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Fun little game, and I love the art and SFX! The buildings falling in combos did seem a little random, maybe it'd be cool if there was a more obvious domino effect to it or some incentive to buy additional buildings to cause toppling chains or similar.

Interesting fun little game! The balance needs some tweaking but otherwise could be a good phone game like PvZ.

Awesome little game! Love the music and visuals. The puzzles did seem to get super difficult really quickly though, but I get that there's not too much time in a game jam to make too many levels.

Fun little game with nice music, although not entirely fitting of the theme.

Nice concept, keen to see it fixed up after the jam. :)

Thanks Mary! ithebinman did such greatg work with our team's sprites, music and SFX. I should probably also add a music explanation chart or some more help with which notes are which so that it's easier for non-musicians.

Thanks for the compliments HyverCubic! And yep that's a ctually great feedback, especially for the levels with the tanks shooting. I might make a slight colour difference for the columns so every 2nd is slightly lighter.

Thanks LeLGD!

Really well polished little puzzle game! The characters are both super cute and the mechanics are smart. Nice work!

Love the concept and it was quite fun to play. Did have some issues with my mouse continually leaving the game though and clicking out which was quite annoying. Fullscreen button or download would be good for a post jam version.

Super fun little game! The randomness felt a bit rough at times, but otherwise a cool game.

Neat little game. I did find it a bit difficult to control at times with the spinning bullet enemies but overall was fun.

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Very well presented and really fun little game! Struggled a bit with some of the water levels with the sensitivity of the mole, but overall it was a good experience.

It was quite confusing at the beginning, but I actually really enjoyed this! The art and music were good and the concept was super fun.

I love the concept, but I did find it quite confusing to play.

Love the concept, art and music! Reminds me of a game I didn't finish making for GMTK 2018. Puzzles were fairly easy but like our game this year it's super difficult to make good puzzles in such a constrained time. Nice work!

Wasn't really sure what to do, but I enjoyed the art and the music.

Feels super clunky to play, but I like the art. Could maybe give a little more time on each cycle.

Fun little game and a neat concept too. Some SFX would have sold it a bit better but all in all a good jam game.

Super neat idea and really funny to play. Quite difficult but I can see this as a 'YouTuber Plays' kinda game.

Thanks Agentlion! Glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks BlackShinobi! Glad you enjoyed it.

Mmmm this genuinely feels really good to play. Getting into the rhythm of swapping and tracking both ghosts is super satisfying after a couple of minutes.

Thanks Calire! Definitely something we might consider in a later version if we work on it more.

Thanks! And yeah just ran out of time to add an sfx slider too. Definitely gonna add one post-jam though.

Thanks DiscipleWolff!

Thanks for the compliments moonsheep! And yeah we ran out of time to make some more intricate rhythms

Thanks Darth Mauli!

Glad you had fun! And thanks for the feedback, if we work on it more I reckon we'll put some more bassy notes in :)

Thanks Wranglers!

Love the visuals and the squash/stretch really make the chicken come to life. Some music/SFX could have really juiced this up but in 5 hours you've done well!

Solid game and well presented. Controls were difficult but I get that's part of the challenge. The gun shots appearing super close to the edge was a bit difficult though.

I found ti a bit finicky to play, but it's an interesting concept and the art is well presented.

I loved the artstyle and the overall game feel in this! Hitting cars and flying across the rooftops is really satisfying.

A neat little puzzle-platformer game overall and I dig the visuals too! The controls were a little tricky at the start but I did get the hang of it.

Very beautiful looking game, but I didn't really understand what I needed to do

Neat idea, I think I could see this as a fun endless game for phones.

Found this oddly satisfying to play even though the game was short. The lighting and the vibes of the scene are really well done. Can image it could be a fun game to play to wind down at the end of the day.

Intesting concept and very well presented! It didn't feel super game-y but I might have been a bit confused. Maybe having target humans or something that the player is trying to make could be fun.

I was a little confused with the controls but I liked the idea and the museum-y ambiance of it.