably add a tutorial!

Mmm.. When I developed the bunny I was afraid to attract the dog too much.. Probably now the dog has too low interest, ops! Thanks for the feedback and for your time playing it! ;)

Thank you! :) :) :)

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Really really love it! The puzzle are very well made. There are a few bugs, however I could complete the game without any issue. Thank you for make it!
Just a question: what is the "correct way" to complete this level? I use a solution but I don't understand if it is a bug or a mechanic.. :D

So cool! I love the graphics, tha game is simple but i think that fit perfectly the theme (in particular when I take the speed up powerup!) xD Good entry!

Really love the graphics! I think that you must add a way to understand what "powerup" I activate: too often i don't understand if i catch a bonus or a malus. I hope you continue it after the jam!

Very fun idea, I really enjoy playing it!

I really love the concept of the game, at first it seem to easy but in the end is very challenging! Thank you for make it!

The idea is terrific, wow! And the atmosphere was great, unpleasant and so realistic. But I don't like that my words seems to be useless and Clarity doesn't react with what I say. But for a 48 hours game is a beautiful job!

What a game! I love the mechanics and the way you design it!