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I played with my Macbook Air 2017 on Opera GX and I haven't any issue

I really like this little Metroidvania, it's incredible that is so polished with this limitation!

Really love it! Beautiful little game!

Wow, brilliant idea and amazing platform! I really love it!

So simple but so cute! I really like it!

So cute! I really enjoyed playing it!

A great puzzle game, as usual! ;)

I'm blocked to level 11, but I really love the puzzle mechanics! Simple but addictive, great idea!

So beautiful! Clever mechanics and really great graphics!

The game is a pretty standard platform.. But I really like the graphics and it's fun to play! I hope you'll add some power-ups in the future!

Sorry, I read your feedback too late :( Thanks for your feedback, I don't mind that the control could have hard to master, I'll probably add a tutorial!

Mmm.. When I developed the bunny I was afraid to attract the dog too much.. Probably now the dog has too low interest, ops! Thanks for the feedback and for your time playing it! ;)

Thank you! :) :) :)

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Really really love it! The puzzle are very well made. There are a few bugs, however I could complete the game without any issue. Thank you for make it!
Just a question: what is the "correct way" to complete this level? I use a solution but I don't understand if it is a bug or a mechanic.. :D

So cool! I love the graphics, tha game is simple but i think that fit perfectly the theme (in particular when I take the speed up powerup!) xD Good entry!

Really love the graphics! I think that you must add a way to understand what "powerup" I activate: too often i don't understand if i catch a bonus or a malus. I hope you continue it after the jam!

Very fun idea, I really enjoy playing it!

I really love the concept of the game, at first it seem to easy but in the end is very challenging! Thank you for make it!

The idea is terrific, wow! And the atmosphere was great, unpleasant and so realistic. But I don't like that my words seems to be useless and Clarity doesn't react with what I say. But for a 48 hours game is a beautiful job!

What a game! I love the mechanics and the way you design it!

Awesome idea! And so well polished, really a great product! I hope that you continue to develop the idea after the jam, now is a bit too difficult to play.

Really love it! I like also the fact that i can push the enemies outside their rout to try to hit them with my turret! And it is so well good to see! Good job!

This is an awesome entry! I love the werewolf mechanics! So sad that it is impossibile to go to level 2 :( I hope you want to continue it after the jam!

I like the idea, it's so upgradable in future and it is yet fun to play! I don't like the fact that I can't have any clue to where the enemies appear when I'm put the controller in the game, I hope you change this in the future. Above all it's a good and fun entry ;)

How I can play the game? I see only a PNG file to download

So cool! I think that you have to made your game more easy in the first steps in the game, but above that it's fun to play and very well made! The "out of control" curse that I found are very clever and challenging.

Ops, sorry about that! :D

I control it! But now my eyes are flipped ahaha! Nice concept, but i don't understand one thing: every time I play the game I have the same number of flickering enemy or is random?

This game is incredible, it's so well polished for a 48h jam! And the mechanics is fun and addictive, I hope you'll continue in the future! I think that your game is the best entry I play until now

We have a similar idea.. but I think that your is more challenging, good job!
One question: how do you think that the user play the game? Dodging the bull or distracting him with the red boomerang?

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Really cool! Basically is a rithm platform game, but I like how you realize that and I think that totally fit the theme. Good job!

I like it! It is totally unespected from the description :D I think that you create a great formula: easy to play, hard to master. Great job!

I love the aesthetic of the game! Also the puzzle is fun to play. Resemble me inFAILtration that was in the 2019 GMTK JAM

Thank you for playing it! And for you kind words ;)

Beautiful! The idea is so simple but so addictive and totally fit the theme! Very fun to play, great job!

Very clever idea! And fun introduction :D But I don't like two elements:
- i don't understand how many times or how long i can press the button. I think that if you can use a counter or a color to make it more clear it can be funnier to play

- I hope that, in a postjam version, you can insert a restart menu: i restart the game a few times because i can't press any more button but I can't die :S

Your comment is very clever: I don't develop any "tips" for the position where the sheep will go because I thought that thing could made the movement less "out of control". Do you have any idea for it?
You are right for the fullscreen windows, I totally forgot it! :D

Thank you for playing!

Love the machanics, fit perfectly with the theme. Great job!

Mush, your game are always awesome. This in particolar has a fun mechanics and it is very well polished: it's incredibile that it is so well made for a jam of 2 days!