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Unfortunately it is a little shorter than I had liked, more puzzles are easy to make though with the set up I had. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for checking out the game!

Great music, nicely executed danmaku mechanics, design is tight. Gotta say that it felt a little visually overwhelming at the end though, and the destroying of bullets made the game feel less of a bullet dodging spree. Overall, very well done!

Music was pretty great stuff!

Gameplay was very fun, although I feel like the horizontal movement doesn't feel good alongside the digital vertical movement. Made it to the end, that last level was pretty challenging!

The artstyle feels a little inconsistent here, with the quite creepy decor combined with the pixelly look of the main character. The pixels are feel all over the place.

Ahhhhhhh met a few early ends with the ghost!  Maybe a restart from the last cutscene feature would be better? 

I think the tiling lacks a little dimensionality as the perspective looks a little odd. The sprites could also be a bit more appropriate e.g. for the ghost. Otherwise, gameplay is solid, the main theme is great and the lack of music when exploring was also a little chilling. 

Chaotic fun! Could be a mobile game too.

Here are some criticisms, however I do recognize that doing a metroidvania in a game jam is in itself quite a feat indeed!

  • Platforming and player movement is key in a metroidvania. Dashing and double jumping doesn't work half of the time - its based on the beat, but its not clearly communicated what is the window of opportunity though. Would be good to give players a little more leeway here, and rather than make it not work, maybe make it work less effectively? Wall jumping generally isn't very reliable (its just a mashing of buttons for me) and doesn't seem to require following the beat.
  • The camera feels a little jerky (zooming out when falling a distance) - maybe limiting the fall speed and moving the camera in tandem would work better. 
  • Didn't like the general feel of the smoke areas which prevent you from jumping - its not obvious why smoke prevents you from jumping, and you just slow down the player movement. If it was presented as a sticky goop i'd be sold on the idea though.
  • Its not immediately obvious what harms you or benefits you from the minimalistic presentation, only until halfway through. Some hurt you, some bounce you back. Maybe color code it? At least the enemies need to look threatening enough.
  • General rule of thumb in a metroidvania-like game in my view: to teach players new skills in a safe space where they cannot die. There were some areas where the enemies just overwhelmed me before I learnt stuff. You did a great job of guiding players to learn new skills though, and glad that dying and respawning isn't too much of a deal.
  • Saxophone was a little counterintuitive - being spread over 2 powerups?
  • Suggest to let the player kill stuff - as it didn't really give me the power trip that usually comes with a metroidvania (where you grow stronger over time). Or maybe I didn't complete it all the way through? Got the moustache and reached the signboard but didn't find a way into the area with a bunch of collectibles.
  • The minimalistic style makes the exploration feel rather monotonous, although understandable for a game jam. I loved the boulder segment though!  You could have a look at the game 140 for ideas on how to make a minimalistic music game look really good.

That said, the idea of unlocking new layers of music to cause level changes is a really cool idea for a metroidvania. Also, I liked the platforms moving to the beat, they remind me of the music rooms in Fez. All in all, I did have fun!

Very neat game mechanics in this one! Agree with the following comments that it could get more complicated faster as the difficulty in each level didn't seem to ramp up as quickly.

Nicely polished and a good introduction to having an ear for music!

Didn't understand even with the added instructions. Maybe a more structured tree rather than the messy structure that it is now might help with visualizing it better.

Well done! Love the music in this one. Would prefer if the circle would spin by a fixed angle with each keypress though.

Appreciate the a.e.s.t.h.e.t.i.c and the synthwave (its my jam!), but the controls feel a little janky. Hitting the barriers made the car uncontrollable for a bit which was jarring. The automatic turning at the bends also feels off. Also, the car model is sometimes hard to make out against the road. With a bit of juicing this could be really fun for relaxing to a synthwave tune!

Nice looping effect and great concept! Found the timing of the actions a little tricky as each of the approaching obstacles travel at different speeds. Looking forward to the new levels!

Great visual style and a nice twist at the end! I think there were a few times where I messed up although the block was clearly making its way to the ghost. This could benefit from a shorter/faster song.

Gotta say this is the most innovative concept I've seen, and very well done! Reminiscent of your previous movie game jam game too.

I can see the loading times being a little long as this goes on. Regardless I'll be checking this out in the future just to see how much of a cacophony this descends into!

Great stuff! Managed 128. Interesting concept of using a binary structure, although I was frequently confused by the coloring scheme and keys. 

Very nicely done! Those tiny platforms are killer.

Pretty fun concept although based off an existing game. Gotta say its more enjoyable with the music. 

Really dig the artwork and crypt of necrodancer-like gameplay, but I feel like this might be quite difficult to balance as a roguelike with enemies that can shoot you from afar. The beat is also a little tricky to get right.

Nice art/animations! Felt like it could be a youtube video instead though. 

Very cute! Needs some beats to guide it and some forgiveness though as its really hard to get right! Would be cool if you could layer those beats together to form a full song.

Great atmosphere and mood! Very relaxing to play.

There's a rocking soundtrack and nice animations. Weirdly though, the ball goes into the center and stays there. Nice work analyzing the music beat!

Argh that wasn't intended (to get stuck when the music stops) and it definitely feels unfair. Yes I was actually referring to Junior Senior for the player sprite and even had the colours match somewhat, nice catch! Thanks so much for playing and putting a video out (and replaying that end bit!)

Great metal soundtrack and platformer gameplay is well done, and love the boss fight at the end!

Cool concept, needs a bit more to flesh it out though. Its weird that moving the platforms up sometimes doesn't also move the block. Think it might be more intuitive if the scaling/rotating applied to a single platform rather than all, OR if you made it a single screen game that all the elements on screen would change accordingly. 

Quite interesting! But I found it confusing which were walls and which you could go through, and the boss was a little difficult to avoid given the roving camera. The jump also felt a little weak and didn't see much use of switching between different forms other than for collecting all the red color things.

Its a neat game! But I think the challenge is quite lacking because the way to solve a level is pretty fixed across all levels - follow the path from the start, turn each step of the way until the start of the arrow follows the end of the previous arrow, ad infinitum. If you introduced paths where the direction is not fixed, or paths which diverged, or criss/crossing paths, that would make things much more interesting. 

No the premise is quite cool especially when the rainbow appeared! But it might not very intuitive - seems like you're hunting down the light particles rather than the rays left behind? I was trying to get to the rays for a while and realized that didn't do much. Also it seemed kind of hard to hit the rays accurately so I thought I was doing something wrong, and realized I had to follow the particles moving about instead. Would be cool to see what colors I am missing too. 

It wasn't directly onto a spring but its a respawn onto a button i think with a spring next to it and spikes all around it. I could try getting out of that spike laden place, but didn't know how to guide the moth to the door on top. 

Looks really fantastic, reminds me of a windows screensaver (beziers?)! Recognized the reference from the name. Couldn't really grasp the gameplay well though (as it feels like you're hunting down the various scattered light sources?) but I managed to make it to earth in one piece? 5 minutes late. 

Greatly appreciate the playback footage. Some parts where the prediction clearly predicted wrongly, especially at the end! I see where the issue lies (where the ball starts off in an occupied spot). Thanks again!

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Very fun game and well done platforming mechanics. Except for the wall jump though! That felt really off with too much horizontal action. Appreciate the instant respawning as man those spikes are really sensitive and unforgiving.

Got stuck at a level where I respawned to a spring that kept sending me to my doom. Overall a neat entry, with great graphics and a cool soundtrack.

Feels a little short and needed a bit more to it, not just in terms of puzzles but also animations or characters as the boxes feel  a little generic, however the basic gameplay was pretty good. 

Great aesthetics and cool concept of using masks. Would prefer if the searchlight was faster to move. 

Have rewritten the game description, but yes, I think this needs a better tutorial, thanks for checking out the game!

Appreciate the feedback on WebGL! Application of theme is a little forced here I guess compared to the other entries in the jam.

Thanks for feedback - didn't get to playtest the Windows build! Seems like I have  to do a rejig for Windows.

Thanks, unfortunately the tutorial seems to be quite inadequate,. Have re-written the description but I think the idea might be a little too abstract to grasp and needs a better tutorial. Thanks for playing (you should know you're losing if its a Game Over lol)

Impressive job on procgen! Love the chiptunes soundtrack.