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Yeah different outcomes in each of the scenarios would lead to some differences in later scenarios. I basically had a single solution for the player to discover, but wanted multiple endings that were consistent with the outcomes to encourage experimentation. You're right that I intended the outcome to be less affected the closer you are to the event and not to spoil too much, for the game to thwart your attempts at fixing things.

Really unique entry, great job on the storyline!

The web version i played didn't have audio though (played on Mac)

Oh wow, this is a really ambitious FPS game, color me impressed! Not sure what to make of the dream mechanic though, e.g. the countdown seems to dissolve the game scene but not immediately, so its not very clear. Some aspects of the game require just a bit more polish as it now gets in the way of gameplay e.g. objects getting in the way, destructible meshes getting in the way, dive feeling a little wooden, enemies being a little wonky (especially those bombers!). 

There's a really nice feel to using the weapons, good job on those! Very detailed 3D modelling work too!

Pretty fun, although its hard to control I think the controls are fair and the difficulty is just right. Nice sound effects and 3D models too.

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Unable to understand where to go after the monsters appear. It seems like the monster drops something, but not sure what it does or where to go. If I go inside the monster area, it seems that I'm unable to interact with the injured crew member and get a game over when the monster charges up. 

Interesting premise, but not a fan of the trial-and-error gameplay.

Great sound FX and the aesthetic is pretty cool for what it is though!

Unable to see the background and the time counter on my mac.

Pretty cool mechanic but the grapple hook isn't very easy to use. Couldn't progress very far given that I've been playing it with a touchpad but seems like its good fun!

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This reminds me of Dungeon Raid which is one of my favourite mobile games ever.

Pretty fun gameplay, although I feel like there's a lack of feedback in this game, and dying seems all too sudden. Understand that due to the tight gameplay period (30seconds) you don't want too many animations to occur but at least some feedback in terms of damage on health like in Dungeon Raid would be useful. Also rather than numbers, having things as a bar would give a quicker indication of how much health / time you have left, as the serif font is pretty but gets in the way of readability (which is crucial in a quick game like this).

The instructions aren't that clear as well, as it seems that stuff that are of the same kind gets removed, rather than all adjacent tiles.

I like the color scheme, the version I played (web game) didn't have sounds though. 

For that bit in the top left, I dropped in the enclosed area with the lone guy, think I managed to get out of that by some jumping around for a bit, although I couldn't figure out how to get the guy killed. The solid vs non-solid wasn't really much of an issue with some experimentation, although I can see how players that jump on something and find themselves clipping through it might just conclude that its just how the game is set up (as a ghost supposedly works that way), and to jump/interact with something they need to possess someone. 

There was a pit in the construction zone as well which seemed to block the ghost from moving northwards as well - that wasn't very apparent from the camera angle.

Oh and forgot to mention that the app comments were pretty fun to read too, good job on implementing that in the pause screen! 

Very cool idea and fun to play, can totally see this as a mobile game. The 3d voxel models were neat although its kind of hard to distinguish e.g. orcs and spiders. Needs to better communicate to the player how exactly did they lose - did they run out of time on a quest or did they kill themselves. Pretty innovative concept of having a real-time counter putting pressure on a turn based gameplay movement. The RNG-ing is fun but can work against the player if there aren't enough tiles on board that are able to meet the goal. Could be developed further with some RPG/roguelike elements although I'm not sure if that complicates the gameplay too much, it is pretty elegant as-is. Great game!

I really love the atmosphere, the music and the minimalist aesthetic!

Not feeling the gameplay so much though, as the 30 seconds time limit kind of works against the chilled aesthetic, and the actual gameplay feels quite rudimentary where you try to get shapes to align in a particular manner. Perhaps some twists like - avoid making certain types of shapes? Making shapes in a certain sequence?

Very cool artwork. Superb piano music. The theming was also spot on with the clock sounds and mechanical wheels.

I fell down in the area where you get the air jump and are trying to maneuver the wheel into the bottom right corner, and had to restart the game as I was essentially stuck. 

The platforming felt pretty smooth, although not a fan of how the character's feet stick through the ground (just a minor nitpick). There were some elements that were not very clearly communicated as well - like what was the 2 pieces of shiny stuff that was collected before getting the air jump relic, and what does the time reset do (sometimes it rewinds, sometimes it resets?). Still, this shows what a team is capable of achieving and very well done!

Doesn't work for me either!

Very well done graphics, audio and mechanics, although I didn't know how to use the grapple hook and was unable to determine what exactly to do at the tower as the stairs just ended halfway and jumping through a hole in the tower didn't lead to anything. More signposting and directing the player would be useful as in a 3D space its easy for the player to get lost.

In such a game where platforming is critical the controls are essential. I think the platforming is a little unpredictable and floaty, especially with the double jumps - never know how far you're able to prance and it seems that hitting a wall allows you to shoot up really high. Nice use of audio to enhance the gameplay, good use of the counting down beep to lend a sense of urgency, and the gameplay was pretty tight with nice escalating difficulty.  There was one part which felt a little unfair when the player gets hit with a bullet right at the start of the level. Love the explosion effect too. Graphics could use a bit of touch up but for what it was it was serviceable and didn't detract from the gameplay.

Nice variety of gameplay elements and I like the possession mechanic which turned out to be quite grim! Neat 3D models too! 

I guess one comment would be that its not very clear what objects the ghost can jump on, as I was trying to jump on the porta-toilets. Was briefly stuck in the top left corner of that construction stage as well. Its probably quite challenging to make this a 3D platformer as you'd have to consider all the camera-related issues. The sandbox-like nature of the game does mean that you could think of ways of allowing elements to interact to cause chaotic behavior. E.g having something set on fire by the bbq pit running by a bush which is connected to an oil leak from a car, causing an explosion. That's probably also kind of challenging to implement, but still an idea for consideration!

Some of the vases are heavier than others..

 In terms of stuff to interact I do believe you've covered the three interactables as I didn't have much time to put in as many as I'd like. However as it is at the moment there's no alternate ending so it's more of a walking simulator at the moment. Agree there's a lack of feedback and the vase sound fx was hastily implemented so it fired every frame. This is great feedback, thanks for playing!

Wanted to change the icon but was to hard pressed to rush this out lol.

The goal here is to see If you can change the outcome in each of the scenes, but you need to collect at least 1 heart piece to interact using spacebar

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Resubmitted just in time for the game jam deadline! Included some very basic sounds as well.

An adventure game of a lifetime.

No alternate endings at the moment though!

Quick note: If you prefer a non-installer version, please use the "Single Run" version. 

Controls: WASD or direction keys. Up or W to jump.

Mouse: Use to scroll at the main screen, by moving to the left or right corners of the screen. Click on playback buttons.

Interact: Use spacebar, but you would need to collect a heart piece first!

Objective: for the screens without heart pieces in them, try interacting to change the outcome

My very first video update! 

Didn't have much time the past weeks due to work and business travel, so I am super behind as well. 

Very pretty game, but the platforming isn't as smooth as I hoped, and got stuck in some areas as the jump is not very reliable.

Not sure how "dual purpose" this is, but very cute story and potentially a puzzler if you have to break all blocks.

Nice juicy entry and the gameplay is really fresh! Feels ready for mobile!

Nice fun, very pretty particle effects and a cool PICO-8 entry!

Very cool concept. Presenting all this choice to the player upfront is kind of bewildering though, and the core gameplay is a bit finicky. Could be expanded further such that you gain upgrade outputs ala a metroidvania. 

Aside from the vaporwave aesthetic, im not sure how time dilation goes with a cooking game but you sure made it work!  

Nice visuals, the gameplay is kind of obtuse though, not sure what's with the enemies that stay put.

Much feel, but the recoil mechanic makes it kind of hard to control the character reliably. 

Very artsy feels from this one, but didn't feel much game from this one. Great artwork though!

Really innovative and cool effect of combining with enemies, gave a nice megaman vibe too! Disappointly incomplete level though although its a sign of me wanting to play more! Nice graphics and some sound would complete this, underrated gem!

Cute graphics! The platforming feels a bit clunky though, got buzzed by the clouds a few times, and the hitboxes are unforgiving. Needs some sound FX and feedback too.

Interesting mechanic that shows promise, the platforming isn't as tight as hoped for though. Would've thought that landing hard on the surface would cause rocks to fall rather than when launching yourself for a jump which is a minor nitpick, otherwise it really follows the theme. Needs some sound FX. 

Nice artwork and very punchy sound fx. Enemies helping the player isn't new but the counter mechanic makes it more interesting. An ending screen would be nice, now it just says game over. Solid entry!

Too much red hurts my eyes! But the skating action and gameplay is pretty tight, nice effort!

Really nice sprite work, however think this requires a lot of explaining. 

The jump doesn't allow you to go high enough, so I was stuck at the bottom until I realized you could climb on the vines by jumping on them ? (Not very intuitive). The player's death is also not communicated clearly, is it running out of time? Or worms going out of which side of the screen. 

Outstandingly good stuff! Love the ammo reloading minigame. The reflecting bullets mechanic is pretty cool too! I'd say there's a lack of feedback of where you get shot from, and the aiming in the game can be a bit of a pain: otherwise this is a really cool entry.

Brilliant use of the mechanic, its in fact multipurpose! Nice animations and SFX too. Thumbs up for a great entry!

Nice artstyle. The invisible tutorial didn't really help much though, as it seemed that the mouse location could control to some extent the grapple hook, but it was quite difficult to use the grapple hook solely without being able to move around, getting stuck underneath ledges for too many times. At least I made it to the top before the swarm of vultures finished me off. Cool entry!

That much spinning around is disorienting (unless if you're going for that), but its really hard to control and the camera sometimes gets in the way. Jumping is just impossible.