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This kingdom management strategy game sees uncontrolled disasters spring up across the realm.
Submitted by Swagonite, I Would Like To Rage (@Silv90), RedSkinnedDevil, Evilhamsta — 10 minutes, 39 seconds before the deadline
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Ranked from 48 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game fit the theme?
This kingdom management strategy game sees uncontrolled disasters spring up across the realm.

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing audio

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Really nice! I felt like the difficulty was tuned just right to be satisfying (I made it into the mid-80s on both playthroughs) and the gameplay made sense pretty quickly. The UI was done really well and might have been my favorite part. Super clean and nary a bug to be found! Huzzah!


Not bad! It would have been nice to be able to at the least 're-aim' a resource before it arrives somewhere but considering the time taken great work!


This is a very well done and beautiful game. I would have loved to being able to move persons around without need of a disaster. 

Good job!


Cool concept!! Really beautiful art, the only thing that i noticed was that the font used was quite hard to read. That's not a problem for titles, but for longer pieces of text it was a little tiring.   

But overall it was really nice work :)


I had loads of fun playing this, especially sending people to go and do things that they wouldn't usually be sent to do. The art was just beautiful too, the portals and cards and map. A really enjoyable experience all round. Would love to see more of this.


Could possibly use some tweaking since it seemed like certain card types were a one to one match to problems, so switching up what they could do might make the choices more interesting. Also Tibbles robbed everyone blind in the first move.


I'm really impressed with the quality of this game, it was really fun to play 5/5!

It also has a lot of potential if you decide to make it into a full game, it has a similar vibe to "Reigns".


Loved this, from the  simple concept to the presentation full of charm and wit, to how it could all go wrong at the drop of a hat. Made it to the 100 days but was definitely losing control at that point! Only thing I'd say is the treasury felt like it took so long to move anywhere that I just never bothered utilising it. But bar that, this was amazing! <3


Wow! Super well polished game. This feels like something I'd find on the stream store. I love the concept and the art and just the overall aesthetic. It's also refreshing compared to all the shooters and platformers out there. Good job!


Well polished, especially loved the writing and setting. 


Very cool concept, and the art looked real cool and made it easy to understand. On my second time through I managed to make it 100 days without losing any resources or areas!


Really impressive work in terms of scope. The game is fun overall and relatively easy to understand considering the amount of reading.


This one has the potential of becoming a full title. Great game!!!


This game is just pure fun. More mechanics could make this a really high quality fantasy kingdom simulator.


thanks so much! So glad you enjoyed it :D


I Really loved the art style and the game feels like what I used to play when i was a kid, hit me right in the nostalgia feels


Glad we could hit you in the feels with our game! ^^


Interesting Concept! You used the out of control theme in your story and as a response. I like it.


thank you for playing! Glad you liked it :)


Well It's straight forward game... X happens so you send X, Y happens so you send Y... and you can't even miss it because the solution is super obvious... True, the only thing that can limit you is the traveling mechanic (wich btw is a little bit annoying), but i take thas as a  sway to experimentation... Overall good game!!! 👍


thank you for playing! Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback!


A lot of fun, the presentation is very original and made me feel excited to start and to save lives. I must add though it came with a few problems, such as overlapping text and music not repeating. However, these are just minor issues and this game has a lot of potential. 


glad you enjoyed it :) thanks for commenting with feedback!


A fun, original concept. Lovely art style. Dialog had a running theme and a cheeky style that worked with the tongue in cheek tone.

There was a strength in the writing that I felt that this could have become a play-by-choice disaster management game where unique disasters give you 3 options from which you choose, rather than using development time on travel times and managing resources.

Playing this felt like an excellent play-test for something that should become a larger concept. The starter of a gaming main course to come, perhaps?

Some points to learn from:

- There's no skill expression possible. You take a guess at whether a resource will solve a problem, learn the answer and from there it becomes a memory puzzle. Fun for a single play-through.

- The travel system means that some problems are arbitrarily completely unsolvable due to resources never being able to reach it. Losing by interacting wrong is fine, losing because you aren't able to interact feels like you probably didn't intend that to be a thing.

- The core gameplay of making it to '100' days without the Kingdom collapsing conflicted with the narrative. I suspect some people will have rushed to get through as many days, without reading the rich text provided.


Interesting concept, love the art. I did end up losing pretty quickly after all my resources died off.

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