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Thanks for checking it out :D

Needs more shrapnel and destruction. Real nice that you had all the weapons at your disposal.

Created chunks using cell fracture in blender and set the rigidbodies to kinematic, which turns into nonkinematic and switching on usegravity upon explosions done with physics overlap sphere

Nice retro styled puzzle! Couldn't figure out what to do after pink and yellow walls are removed though. 

Had fun bouncing my ball around, even though that seems to reduce the score. Nice graphics in this one!

Guess its more fun with more than 1 player. Interesting idea, but feels a little clunky to play though. Great job on the hand-drawn artwork!

Great arcadey action. Is there an end? As it gets really crazy in the third level.

Cute idea and very literal! I had fun destroying my town. Some sound fx and music would make it really cool.

This is just chockful of jump scares! Didn't realize you had to go to the back of the machine to "debug". Couldn't make it very far but I can see this having potential with youtubers. I like the blocky blood seeping from the top. Nice aesthetic!

Agree that it feels a little unfinished with the buttons not seeming to work. Could use a little work on making the interface a little easier to understand. Interesting premise though, reminds me of Job simulator!

Really nice artwork and animations. The gameplay is a little basic though as the enemy just stood there and got clobbered. Seems like an ambitious idea to do a AI brawler, but its cool that you tried!

Very memetastic

Love the art style!

The conveyor belts are possibly moving too fast giving the odd illusion of going in the opposite direction. Thanks for the feedback on the physics as well, still needs a bit of fine tuning!

Thanks for the feedback and yes, the hitbox (circle) is a little weird so hopefully the wall jump prevents some accidental deaths. That fire stretch was intentional but i guess it could be a bit more forgiving. 

Very cool bundle! Somehow couldn't click through on the start menu on antsy pantsy part. I like the burgification game, although sandwiches kept getting sucked into the void!

The warp to outer space was SUPER COOL. The final boss was tricky although I managed to hide on the right side of the screen for the most of the time. Nice shooter action and lots of game feel!

Nice combination of memory and bullet hell! Got the hang of it after figuring out the hitbox of the pick. 

Very challenging stuff! Some sound effects would be great in this.

Great pixel art, had fun making my nothingburger.

Not sure if I'm playing it right, seems like its about pushing the sandwiches into the centre. Music was suitably haunting.

Real fun and nice interpretation of the theme! Wish there was a way to do full screen. Got to a 1950!

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Very cute and got a laugh out of the ending! Nice work making a platformer out of bitsy and love the gameboy (gamegirl?) colors!

Neat artwork and cute game!

There's some issues with keys being stuck but otherwise was fun trapping the goo in their own muck and putting them on the blockchain!

Made a fantastically long sword filled with determination, and steamrolled the enemies. Very meta stuff. The music choice was a little too peaceful though. 

Cool that you felt sorry for the circles, totally intended ;) Thanks for playing!

Thanks! Post processing makes bland shapes look great!

Very atmospheric with the lighting and sound design! Cool animations too. Couldn't manage to win it though, as there appears to be no exit? 

My god, this was absolutely maddening. Very cool concept and well executed, and I can see it as a mobile game too. Got stuck at a location midway for real long, but somehow I managed getting over it. Feels good to win! 

This is SO gooooood! Super unforgiving though. Great concept, cool beats and very neat how tapping affects the music in the game. Got to 38!

Losing retirement savings and going on a pyromaniac rage - nice blockchain parody there! The fire effects were cool and shooting enemies in the butt was oddly satisfying. 

Fun stuff, and its real cool to change formations on the fly. Great job working that AI in!

D-uh! I totally did that. Very fun, very juicy, and super challenging! Love the sound effects on the big guy! Gave a real Binding of Isaac feel. Great job!

There's a looping sound in the background which was a little droning, and the charging up of the fireball wasn't very obvious, but once I got the timing down the boss was a cinch, nice one input gameplay and the gameboy visuals are neat!

Limbo was a direct inspiration :D I do recall playing your entry in GTMK Jam!

Thanks for the kind comments :D glad to have simple shapes as a modifier as that allowed me to focus on the polish and level design as my 2D art skills isn't great

Thanks for playing, had lots of fun playing hot dog boi too :D There's a lot of jumping later in the game which I thought gamepad would be better for, but spacebar works fine too!

OH YEAH!!! To have someone clear my game is SUPER AWESOME (at least I know its beatable) but you were able to clear some of the areas with one shot which is pretty mad skillz. Thanks for the video, at least the ending was not in vain :D

Very adorable, and the artwork was splendid! Nice one for a first jam!