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Some comments on an great game:

- There are some minor bugs like dice disappearing if you double click or tap on them, the trading 

- I somehow accidentally drop my dice / click on the flee, end turn buttons more than I'd like. Think its because the equips overlaps with these buttons.

Thanks for your detailed comments! It was my very first game that I made in unreal engine, am Glad that you made it that far! The light was intended to have a limited range as it would be overpowered otherwise but that feature turned out to be very hard for players to understand.

Thanks for playing and the great comments. Cool idea on portal teleportation, will see what I can do!

I thought so too (but ran out of time :P)

Thanks for checking out the game and the cool comments - that no going back is the last level as I ran out of time and made it quite crazy hard. 

You could reach me at randomph<at>!

Thanks for playing! Ran out of time so made that last level a stiff challenge. 

Thanks for checking out the game! Thinking of a mobile version :D

I'm not sure if there's much game to this. The gold counter is a little small on this, so its hard to tell the impact. Needs a bit more feedback to tell the player if he's on track or not, and some kind of goal.

Great game! nice pixel art, tight controls. And a nice workout! 

The trick is to stay on the ground and watch the top of the net for any items thrown when your opponent is on the ground while just spamming the throw button.

Very neat graphics and tight controls in this. Nice job! I like how integrated the level select is, just a downer that those areas were walled off.

If you're working on this later, do add drift tracks and smoke - that's a must for any drift racer!

Somehow the download version also has this issue. Not sure if its because of my keyboard? 

Controls are super challenging. I think having the jump as a separate button might make more sense. Can see this as a mobile game though with controls being a little more intuitive.

Very interesting controls although super challenging to navigate. Would prefer if enemies didn't spawn in the middle but came from the edges. Nice remix too.

Somehow its weird that I can't hold jump down to jump higher, stuck on the main menu. The gameplay looks really neat though!

Oh I love this one. But it whooped my ass hard.

Love the shader! I like the controls in this one, feels tight, great job.

Pretty interesting way of controlling using just two buttons.The controls are quite challenging, but I think I got the gist of it! 

Thanks for playing and kind comments! Yes the fixed direction can be quite a challenge - that last level with spikes ended up being a final level and I might have made it a little too challenging. 

Seems a little short, but nice concept! I like the minimalistic graphics.

Yeah the autowalk can be quite restrictive. You could bump into walls to turn around. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing and the kind comments!

Its a neat idea, however I'm not a fan of the random hooking spots - its seems to be up to chance. Great graphics!

That's real fast to get a play! Thanks for playing

Great challenge and unique controls in this one

Neat idea of drawing to block bullets! Very bullet hellish. Controls are tight and the theming is cool!

I like the floating platforms aesthetic. Didn't quite understand how to unlock the doors though, was stuck in the level with the three white platforms in the middle. 

Thanks and great score!

Fantastic work and the effect is sublime! Its simply crazy how much you did in 7 days. Curious how you achieved it - with the use of two cameras looking at two different sets, blending based on a noise cutoff texture, and checking with the same noise cutoff texture to see if your character is based on the dungeon or mall? This effect would be fantastic for game with a horror vibe - or maybe a Stranger Things crossover?

I like how killing the enemies cause them to become phone zombies IRL.

Great pixel graphics! I presume the color of the shoes were quite close on purpose (as it was pretty confusing at first). Gets a little tedious after a while, which I guess is the life of a shoe salesperson. 

This word game was pretty well done!

I tripped over a few words though, as something that seems logical to the player might not be included as a relevant word. I think balancing out this point is probably more challenging than anything, as it really relies on social context as well which the algorithm might not pick up on.

Did a few runs and somehow managed to get to a somewhat good ending? Its a little counterintuitive and I don't quite get the message of the story. Interesting idea and interpretation of Bandersnatch though! The cursive font is a little hard to read. Artwork is simple and neat. 

Very innovative and unique idea! very challenging though especially that halloween special. 

Really creepy and a chilling take on one of the most disturbing Black Mirror episode. Bravo on making it scary without any jump scares. Superb audio design and great attention to detail in the location design.

I feel a little confused and hazy about the storyline/message though. I think I got the free will ending? Technically there's no compelling reason to comply with the messages given. The hobo that disappeared also seemed a little creepy (was he the one that got punished? Or the one dropping the phone)

I'm not a fan of the pixelated shader as it makes the text really hard to make out but I can see why that's intended (f**k was that something climbing the wall??) 

Thanks for playing!

Works well now. Great pixel art and animations and the sound effects were effective. Controls were tight, I especially liked the lockpicking gameplay. The stealth action felt a little too easy though as the bears appeared to not notice stuff missing. The police was fun to engage. Overall a cool entry! 

Very sweet graphics and neat use of sound effects. Gameplay was tight as well. Great job!

Managed to get to the rainbow section and a little stumped on what to do. Waiting for the bar to fill up was also a little monotonous. Needs a little more guidance and given the interaction with the various devices, some clues as to what can or cannot interact would be useful. For the package delivery my package often gets stuck at the door as well. I like the chill radio tunes though and the vector artwork is refreshing and cleanly done. 

Pretty fun and well done, and super challenging! Needs a way to type backspace to correct mistakes. 

Needs some sound fx and music and the levels felt a little long. Game was fun otherwise and the pixel artwork is sweet. I'm not sure if I found the boss (at the end of level 3?). The enemies seem to use a breath attack which doesn't appear to harm me in any way.