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Yeah its a little glitchy when going out upside down at the moment, lol. Thanks for checking out our game!

Nice voiceless lets play for a change! Yeah that door was glitchy upside down but at least you made it to the end (the island with weird people) Thanks for playing!

Credits to our incredible music designer :D thanks for playing and glad that you made it through!

It really is more confusing then it should be (half of the objects not working/drawers not opening, and non-exact hitboxes). Glad you made it through though, pretty entertaining playthough and thanks for playing!

Really cool production values in this video, thanks for playing! 

That was kind of painful to watch as a dev, sorry for the terrible bloom! Hope the postjam version fixes it somewhat, and thanks for playing!

Neat graphics and didn't realize godot could do so much! The controls take a little getting used to. Would be nicer with some music and sounds.

I'm really not sure how to play this, as I can't understand which key allows me to place other objects beside the gold mine. Looks pretty interesting though!

Impressive job in 24 h. Very sweet 3D models and animation. Gameplay was a little finicky to control, but otherwise it played well, solid entry!

Nice voxel graphics, and stealth based gameplay is done well. Wasn't a fan of the garish colors of the user interface, but that didn't get in the way of the fun factor, cool entry!

Very nice comic artwork, great style and awesome music! Gameplay was a little basic but really challenging to "catch-em-all".

Great pixel graphics in this one and nice music to accompany this cute piece. Feels more like a screensaver though, albeit a really gorgeous one. 

Seems like there's a minigame about candy canes, and some hidden gift boxes around. As for the snowball fight, I guess its not clear that you lose, as the screen immediately cuts back to your original location. Needs more feedback as well e.g. when the snowball hits others. Love the atmosphere and the cute 3d models though!

Pretty cute pinball game, with lots of fun frantic action once you start getting multiball. Wasn't sure what was derpy/surprising about it tho - aside from the balls going outside the walls? 

Got rank 6'd! Great graphics, sound effects and the juice in this one is pretty great. Although there can be too much screen shake especially on the shotgun (although that somewhat makes it less overpowered). 

It wasn't very clear what was required to turn on the machines at first, as I had thought that interacting with each machine meant just hitting E once on them, but didn't realize that I needed to constantly hold E. Wasn't a fan of how enemies would just spawn on you as well. Otherwise, a great entry!

for the drawers I'm kind of surprised that it required precision, although the  hit boxes aren't very precise  for some of them (not directly on the drawer, and only the top drawer is accessible). Agree that might be confusing to use though. Main goal is to figure out a way to get out of the house. Sounds like it wasn't a great experience but thanks for the feedback anyways!

not a fan of how the monsters spawn on top of you, but its pretty fun with cool ramping up on the challenge. The powers were also a nice surprise! 

Thanks for playin! Little over a week. It's still kinda buggy but at least you made it to the end!

Interesting storyline that seems like an optimistic take on romance with an AI, but pretty novel in that you're RP'ing an AI role. I like how you try to emulate how an AI would think in describing the AI's detailed thoughts. Gotta say, this reminds me of three stories: the movie called Her, a Black mirror episode called Be Right Back, and an anime called Time of Eve. 

The BGM is a little loud for my taste, otherwise its a real sweet piece of interactive fiction. 

Heh someone's been playing this for a while! Good job!

Yeah a little basic at the moment, added a new research option but it's pretty barebones. Thanks for clicking!

Thanks for playing and feedback, added a mute button!

Interesting way of telling a narrative through the game mechanics and presenting a dilemma between fast forwarding through the game's content and taking it slow (which might be suboptimal in the enjoyment of the game). Love the way the music syncs up with the time travel, but I couldn't resist speeding up the gameplay just to listen to the BGM. The squirrels kind of get stuck if you click on one  too many of them at the same time. 

I must say that I'm not a fan of chess, but taking the movement rules and making it a puzzle game was a great idea. The background story complements the gameplay very well. On to some nitpicks: the 10 second timer didn't really affect the gameplay at the end which was strange. As the knight was much more challenging to navigate compared to the bishop, it might have made more sense to put that later. Some ideas for extending the game further: additional challenge could come from enemy pieces that would attack you if you land in the wrong spot (but that would make it more of a roguelike). All in all a great entry!

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Nice endless runner (is it really endless though?) A bit more speed would have made this more exciting. Great art and sound direction.

Nicely done animations, more of an interactive experience than a game.

Played it again and that fixes it. Great balloon physics, reminds me of bad piggies in some way. There's quite a bit of potential to this idea, but it was tedious to earn RP and its a little weird that you can't invest in a hot air balloon right away. Would be great if there was some way to steer the balloon to avoid the birds making it more of a game requiring some skill, but now its more of random chance whether you get hit by a bird and plummet to the ground. 

Not much in terms of puzzles and game, but I liked the walking around at the end. Nice interpretation of the comic which was a giant map. Needs some audio for more atmosphere. 

Interesting concept for a game, but the instructions although simple doesn't seem to convey the full meaning sometimes. Couldn't get through level 9. 

The crafting mechanic has potential, but the controls after you build stuff is kind of hard to understand. The turtle with the carrot was quite a bit of waiting. 

Pretty interesting premise, nice animations, sound FX and the music was pretty relaxing. Which coupled with the slow pacing was a little ... too relaxing at times. Could be more engaging with a bit more escalation. 

Pretty engrossing gameplay and a neat what if idea! Love the sound effects in particular. Minor nitpicks would be that the planes obscure the pizza menu sometimes, I'm not sure how do I use the other joannas, and the gameplay is a little flat after a while without escalation, but otherwise I had a great time!

Pretty fun bullet hell and I love the visual style! It offers a real challenge, but is that pirate ship even possible to clear at all?!? I seem to have a handle on the strats (stay in top left corner and slowly dodge when the black strings come out) but the ship's HP seems to go to negative territory and doesn't let me destroy it. 

The game needs a bit more balancing and pacing. E.g. in the spiral phase, it suddenly hits you with a barrage of projectiles that are impossible to dodge, and if you survive that the next screen is suddenly less challenging. I'm also not really a fan of how the projectiles blink as its not clear whether they're about to go off the screen or not. The movement also feels slightly floaty and imprecise, and restarting from the start was slightly harsh. Otherwise, bullet hell mechanics were sound. Without any music the experience felt kind of hollow, just some sound FX would have made this pretty great. 

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Not sure what to do here, lol. The dinosaurs could face you more rather than expose their 2D-ness by a sideways view. Its also a slow descent to earth too. Didn't realize Blender had a game engine which is pretty cool. The music is a little all over the place. Nice sound FX though.

Not sure what to do, as the controls seem a little weird - one moment you're flying a plane and the next moment you're teleported back to your home. I like the sunset view from the plane though.

Heh, was waiting for this comic to be translated into a game, and you delivered! Had a pony island like feel to it. The standout was the loading screen with forks stabbing you. The Mario level felt a little flat though. Good job on mashing classic game genres and classical music!

Cool clicker mechanics, although I'm not sure what to make of the intro section with guessing the password (some reference?).

Not much of the game (or at least I couldn't find much to play with), but a cool take on the comic nonetheless!

Very cool physics on display in this one! One thing that wasn't as fun was having the airtime be stopped when you hit obstacles, as it makes the fun ramps and spinning platforms in the second level less desirable to play around with. 

Made it to the victory screen, phew! The terminals need some form of visual feedback to indicate that it's been activated. The hit scan shooting is really ridiculous as once you approach the central corridor its just a mad dash before you die. The lighting might be intentional but its kind of dark to make out any detail which is kind of a shame because the modelling looks pretty good.  The BGM matches the gameplay pretty well but is kind of loud compared to the sound FX.