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Great pixel graphics! I presume the color of the shoes were quite close on purpose (as it was pretty confusing at first). Gets a little tedious after a while, which I guess is the life of a shoe salesperson. 

This word game was pretty well done!

I tripped over a few words though, as something that seems logical to the player might not be included as a relevant word. I think balancing out this point is probably more challenging than anything, as it really relies on social context as well which the algorithm might not pick up on.

Did a few runs and somehow managed to get to a somewhat good ending? Its a little counterintuitive and I don't quite get the message of the story. Interesting idea and interpretation of Bandersnatch though! The cursive font is a little hard to read. Artwork is simple and neat. 

Very innovative and unique idea! very challenging though especially that halloween special. 

Really creepy and a chilling take on one of the most disturbing Black Mirror episode. Bravo on making it scary without any jump scares. Superb audio design and great attention to detail in the location design.

I feel a little confused and hazy about the storyline/message though. I think I got the free will ending? Technically there's no compelling reason to comply with the messages given. The hobo that disappeared also seemed a little creepy (was he the one that got punished? Or the one dropping the phone)

I'm not a fan of the pixelated shader as it makes the text really hard to make out but I can see why that's intended (f**k was that something climbing the wall??) 

Thanks for playing!

Works well now. Great pixel art and animations and the sound effects were effective. Controls were tight, I especially liked the lockpicking gameplay. The stealth action felt a little too easy though as the bears appeared to not notice stuff missing. The police was fun to engage. Overall a cool entry! 

Very sweet graphics and neat use of sound effects. Gameplay was tight as well. Great job!

Managed to get to the rainbow section and a little stumped on what to do. Waiting for the bar to fill up was also a little monotonous. Needs a little more guidance and given the interaction with the various devices, some clues as to what can or cannot interact would be useful. For the package delivery my package often gets stuck at the door as well. I like the chill radio tunes though and the vector artwork is refreshing and cleanly done. 

Pretty fun and well done, and super challenging! Needs a way to type backspace to correct mistakes. 

Needs some sound fx and music and the levels felt a little long. Game was fun otherwise and the pixel artwork is sweet. I'm not sure if I found the boss (at the end of level 3?). The enemies seem to use a breath attack which doesn't appear to harm me in any way.

Gotta say this is one of the more innovative game mechanics I've seen so far, but the platforming is quite janky (the default assets can be like this) and the artwork is just a mishmash of styles (which might work given the different channels). Great idea though!

This begs to be played with friends. Pretty great production values on this, with the nicely done menus and artwork! Noted on the unlimited jump, but the movement does not feel very satisfying as horizontal movement seems a little too slow. The AI was a little easy, but I guess its challenging to do good AI within the span of a jam, so kudos on putting that in for solo players!

Interesting mashup of turn based movement and some real time action. I'm not sure how to win though as passing by the lineup of shooters at the end kills me. 

Love the dialogue at the start and the pixelated portraits. Gameplay was sound and great choice of music. The background stars look too similar to the bullets and shrapnel though - some difference in contrast would help. Some sound FX would help with the game feel as well as the enemy bullets didn't feel very threatening.

Quite trippy ... I'm not sure who is the evil doppelganger (haven't seen the show). Got to the trees. It looks like a cool interpretation though. Needs some music/sfx to make the mood otherwise it felt a little hollow.

Nice pixel art and retro sound effects. The styling on the text does not match up with the pixel art though.  There doesn't seem to be a way to win (I guess that makes it endless?). Can't really get the feel of the fighting mechanics as it seems that the enemies have their way more often than not.

Very atmospheric, and the use of synthesized speech to tell a story is very interesting (I'm not a native speaker as well so it seems fine to me). The story seems a little short and ended on a cliffhanger of sorts. Look forward to see how this develops. 

Thanks, I do hope so, looking forward to some streams!

Very interesting proc generation you have done within a span of a game jam! The enemies are a little too hardy though and I felt that they were just soaking up all of the bullets. Would have liked to have more variety in terms of gameplay between different worlds but I realize doing a roguelike in a game jam is a feat in itself. Well done!

Thanks :D the llama can be quite an ass!

Yes, glad you got that pun :D Thanks for playing!

Really cool way of doing a papers please and combining it with one of my favorite shows! The game mechanics are sound, everything is nicely explained (if you make a mistake you get feedback). Everything's just so polished, the animations are great, the shading and lighting is spot on, and I love the immersion and interactivity with looking up/down and the rulebook flipping. So good!

The accuracy figure at the end was a little odd (0% when I got 5 out of 57 incorrect) but otherwise this was super well done and fantastic!

Got a little tedious after a while, but the selling stuff bug was just way overpowered! The game needs a little balancing, otherwise a great job doing a nice RPG / dating sim and a you did a good job doing the adventure time style. I'm not sure why the girl likes me giving her wood... 

Not sure how to play this, maybe a little more instruction on the website or in-game would help? I'm not sure what to do with the blue stuff that I made (meth?) other than place it on the table. 

Very exhausting stuff! The challenge feels a little one-dimensional. That guy sure is creepy.

I just started watching this series, so I can see how the symbolism arises, although neat that you managed to work backwards from a mechanic to match up to a TV show. Gameplay is tight and very challenging at some parts but managed the ending which is pretty sweet.  Great animations, polished feel and signature artwork as always, great job!

Great interpretation of a hilarious episode! I'm not sure what gets the person in a rage after I get the machine though and everything goes south quite soon. 

I wouldn't say that its a roguelike but this was really great stuff! 

A minor quip - when you are stationary the sword swings aren't as quick as if you're just running about. Died quite a few times to the ambush at the waterfall base until I realized this. Also, I realize that the platforming in an isometric space is a little challenging. Otherwise, great level design, cool sequences and awesome artwork. Fantastic!

Great job making that artstyle of Hilda come to life in an actual game! I think the jumping with Ebi is a little weird as it propels me a lot if I press it quickly and sometimes I soar all the way up - but if I do it when I'm falling it doesn't really help with gliding. Somehow in the pit level it makes you float very high. I found it funny when I flew high enough to see the top part of the stage in the mistfur section.  All in all, well done, love the notes on the character, the cosy room, the animations - its all so adorable!

Great job doing the simpsons artstyle, minigames were fun and the controls were tight. 

Doesn't appear to work after the title screen as I only get a blank screen. Did the PC version.

A little short, but you packed three characters in this so great job!

The aesthetics are great, however the controls feel really clunky even if its intended (not a fan of the time lag when jumping and landing), and the one hit death doesn't help matters. Couldn't get past the bosslike encounter at the start.

Great pixel art and nice music. Controls felt a little clunky though and somehow I got Rick to the corner but it wouldn't work. 

You captured that limbo aesthetic pretty well, the aesthetics were great! The controls were a little floaty and the gameplay was a little short. Nice work doing voice acting as well.

Interesting interpretation, although the actions between both characters didn't necessarily match up. The sound effects were fun!

Cool episode idea and the random generation makes for some hilarious characters! The shooting goes through the walls which is odd, otherwise it was very well done.

A little too short but what was there was thoroughly polished and oozing with great production values! Would be better if the beats and the music matched up and if you could actually take a breather to watch the superbly done animation. 

Thanks for killing 3 hrs of my time. I managed to win finally after multiple retries. 

Would be good if the discard message didn't block the view as I want to see the card costs before making any discards. The fonts for 1 and 7 also look too similar. 

There might be some slight balancing issues (the sequence of challenges will determine whether you lose or win) and the luck of the draw is certainly high, but on the whole very playable and super fun (5 stars!). Polish this up and I'll certainly buy a mobile game like this as I'm also addicted to deckbuilders.