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There is only a demo, the game isn't out yet.

Fiddled around some more, tried with an Xbox360 and Xbox one controller and the same problem, so it's not the PS4 controller!

Looked into the default input mappings and they're completely bonkers, had to manually change it all and now it sort of works, however as I've not been able to play the game properly I've no idea what inputs to bind to which buttons so it's taking a lot of trial and error to get this right.

Oh wow that's super odd, DS4windows just emulates the PS4 controller to be an Xbox controller, this is how I play all my games (Inluding JSR and JSRF) with no issues, the odd part was the fact that the controller worked without running DS4windows, meaning the game somehow reads my PS4 controller by default, I believe this is cause of the faulty input mappings.

Update, plugging my PS4 controller straight in seems to be running even without DS4 windows, neat!
However, plugging the PS4 controller in makes the camera spin endlessly.
Also why on earth is Square the confirm button? What kind of spray paint have you been sniffing! <3

Hey-o, just picked the game up, can't play! Camera keeps spinning, using a  DS4 controller hooked up via DS4 windows, however even with the gamepad unplugged and DS4 windows turned off, the camera keeps spinning as if a secondary controller was plugged in and is snatching inputs, only problem is that there is no such controller plugged in! Any idea what's up?

Oh okay! That makes sense, thanks for clearing that up! You gave me a real heart attack there!

Hmm, yeah can't replicate that here! If you can run past things without killing them then you've encountered a bug none of us have seen so far! If you can recall how it occurred please let us know so we can replicate :3

Hey! Thanks for the feedback, not sure what you mean by you being able to run past everything, the doors to the next level don't open up unless all the enemies in the level are dead.

Hey there Barret232hxc! Thanks for the praise it means a lot truly! I'm super glad you enjoyed the game :D

Hey NagoG! Thanks for your feedback! I totally agree that the chest areas should be hidden, time constraints kept that from happening sadly.

I'm super glad you like it ^^ Yeah we did probably set our goals a little too ambitiously for a five day game jam hah, better luck next time ehy?

Hey thanks <3 Much appreciated!

Hey Wesley! I'm glad you're digging it! The main inspiration for me coming up with the concept and artstyle was Jet Set Radio, which is what air gear was based on! The show and the game even has the same musical talents behind it :D

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Hey there Kaboom242! Thank you for the high praise and I'm glad you enjoyed it!
We fully agree that the key bindings were absolutely horrid and they have been addressed in our own internal build!
And yes I do fully agree, we need music haha! We don't have an audio person on the team however so that was a bit of a luxury for us that we sadly could not get around to within the 48 hour limit.

Thank you SkullBat studio! Super glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you Dylsdestiny! I'm really glad you enjoyed it! 

We've been considering not stopping and actually taking this further!

Hey there Curturp! I'm Linus, the artist on the team!

Thank you ever so much for the praise, I honestly never expected any responses quite like this! I can very much agree with every single point of feedback you've provided here and most of it was actually discussed during the game-jam itself, we just never had the time to take care of it.
And the flying away enemies were definitely not intended! But perhaps one of those happy accidents we should expand more upon haha!

We've done a little bit of messing about with the project after the jam and we are considering futher developing it, controls have been tightened and those horrid keybindings are gone and the combat will surely see a lot of tweaking, more feedback on attacks and we gotta get rid of those as you mentioned bugs where animations would play and wouldn't.

Again thank you ever so much ^^ Your critique was extremely well laid out and super helpfull!

Oh wow yeah, sorry but that's quite a weak system you've got there! integrated intel cards are never recomended for gaming :/

We'll be adding some quality settings in possible future releases however so hopefully we can get it running smoother on your system.

Agreed! 's a fun fight. Thanks man!

Haha, thanks a ton Alex ;)

Hey there Lunatic! Sorry about the preformance issues you're having! Could you possibly share your PC specs with us?