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A platformer with a twist! Re-map wires of destroyed keys to other keys to keep the game going!
Submitted by Kreekakon, Traggey — 13 minutes, 50 seconds before the deadline
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You play a platformer using a virtual controller which has it's keys periodically damaged and no longer function. The exposed wires from destroyed buttons can be re-mapped to other still-intact buttons to use their functions.

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing audio

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Interesting concept! The game looks very well polished, great work! I must admit that the re-wiring of controls was very fiddly and I wonder if there could be another way of getting the same idea across without that part of the game. At the core of the game, you are limited to only a specific number of active buttons, and it's up to the player to choose which action they want active. Perhaps there's a way to do the rebinding quickly without using the mouse. This would help keep the pace of the game flowing smoothly.


Really nice concept! The art and sound are great, looked like a completed game. For me having the timer was challenging, maybe introduce it into later levels. Will be playing this again!


very clever idea, and very well polished with fantastic art! love the look and feel of this game. my only complaint would be that it was a bit laggy, and the controls felt a little unresponsive. but overall, great job!


This is awesome!! Very original idea, the gameplay is very polished also! Had a great time with this one, great job boys!!


Very very polished. Really beautiful execution of your game design.


I love it, but the time limit is way too hard. I keep losing to time over and over even thought I already know exactly what to do.


This was really cool, 5 stars across the board for me! An interesting concept with the potential to be frustrating, but the execution was done in a way where changing the controls up feels very intuitive! The game feels really satisfying when you starting getting in the groove of things and making quick connections between your controls. Definitely helped by the awesome visual style and nice sound effects!


Really enjoyed! You managed to create an identity that matched the style of the game! Many well thought out details, this has the potential to turn into a great game! I hadn't seen anything like it.

You managed to perform very well in 48 hours, congratulations.

As a suggestion, I recommend implementing some type of level editor, it combines a lot! I will follow the development. Obrigado!


Such a great game. One of my favorites so far!


This is a really good game. Fantastic, unique art style, interesting game play, but I think it needs some work. The platforming aspect was kind of janky at times, feeling really unfair, with jumps that are very unforgiving. The jump button doesn't always work the way I want it too, and most ledges had weird collision boxes. My biggest problem for me is the timer. It seems very unnecessary, and doesn't improve the game at all. It just makes it tedious and unfair. Other than that, incredible visuals, idea, mechanics, and level design. Nice job! 


Great art, great execution, great design. Well done :)


Art and sound is cool, I like the aesthetic of the game.

Game play is interesting in the level that start with a few key and player need to swap key on the fly.

but take control away from me mid jump is not fun for me.


I really like the look and the idea behind this game. I feel like the paltforming could be tightened, and in a game where dying is going to be happening a lot, I'd rather respawn faster then hear booing. Also, the "Crunch" should be louder and juicier, so the player knows STRAIGHT AWAY that one of their controls has broken. Screenshake would have been good here.  But I still really liked this game. 


Thanks for the feedback! I know that the quick respawn would be something players would want so Quick Restart is not disabled during the booing or laughing. If the player wants to they can instantly hop past all the flashy sound effects by hitting quick restart and instantly try again without waiting.


I love the feedback of pulling and switching the controls for the game. Inspite of 80+ peeps having checked this out at time of writing more peeps should be playing this.


I love the way you put a twist on the “your controls are broken” mechanic, implementing player agency into it already elevates it a lot! The game has such a nice presentation as well, it’s really memorable!

The only thing I don’t like are the short timers! I kept switching from mouse to keyboard and that has been losing me the most time, which got frustrating really quickly. More lenient timers or a different incentive to play fast would be lovely!


This game is such a cool concept. I suck at it tho. But nonetheless very cool.

You can check my gameplay here: (I did play a few games so just check in the video)


Quite an enjoyable game! Became quite fun on the levels with fewer potential inputs to have to plan ahead what inputs would go where, and then getting my fingers to actually go press those buttons :P My only gripes is that I found sometimes switching controls to be a bit finicky, often I'd accidentally click the wrong button input cause the circles aren't too large. Other than that looked good sounded good and played good. Well done :)


Great entry for this game jam. The sound and level designs are really good. It was so stresful but so fun to play.


The concept is quite common but in this game it is brilliantly executed. The art is beatiful. Very well done. The timer was maybe too fast for me. 


Really good concept. I could imagine this being a fun 2 player game as well.

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