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Flip of Light community · Created a new topic Bug Reports

Post your bugs here! Please be as thorough as possible in your explanations. Links to screenshots/video are very helpful.

What version of the game are you playing on? This can be seen in the bottom left corner of the title screen.

Please note the severity of the bug. Does it cause the game to crash/become unplayable?

Thank you!

You're a legend bro, I'd love to know how many deaths you had! In the full release you'd ideally do the main stages before the tinted ones, so hopefully the difficulty curve will be a bit more natural lol.

Thank you! It honestly means so much that you'd take time out of your day to do that

Glad you enjoyed!! I wasn't sure how many people would find that sneaky prism, so it's great to know that it's not too impossible lol

Thank you!

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Thanks so much man, means a lot! And yeah, I'll probably have to tweak the difficulty of some screens. It's awesome to hear that you're looking forward to the full version!

Hey everyone, just released the demo of my precision-platformer Flip of Light! This game is based around the Light Flip mechanic, which lets you instantly teleport from ceiling to floor.

Run, jump, and flip your way through a variety of vibrant stages, each themed around one chromatic color (The demo contains the first stage).

Game page:

Thanks so much :D I definitely have loads of ideas for an expanded version, which I'm hoping to work on after my current project. The music actually was composed my me, by the way.

Thank you! That pitch up thing is actually a great idea that I didn't think of, I'll definitely experiment with that. Thanks for the suggestion!

Pretty high! I'm currently working on another project but I'm planning to make this my next big thing once that's finished. I already have a ton of ideas for it.

You can DM me on twitter, I don't use it too often but I'll definitely see your message :)

Haha, I gotta say I'm pretty sure this is the first time somebody has speedran a game of mine, and honestly I'm not even sure I could beat that time. I'm planning on adding a lot more levels in the future and maybe even releasing on steam, so I hope you're still interested by then.

The first text adventure that I've played in this jam, and I gotta say it's pretty great! The story definitely has this mysterious, almost horror feel. I'd love to see more endings as well, as other comments have said. Some of the letters started flashing on repeated playthroughs, which I'm pretty was intentional (and an awesome effect btw) but if it wasn't I guess that would be the only bug I found. Overall great entry!

This is unbelievable quality for 48 hours. Seriously, this is a really talented team! Really chaotic, and a super unique and awesome premise. My only gripe would probably be to make it a little easier to understand and ease the player into it, but I'm sure you've heard that before by now. Great entry overall!

Really nice mechanic! I've seen a lot of games where you're trying to control a bunch of sheep or cats or whatever, but this is the first game I've played where getting the hoard out of control is actually the goal. It has the same addictive quality as something like agario, where you're basically growing something as massive as possible. One thing I'd change would probably be the level format, it's kind of disheartening to restart every level at one zombie. I'd love to see an arcade style of this where humans keep spawning, and maybe the more zombies you have the harder they are to convert and the more damage they deal. As is though, this is still a great game.

Really fantastic idea of having your controls pretty much be your health. I especially loved how you worked around the issue of the player getting stuck in a corner, by having both sides of the screen wrap around on themselves. Really clever, great entry!

The mechanic of this game isn't anything new for this jam, but the way it's implemented and the level design make it completely stand out. The mechanic is really used to its fullest potential with puzzles and obstacles that are completely understandable to the player. I love how you don't just immediately get the throwable jammer. It sorta reminds me of Portal, where you don't have control over the gun until you fully understand the way it works, which makes for a great introduction to a somewhat abstract concept. I love how there's both a good and bad to placing the jammer, where you might've stopped an obstacle, but you need to make sure you can also get through it without getting stuck. Really great execution and clever ideas here!

Pretty awesome ideas here, reminded me a lot of baba is you. I love the mechanic of switching between top-down and platforming modes on a timer, that has some serious potential for great puzzles and fun skill-based gameplay. I'm also glad that there's dialogue telling you what to do in this one, since it has some concepts that would be extremely hard to understand otherwise. Solid entry!

Pretty cool concept, I love the idea of the game having an enemy that basically restricts yours way of movement, with some levels having you try to rip your mouse away from it to move. One thing I would change is to just take away the darkness and torches, I'm not sure what that adds to the experience other then atmosphere of being in a dark cave. Overall super unique and interesting entry.

One of the more interesting "your controls change all the time" games I've played so far. I love that it's like the game has a mind of it's own, and the narration reminded me a lot of The Stanley Parable. The only thing I would suggest is adding more animations, like maybe for jumping and landing, but thats just polish stuff. It was fun figuring out what the keys would be next, especially when jump and move right became the same button. Overall good entry!

I've always been fascinated with conway's game of life, so I was super intrigued when I saw this. It works very well as an interesting puzzle game! I just dont think my brain is intelligent enough to get past the first like 6 levels. Great entry, though!

Really neat game! I've seen a lot of these "keep everyone under control while they're moving towards danger" types of games, but the lasso mechanic makes this one stand out. It's awesome not having to actually go over to every human you want to save, and instead just click and drag them back. Good job!

This is a really awesome concept, and has a great amount of potential! There is one thing that I think would make the experience a lot more user friendly though. It might be just me but the mechanic felt kinda difficult to understand at first. On the first mushroom level I didn't understand why I wasn't turning into a pile of mush on the ground like I did with the skeleton. The mechanic makes sense to me now, but I think maybe like icons showing who has what ability above their heads would make it  easier to understand. With that change and maybe a few bug fixes, this could be polished up into a really solid puzzle game. Great entry!

Took me a little to figure out how it worked, but this is really awesome. It's pretty thrilling to be platforming and all of the sudden one of the buttons stops working. The only issue I have is the difficulty, which seems to ramp up pretty quickly, so just turning down the time limit on some of the levels would fix that. Overall very good entry, and looks great as well.

I haven't seen many bullet hells this jam, and since it's one of my favorite genres, this was right up my alley. I really like how there's a risk-reward aspect to killing enemies, it's really fun to wait until there are tons of enemies, then fill the rage bar and see how long you can go without getting hit. The art is really polished and nice looking as well. Good job!

Surprising amount of depth for a match 3 puzzler. Starts a bit slow but picks up quick with interesting twists that I've never seen done in a game like this before. Super polished and feels great to play as well.  Good entry!

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! And that art is truly something special, I would hang it on my wall if my printer wasn't out of ink.

My dude if you're having ideas that are this profound, idk what you're doing putting them in a game jam game. You should be, like, writing a philosophy book or something. I'll definitely have to come back and play all the way through and read all the pages, cause I was thoroughly invested in what I was reading. 

Btw my favorite line was "It is expensive and challenging to grow and distribute healthful cobs."

Probably the most original scenario of any game I've played so far. The terraforming mechanic is really cool and fun to play around with! I also love the voice lines, I haven't seen a lot of games do them but it adds a ton of charm. Great entry.

So I wanna preface this by saying that I was a big fan of your guys' work in GD when I played from 1.9 to about a year ago, when I stopped playing. I happened to catch your submission in the GD discord by complete luck since I was still in it for some reason, and knew I had to give it a review. Hopefully I can remain as unbiased as possible when writing a review that I know some of my favorite creators are gonna read.

First off, the art is overall pretty great. The "juice" is just right, not over the top but still satisfying. The art style isn't unbelievably unique or original, with the white on black palette being used quite frequently, but it fits the game well and its not just straight lines or one shade of white. Everything is textured and detailed.

In a rhythm game, music is crucial, and I almost have trouble believing that these tracks were made over two days. They're honestly fantastic, with the gun's firing noise acting as a driving bass. Something especially interesting is that the BPM actually affects the gameplay, so the tempo must've been chosen ahead of time. I can see how the game could get really in-depth with songs that slow down or speed up at different times, causing the gun's fire rate to change. And since the game is an auto scrolling rhythm game (hmm, sounds familiar) you could still handcraft the levels based on where the song is at all times.

Gameplay-wise, the game is what you'd expect from experienced level designers. It starts out with a tutorial teaching the basics, accompanied by an ambient track to keep your gun from shooting. This ensures that the player isn't overwhelmed with information when the music starts. I love how the white dudes get more and more dense over time, so despite the game essentially being one long level, there is still a noticeable difficulty curve. One section is particularly awesome, with the cracked blocks on either side insuring that you can only shoot the walls once before they become hazards.

Overall, the game is great, and I wouldn't expect any less from this team. I can tell a ton of work was poured in. Fantastic job on this entry, and I honestly can't believe it doesn't have more ratings.

Also if you guys have the time, it would really mean the world to me if you were to play and rate my game, as I like to think that it implies a lot of design elements I learned from playing GD and similar platformers. That's it, take care y'all.

Very unique and original, haven't seen many other games in general tackle these concepts, much less a game jam game. Great job!

Turning the ocarina from oot into a full game is a really cool idea! I love how you collect sheet music to unlock new abilities. The art is also really beautiful. Overall great entry!

Really fun platformer, but it is very challenging. I really like the idea that each level is timed, but its not just an arbitrary timer, it's an actual fire that you have to escape. Good job!

Thank you! And hmm, that problem is interesting, it works fine for me. Are you sure that wasn't just the second key? The bread is actually near the beginning of that level, behind a locked wall.

Love the concept, and the art looks beautiful as well! I especially love the dialogue, you can really tell it was written to give the character a lot of personality rather then just telling you exactly what to do in a boring way.

Cool twist on a classic, and the fact that you have to basically maneuver while pressing the least amount of buttons is something that I haven't seen yet. Solid Entry!

Wow, thanks so much for the kind words! It's awesome to see that people are liking it. (And just so you know it is a solo project, so the fact that you thought it was made my a team is actually pretty flattering lol)

Thank you! Hope you find the time to come back and beat it :)

I found myself playing this one more then any other entry. There's something so cool about basically designing your own bullet hell boss fight, even if I'm not usually a fan of the tower defense genre. Picking up hundreds of screws is really fun too. I wouldn't be surprised to see this in the top 100, great job!

This is really cool! I'd love to see how mechanics that take advantage of this idea, but everything here is pretty solid. Good entry!