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Yeah that's when it demands some precision platforming from both players at the same time, still doable single player but its really better in co-op. Thanks for playing!

Really awesome atmosphere and the visual style is endearing. Love the ending too! 

The spiders joined up to be something somewhat unsettling to watch. Very cool animations. Nice that you implemented the stencils to display spiders that are occluded. It's a bit hard to aim and control where  you end up with a jump to the next cube though. Perhaps allow players to control the camera? 

Thanks and I'm really looking to expand this with more levels and hopefully a level select. That looks like an interesting channel, subbed!

Pretty fun stuff, and I like the animations. The controls feel a little unresponsive though e.g. when chomping on the ground, making the two chickens in a row and bombs quite a hazard requiring exact time. 

Nice take on katamari. Needs some animation of the rolling ball to give it a feel of a ball, as of now it feels more like a clump of magnets sticking together. Well done for working on all the assets on your own!

A cute photo taking game, and the implementation of camera snapping and photo scoring is well done! Would be cool with some movement of the buns as I had thought that going up too near might startle them sending them scurrying about, and a mode without a time limit for a more relaxing game. Found King Bun which was super squee.

This was my fav thus far. Great visual style and really cool physics-based platforming. The physics is a little wonky and unreliable at times, but that's part of the charm. So relieved that pressing down + spawn table works. One issue I found is that the camera is too zoomed in. 

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Got to the second section (thank goodness for checkpoints), and gosh its so hard to control! I think the animation of the character throws me off a bit (if I press left/right she walks in those directions but the character remains forward facing) and the physics of the ice (and its interaction on the character movement) is really hard to anticipate. Thankfully there wasn't slippery ice floors to contend with, else this would be insanely challenging. Kudos for attempting a 3D platformer during a jam though!

Super difficult to kill beyond 2 at the moment, but this was really amazing to behold. Great job doing all of this in a jam!

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah the visuals are somewhat mismatched at the moment, will be going for a XKCD Hoverboard feel for the platforms in the next iteration!

Thanks for playing and the cool comments! Hint: to get that coin each person takes turns jumping on each other. Found a XKCD comic hinting on the cheat code: https://xkcd.com/727/

Not sure how to play this, as I attached the balloon to the squirrel but upon pressing play the squirrel goes to negative altitude and the screen is total chaos.

This looks stellar.  One thing I'm not sure of though, is that the delete and backspace keys don't work for me. So its kind of hard to go back to make corrections to the commands, or am I missing something? Played the web version.

Hilarious stuff! Feels good to be bad.

Really cool display of physics in this one. Hugging the left and making a dash for it did the trick!

Interesting concept for an online game, and kudos for doing an online game for a weekend game jam. Getting to the top reminds me of doodle jump somehow.  The scoring mechanism is a bit obtuse, and it would be cool with more players online. 

Yeah that's the one with the wonky collision - you have to place the candle at a further distance from the wall (while still being able to make the jump!)

A really lovely experience!

Replied to Kevx in Void City comments

Try jumping through the wall (although the physics is wonky and it doesn't work sometimes, you need to get a clear unobstructed path)

I'm just really relieved that someone out there managed to complete the game (as the physics is a little wonky), but you went the extra mile (literally!) That really means a lot, haha. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the feedback and words of encouragement! Can I know what gets you stuck? (is it the jumps)

Heh, cool spooky stuff! Nice twist at the end.

Might give it a go using multiplayer, but having completed the single player, I'd say that the platforming is workable although a bit floaty. Its a bit tedious to die and have to traverse empty spaces again and the level is kind of huge. Enemy design was pretty cool. Needs some sound FX though. Pretty ambitious for it being online multiplayer so props for that!

Btw for skull enemies, running away and quickly turn around to shoot them is the way I used to dispatch them. Some mad skills required!

Shooting at the shades somehow converts them into teddy bears. Managed to convert them and they somehow huddled in a formation which was somehow unnerving to watch, lol. Nice premise and great atmosphere.

Weird tonal shift at the end lulz. Shooting down 1 bird seems to be enough. Nice artwork and atmosphere and the bow shooting mechanics was just perfect, but the theme didn't seem to be particularly strong in this one. 

The ghosts are simply adorable. The ghosts seem to appear and disappear when you happen to be in the same room with them which seems to be a bit jarring. Nice spoopy entry!

Interesting mechanic of summoning moving platforms to solve puzzles! 

Gotta say this is pretty interesting although not a very complete game. Love the flat artstyle and 3d models you have here, wish there was different models to distinguish reanimated corpses though. Had fun building my army of undead.

Think I cheesed through it by clicking on everything - seems though as picking the wrong item doesn't result in any penalty. Very well done artwork and the music and sound FX was also spot on. Great work!

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That was really impressive! I really like the idea of summoning the environment to do your bidding. Nice balancing and it was pretty fun to wipe out the AI. Needs some sound FX and the camera controls takes some getting used to, as I ended up RTS-ing it by mainly relying on the minimap.

Fantastic 3d modelling work, great atmosphere, and the gameplay mechanic is simple but fun and really cool!

Thats an interesting concept! Managed to get 20+. You have to kind of know when the box jumps though which is a little hard to predict. Pretty fun stuff.

Really quirky concept! I kind of dig it but its a bit weird that I can't solve it on my own when the teacher's around. Also when I submit with all correct answers its still a game over.

Ran into a crash at the end, as I couldn't find the required cups and guess the fireball wasn't sure where to go? Really sweet artwork and nice music in this game, but the gameplay was kind of basic.

Collected T twice as well :P

Nice payoff with that ending animation there, but otherwise agree that it feels a little empty and barren. The platforming controls were a little floaty and takes getting used to, but I like the fact that you could run up slopes and get a really high jump going, and the walljump feature is pretty fun to use. 

I'm not sure how I feel about a semi turn based / real time tower defense, as well as the waking mechanic to be honest. Feel it might work better if its either fully turn based where its clear what each turn does, or fully real-time, as for now I spend most of the time clicking the guy wondering when he'll actually fully awaken. The mana cost needs to be indicated as well as its unclear how each item costs, and how long each item lasts for (perhaps a duration bar of some sort).

Love the subtle nods to horror movies and tropes. Excellent sound effects to add to the mood. Gameplay is a little basic though, although I found the fun more in discovering all the various "endings".