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Left click to shoot the flies, hold right click to drag the flies back in. The more flies you pull in at once, the higher score you will get. Try to get the highest score possible

What do you not understand?

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gg ez


Nice idea, and I actually really like how the game looks. 

I like the idea behind it, although if you have never played Minecraft the game would be impossible. It would be nice if you didn't have to click on the request in order to fulfil it.

Thanks so much!

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks so much!

Interesting puzzle game and really cute artwork, Good job!

Quite fun and feels really cute with the art and music, good job!

Really cool idea, and the game is really fun. Really nice art and sound design too, great job!

Thanks so much for the feedback

Thanks for letting me know

Thanks for the feedback! That was actually the original plan, but we ran out of time :(

Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it

Cool idea and fun to move the apps around and avoid the cursors, however the goal of the game was not very well explained

A absolutely love this game, It's so cute all the art and music is amazing. I love how the music changes when the gold pile meter is low, and becomes chill again when you have been on it long enough. The interactions between the different characters are really interesting, and overall the game just feels super polish. Amazing job on this game!

Cool concept and fun gameplay. I love the art, and the opening cutscene was really cool. Great job!


I absolutely love the sounds effect and music it feels so cute. Has a really cool concept and is fun to play.

Great job!

Cool idea and satisfying combat, great job!

Cool idea where you get to chose the effects of the loot the adventurer gets, although my game kept crashing which was a bit annoying

Cool concept, and I love that you get to see the knight fight through the dungeon after you sell them the items

Cool concept and fun gameplay, although sometimes it is a bit unclear on what the attacks do

Cool concept and fun gameplay, good job!

Really cool concept and fun game. I love the art and music sets a really nice atmosphere. It would be nice if you could see the stats of the monsters you are gonna place.

Cool idea and I love the art, goob job!

Really cool concept and really fun to play, great job!

Absolutely love the art, great job!

Thanks so much!

Really fun game!, although I think it would benefit from being a bit faster paced.

Good job!

Cool concept and it's fun to try and make a funny picture with a front flip. It's quite weird that nothing has collision

Interesting concept and the gameplay is fun, although it got a bit frustrating as it's hard to see how far you are going to jump, and I end up hitting my head on the roof and falling :(.

Overall a really good job!

Really interesting idea, however it is incredibly difficult to actually play, as the camera never seems to be looking in a particularly useful direction

This game is adorable and really fun, great job!

Really cool concept and I love the art!

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it

Fun game but was a bit hard to understand, could have done with a tutorial at the start, as being thrown straight into a screen with so many things felt a bit overwhelming

Thanks! What are the bugs you found?