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Lucas Lima

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Thank you very much, I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you very much for playing it at the stream and i'm very glad you liked it!!

Awesome game! I liked very much the concept, it's easy to get and has much room for expansion. The visuals and sound were very good too!

Wow that's amazing! Great concept,  i just wish there were a bit more introductory levels to understand better the physics in it. But i loved it, good job!

Awesome!! The game is very polished, it communicates well its mechanics and goals, the visuals are nice, it only lacks sound (but as a jam is totally understandable). You really feel like a samurai having to make really fast movements hahaha

Really pretty game!! I guess it could be explained a little better and the invisible wall is kinda annoying haha

But overall great submission!

Cool concept!! Really beautiful art, the only thing that i noticed was that the font used was quite hard to read. That's not a problem for titles, but for longer pieces of text it was a little tiring.   

But overall it was really nice work :)

Thanks for the feedback!

At this moment there isn't any objective, you're free to explore as much as you want. And, this being a work in progress, i've been planning to add more interactions soon. Anyways glad you liked it! 🙂

Oh, sorry for that. I'll definitely look into it and upload a new one here. I'll let you know when i do!

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I've been making games for a while now and GDC is expensive so i'm not going , maybe next year :)

My main focus is art and sound design but sometimes i get by as a game designer. I love creating atmospheric and experimental pieces.

Here are some of my games and you can follow me on itch to get updated about future projects!  

This Little Planet:

F.P.S - Frootz per Second:


Love the #notGDC initiative, i feel a little closer now!