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Thanks again for organizing :D

Yes its not for the faint of heart, although single player isn't very spooky but there's some flashing lights and some small auto generated scare moments that are just there to unnerve the player.

Very cool atmosphere and use of common assets with great details - wish my entry could have more of this! Got a little disoriented doing first-person platforming though and was hard to tell where was up, with the ruin-like construction. Managed to make it to some fox statue. 

Titania is actually where you start out from so I'm glad you managed to get to another tower! The towers do indicate the names but it might be hidden due to elevation. You can use Left Ctrl to check out the minimap too. Still the game is quite unoptimized atm, but thanks for checking it out! 

Sorry, I meant the mechanics for gradually losing control (other than the obvious end state) are a little opaque to grasp (as thematic it may be) e.g. its a little unconventional to have a reducing timer over time / reset in the reaction time due to taking damage. So half of the time is not being sure what's happening in the game (which I guess is the point?). I do think that you've represented that out of control theme really well.

The screenshots of your entry remind me of my entry! Too much screen shake dude (I guess its out of control?) Nice crunchy sound and its fun to wreck havoc on the city. Fantastic work doing the art and effective SFX.

The controls are kind of weird. I feel like the divebombing seems to be steering towards the left somehow. The health also doesn't reduce when you get hit by enemies. 

The mechanic is really quite lovely, although I find the "running out of controls" more tacked on than suiting the mechanic. Its a little clunky though with some offscreen spawning of the flowers, and the orbs randomly changing into fire to cause a quick end. This is quite an inspiring entry though! One thing to note, its not very clear that you can press and hold a key to grow. 

Feels really hectic, but the lack of control over ship movement makes me think if it can really dodge the asteroids. Nice graphics and sfx. 

Nice visual style, could be a little better if the guard movement was a little less abrupt so you could see where it turned and all that and try to avoid it. The music could do without restarting each level. Gameplay was effective but felt a little short. 

I feel it plays easier as a single player lol. Funny premise and great artwork, music really fit the mood and appreciate the voiceovers! Feel like it could benefit from bigger sized levels or a more zoomed out perspective.  

Interesting mechanic, and great aesthetic. I'd say that the 8-directional controls don't seem to be very intuitive - seems like only jumping and moving forward so far I played, so it would be more streamlined with just those movements. The "loss of control/command" is also a little unclear. 

Fantastic graphics and 3d modelling. Controls for keyboard could be better with E stuck near the WASD. Very cool effects and funny premise. Great work!

Very well done puzzler, takes a little getting used to the controls (you can't pop a stack >1 per turn). The puzzles seem to not increase in challenge rather seems a little random. One idea to explore for a level - using the exit that's locked as a way to skip a turn. The sound when dying is a little harsh. Other than that, great gem of a game!

The idea is pretty cool! I like the clicky when the keycaps meet each other. The sounds are a little harsh and could use a little tuning though. 

Nice aesthetic, but I somehow couldn't control the missile launcher. Feels like it should indicate when it is out of control and when it could be controlled?

Unplayable on my potato pc, it has a GTX1070 though so I think its this game being a little unoptimized? The aesthetic looks interesting though!

I'm not sure what I was playing, but it felt fun! I think the tetris matching doesn't seem very logical sometimes though, as blocks were somehow able to move through other blocks to form lines. Still a neat take on the theme!

Reminds me of thomas was alone. Neat puzzle but movement feels slightly inconsistent eg sometimes it continues jumping, sometimes not. Great artwork.

Neat art and take on the theme. Text moves a little slow and the UI seems a little janky at times though. 

It plays better than expected (thought it was going to be seriously out of control), there are a lot of blind jumps though and kind of need to just repeat the level a few times. Nice intro at the start. Very fun!

That was a bug that I discovered as well upon further playtesting (attracting the car tires would cause the main car to get magically attracted too :P) Great idea solving it and thanks for playing!

Thanks for your feedback, I didn't anticipate players to do it one by one, that must have felt more like tedium than fun! 

Planning to do the "gmtk thing" where I put two things close to each other such that players discover they can get sucked together. Was thinking of a time limit and a hard failstate to force that as well.  

As seen on Mark's Live, fantastic control scheme!

Is this the faux 3d from gamemaker studio? It looks very unique. Nice color scheme (although the player kind of blends into the grass) and the puzzle was simple but well done. Short and (bitter)sweet narrative. Overall an enjoyable entry (although the ending was bummer)

Thanks for playing, Mark really laid it rough! I already downloaded your game, checking it out now!

Chaotic fun.

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Looks neat, a little hard to understand though!

*Upon a replay, managed to finally grok what was happening, got a score of 22. It capture that out-of-control feel nicely. My quibble would be that when I press the lever while the patterns line up, there's a slight lag such that if an ingredient is on its automatic way, it will not trigger the potion pull. Tutorial notwithstanding, I think the rest is quite intuitive other than the ingredients travelling by themselves to the pot (which didn't make sense) and having some leeway at the start (e.g. starting players at the green zone) so player gets a chance to learn the ropes a little before dying. 

Nice and straightforward. Hints of something greater though, I wonder if there's a "good end"? Neat minimalist pixel art.

Really great concept! There's a bit of enemies attacking from offscreen happening (even when zoomed out lol), maps could be a bit tighter to force strategic play. Its cool that chests affect the movement. Nice shopkeeper and items to balance out the gameplay so you don't get too screwed being a pawn.   

Superb pixelart (great work from Crowno), great audio. The tilting when you get hit is great, but its cool that you did the punch move which moves you to the enemy as well so that helps a lot! I somehow lost a direction key near the end which disappeared from the screen, thankfully the punch move saved the day. You could say it was out of control. Gameplay is well done with nice hit frames, variety of enemies.  Great work!

Nice take on the out-of-control population type games. Hoped that the character could move a little faster though and the slimes kind of get bunched up which makes it impossible to move. Neat artwork with really cool personalities for each of the slime colors! I love the interactions with bombs and enemies and food pellets. 

Nice game! Cool mechanic and elegantly simple inputs for an out-of-control physics experience. Hilarious and well done!

Its an interesting concept! Kinda reminds me of Persona in some ways. The artwork and character design is really neat though, and I like the gameboy shader ramp effect! 

Its not very clear what (PMQ) results in what effect in the dream world though. The platforming is kind of floaty and the character kind of drifts around (although that can be blamed on the PMQ result lol), gets caught on ceilings when jumping, etc, so it can use some work. 

Cute art, although I think its a little mismatched. Gameplay is tight although it could be a bit tweaked as losing control is rather punishing. 

Couldn't get this to work sadly!

somehow couldn't really play it.. the cat was just randomly moving about? and the button press didn't seem to do anything.