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My best score was 95 :D

Cool game, has some small little problems, but for a 48 hour jam game, it's good!!

Reminds me Untitled Goose game :D

Amazing presentation!

Very cool concept, and very nicely executed.

This is a 5/5 game, good job!

cool little game with nice presentation.

Cool harpoon mechanic!

Cool game, I love the art <3

I'm really impressed with the quality of this game, it was really fun to play 5/5!

It also has a lot of potential if you decide to make it into a full game, it has a similar vibe to "Reigns".

Really cool game, I especially like the pattern system, very fun!

I got the same error, I actually got that same error with most UnrealEngine games from the Jam.

Nice twist on Tetris, and really challenging, I like it!

thank's for the nice comment, I will make sure to add an exit button in future jams.

Really good and polished game, 5 star all around!

nice fast paced game.

Cute fun game, I didn't have someone to play against, so instead I decided to speedrun it using the ghost's blocks to my advantage :D

cool concept and nice AI!

Really cool game!!

Cool game, similar to mine :D

This one.

Great intro, I like the idea of the game a lot, although i got myself locked in a room after shooting the button that closes the door while i was still in it :D

The ai is great, but with how fast paced the game is, i think a 5 second cooldown is way too long, I also like the artstyle.

I guess we already have a winner :D

Really nice idea, with a ton of potential, the "repeat your self" level, really got me off guard, i didn't realize it can loop, great design!

I like the graphics, and concept, but i find there is no downside to just spamming spacebar.

I was actually gonna make a game like the one you described, but then halfway through i decided to do something stupid just for the lols.

really dig the aesthetics, I just wish you had a windows executeble, html5 runs pretty slow on my PC.

Great concept, my score was 40 seconds, this game has potential if you ever decide to make it into a full game.

Cool idea, although it was hard, which i guess fits the theme.

Your game is like the opposite of mine. I liked it!

Alternative tittle "Patience game", you need to be very patient until it's the right time to move or you lose.

WOW crazy game.

My best score is 119, I also discovered that some of the attacks don't damage you, if i had to guess i would say it's probably because the black pieces are moving so fast, that they don't collide with they player.

The controls are configured for an AZERTY keyboard not QWERTY, which made it really hard to play, idk if that's intentional considering the theme of the game.

Yes it works now, pretty cool mechanics you got there. Sadly my typing speed is not fast enough :3

Yes there was one bug, after you die the first time, you cant move anymore, but I can just quit the game and restart it again, it launches pretty fast! As for improvements, I think the mechanics needs more depth, although I understand that 48 hours is not enough to add that much depth to game.

I love the idea, but I think breeding should cost some type of currency, that way it's more balanced.

Great idea!!