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A dynamic puzzle game!
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How does your game fit the theme?
Our character moves on a Last In, First Out rhythm-system, which means that he can only input one direction at any given tick and that it must follow the stack's order. In addition to this, the player's base direction is pre-determined for each level, which means he must adapt to inputs that are out of his control!

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all audio during the game jam

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Interesting game! I included it in my GMTK Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Very well done puzzler, takes a little getting used to the controls (you can't pop a stack >1 per turn). The puzzles seem to not increase in challenge rather seems a little random. One idea to explore for a level - using the exit that's locked as a way to skip a turn. The sound when dying is a little harsh. Other than that, great gem of a game!


Wow great game! The execution was super, and well polished. From the aesthetic to the control, everything felt great! The level designs were very smart too. Required a bit of thinking but not too much. I just wish there was music in the game since it make the game feel slow, but I know there was some problem with audio syncing. It's forgivable since this is a game jam, thing happen :( 

Overall, I think this is a solid puzzle, and would love it for you guys to expand on this more in the future! Great job. 


I love your game! I've seen a lot of takes on the controls detached from the character but all of them are FIFO not LIFO, that on it's own is super original.

The game was super well executed and feels extremely polished for a jam game.

I love the art, especially the next level doors, the entire game has such a fun feel to it.

Overall quality game, good luck on your future game dev!


I had so much fun with this. Lifo is adorable and it felt very hectic but I'm super happy I managed to protect him through the full game. Looking forward to this being expanded into a full game (hopefully?!) and good luck in the jam! Thanks for suggesting on stream :D


Thank you very much for playing it at the stream and i'm very glad you liked it!!


Really fun rhythm puzzle game, I enjoyed the way it made me rewire my thinking and plan my movements ahead of time. The graphics are adorable. Great work!


Took me a while to get a hang of the controls, but this was a very nice take on the theme with really smart level design!


The idea is great and unique. I enjoyed playing your game. good job.

I would appreciate it if you'll have time to check out my game.


Love how you use the concept of stack, this forces us to think counterintuitively!


I liked this one quite a lot: it's another take on the grid rhythm gameplay of Crypt of the Necrodancer, but instead of being a roguelite it's a puzzler, with some truly challenging but satisfying puzzles. Very well done!


Really clever main mechanic and level design! I can't see why this game isn't more popular. Outstanding work!
If you want feedback, maybe the tutorial is a little confusing and the death sound is a little loud


Its a really good game. Kind of awesome that it was made in just 48 hours.


Honestly this deserves more attention. Your game is really polished, and it was fun playing through it and figuring out the puzzles. Nice work! :) 


Really well designed and fun to play. It's perfect for speedrunning as well. I felt that the jump sound could get a little annoying though. Also, the game sorely needs a button or something to increase your movement speed when you're close to the end. Still, it's a great simple mechanic and has been pulled off really well. Great job overall :)


Tragic story: we actually had the button to speed up time fully functional (it was very useful for playtesting and stuff), but removed it from the build because it would de-sync the music from the gameplay... but we ended up removing the music anyway because it would de-sync by itself after some time... so we could have added the speed-up button again but forgot to : ) You know how intense game jams can be!


Very well polished, levels are very well crafted, the difficulty curve is on point, it follows the theme perfectly, the art looks pretty cool to me (I like minimalism!), and I love the character. Good work! I'm not really sure what else to say, it was fantastic! 

I hope more people view your game, and I think I'm going to promote yours too so that more people see it :)


Really a spectacular game, simple intuitive and mind numbling challenging.   The tutorials were great, I understood everything immediately after and then just had to fight with my brain to manage the stack properly.   Very well done.


The best puzzle game I have ever played in this Jam! Some levels seem a lot easier than its previous ones but there is nothing wrong with putting harder puzzles midway. Really wished there was music in the main gameplay. Really addicting. The constant movement keeps you on the edge on what to do next. This is a super unique control mechanic that fits the theme. I have to say, top 10 GMTK jam game for sure! You need more people to play your game!


Hello fellow stranger that I've never met before! I would just like to say that your game is really great! Very challenging! I hope you guys keep working on it and release a full version of it someday. I think a menu with a level selection screen would be a great addition! Keep up the good work, folks!


What a hidden gem! It doesn't receive the attention it deserves :) 

Awesome work, awesome (even if minimalistic) art, even awesome screen shake. Great great job!


Amazing! Very polished, fun and beautiful!

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