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Beautiful mechanics! Really fun game!

So sad, so lovely.. Thank you for making it

It's a "trap": you don't need to use the grapple twice. Try to fall from upstairs between the two grapples..

Beautiful! Clever gameplay mechanics and, above all, clever level design! Thank you for made it!

Yeah! Thank you!! :)

Awesome! I use this tool to create the idle and horizontal movement for my game. Here the link if you want to see it ;)
I add you in the credits of the game.

Ok, I need help xD How can I pass over the frog-bodyguard in the Frog Cave?

Awesome!! It's incredible that you create this with only 20 lines of code!

It's incredible that you realize it with 20 lines of code! Impressive!

Hey! You teach me somethink, I didn't know about the red clip paperclip story. The mechanics works really well and I like the art style of the game :)

I really like the idea and the way you realize it! I think that with some tutorial level it can be more enjoyable because it's really hard to play :D

It's the first time that I play a game with tactic battles and.. I fall in love! And so the graphics is enjoyable like the game mechanics. Amazing

Very interesting puzzle! I like playing it!

I understand the same deadline of @Micha Faw because I read the text in the info page and I don't read the countdown :( Can I send also my game?

Awesome!! It's incredible that you create this with only 20 lines of code!

I didn't know PuzzleScript. Now I read your development log and play also this version of the game and it seems a clever idea for this type of jam! The game remains playable and enjoyable as the jam version.

Yes! This one:

This is the second game that I try in this jam with the morse code. I find that the design and the graphic really fit the game genre. The only downside is that the game is too "heavy" for the content i think: my browser lag and i need to repeat the code multiple times. But I like very much the idea, good job!

Said by those who have made the most original game of the jam is an honor :D Thank you very much!

Thank you, I try my best to design the level as good as possible.. I draw it with pen and paper ahah. Oh, you're the only one that appreciate the wall jump, thank you! :)

Thank you! You are not the only one that doesn't like the Cyan's walljump, but.. I can't reach to finish your game because I find too difficult to use the wall jump ahah! I'll try later when I can use another pc, I'm on a Ubuntu one and it is a bit laggy.

Really?? 😟 So Sorry, i don't know why

I understand what you say: setting the difficult in this type of game for me is the hardest part because when you "see" the solution it seem that the puzzle is easy, but is only because you are the one who design it. Thank you, I'll wait for you comment ;)

Thank you! The wall jump is not so difficult but probably I don't write very well how to do it: hold the X button and use the arrow without release the X. But you're not the only one, I think I will change it with something more "standard" ;) sorry for getting stuck in the wall :(

Sorry for the bug when switching dimension, I will fix it! Thank you for enjoy playing my little game! :)

Hi! I really appreciate the concept, but i think it would be better with more and shorter levels (obviusly, if you want to develop a similar game outside the jam. I found a bug with the collision between the knight and some wall :( Good work, I enjoy playing it ;)

Mmm you're right, an alternative control layout (or gamepad support) is a good idea to implement. Thank you for play my game!

Hi! How did you do the wall jump? Are you keeping pressing the X button? I see that this solution didn't like at some people! :(

Thank you very much, I'm happy to know that you enjoy playing it! Yes, I know that the game is too short, but it was my first jam and I try to make it simple as possible to reach the goal of the release in time ;)

Do you think that I need to explain better how to do the wall jump? Or I must change the way I develop it?

Hi! I'm so sorry, probably the distance between block is too small for you to appreciate the challenge. I will change a bit the design of the level, thank you!

Terrific art! Nice pattern for the enemy and great challenge. I like it!

Not so original but.. Damn, it is beautiful to see!!

Oh, I'm so sorry :( I will fix it!

Decrafted or Uncrafted? Make up your mind xD I like the game idea, nice to play!

Ehy! Thank you very much, also your comment fill my heart :D Oh, sorry for getting stuck with the water, I don't find this bug during the development, I will fix it. But first I would like to see what is your game for the jam.. See you soon! :)

Yes, a made the graphics as simple as possible for this reason.

Done! Mine is here, no one has rate yet :(
Cyan is a little puzzle / platform where you have only one "powerup", an hamburger that make you bigger! But also with pros and cons.. And, also, the only color is cyan blue :D

It's like playing Titan Soul as a shooter :D I think you need to insert a compass to search the bullet or a button to recall it, it is too small to find sometimes :(

Thank you very much for playing! :)