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A swarm simulator where you slowly lose control...
Submitted by BlackHammer66 — 7 minutes, 46 seconds before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
The army becomes out of control as more and more zombies are added to it

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing art

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing audio

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This is a fun little game. Only thing I can recommend to add without gameplay changes it's add some marker on edges of minimap when enemies out of boundaries.


Really fun to take over more people and make your zombie army get bigger


This game had me giggling in the delight. It was easy to pick up and understand with zero instructions. Seeing my beautiful army of decay grow made me feel wonderful. Oh, and the run cycle on the humans is just great.

The only thing I would have liked to have seen would be hazards and consequences for my zombie army. Since they're unruly, it'd be cool to see the massive size of the army play as a hindrance to my global domination. The hazards could be things like barbed wire to get caught in, or cleverly placed landmines, and maybe eventually human fortifications manned with turrets and grenadiers! That's probably a lot to ask for in 48 hours, though, eh? 

I had a chompin' good time. Nice work!


I love this so much. I know someone made a game inspired by Conway's Game of Life, was this it? Because I can totally see it! It's incredibly satisfying to slowly grow bigger and bigger and more and more unstoppable, but it balances itself as they get distracts (which I just love so much). At one point my little troop was completely wiped, but I scrolled around and found another group like twice the size of what I had had doing their own thing. I think this was a fantastic application of the concept!


the game is very nice and well polished also nice music to pick.


This was a lot of fun!! The gameplay seemed very polished, and the camera worked great! Anyways, this was a great experience, good job boys!


The art and audio were great, they mesh really well with the game, but, in my opinion, this game doesn't fit the theme all too well. That being said, it is quite fun and I did enjoy my time with it


Personally I liked the game and I had plenty of fun but I think the map is kind of an issue and can removed to improve the overall experience!


Maybe it's because i'm tired and it's way past my sleeping time, but i didn't had the fun with this game i was hoping for... Tomorrow i will try it again and i'll see... And hopefully i'll give some more better feedback...

Right now the only two things that i noticed are the lack of a proper introduction and/or tutorial, and the fact that non infected people are marked on the map, who just makes the game incredibly easy...


This was a really fun game. Good job. My only suggestion would be to make the zombies stick to your cursor a bit more, or maybe to add a thing where they disengage enemies if you're holding the left/right click. As it stands, you lose all control when the zombies get near an enemy and that removes agency from the player.

Great visuals, great gameplay. This could be a great game.


I really enjoyed the swarm aspect of the game and that I just don't turn them into a zombie and they stay there, having them actually follow is actually super fun! I think removing the map and adding a people left counter would remove some of the onscreen clutter other then that I enjoyed ur game :)


That games is pretty fun ! i enjoyed watching the zombie go crazy and eat everyone !


It was hard to understand when you loose control over the zombies and how much influence you have over them when you've lost control. It's a bit unforgiving that you cannot regain control of your zombies but a fun game overall.

Good work! :)


Really nice mechanic! I've seen a lot of games where you're trying to control a bunch of sheep or cats or whatever, but this is the first game I've played where getting the hoard out of control is actually the goal. It has the same addictive quality as something like agario, where you're basically growing something as massive as possible. One thing I'd change would probably be the level format, it's kind of disheartening to restart every level at one zombie. I'd love to see an arcade style of this where humans keep spawning, and maybe the more zombies you have the harder they are to convert and the more damage they deal. As is though, this is still a great game.


Reminds me a lot of katamari damacy but with zombies, and that's pretty epic!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Really cool idea and nice execution. My only problem is that when you're fighting enemies it isn't terribly engaging, mainly because your control over your horde is pretty unresponsive so you can't really control it. Molotovs can just be randomly thrown into where your horde decides to go and kill all of them, and because you can't really react to it you just have to accept that you'll lose a lot of zombies. Still though, I like the idea, and it was very well executed otherwise. Nice job!


Cool take on the theme with zombie hordes. Especially with how you lose control as the horde grows.

Things are spiced up with the ranged attackers. Having different zombie types for each human type is also a good attention to detail.

The only thing I can really complain about is the lack of SFX/feedback while attacking.

Overall, good job!


Really satisfying looking at the guys chomping on the human. Nice looking pixel art. Overall a good game.


Good game!

It was the right balance between not being able to control them vs them being able to think for themselves. Liked how the gun enemies became faster zombies and how the ai was just smart enough to run after the dangerous guys!

Well done!


Awesome job here! Fantastic concept really well executed idea! I would say that the earlier levels feel a bit too easy maybe the timer could be harsher to increase risk for the player. But really awesome job! Well done :D

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