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Nuhuh >: I

Presentation and gameplay were all super neat, I feel like the only real issue I had was with the levels where you had to complete routes that involved things you couldn't see properly before having to execute your run, it lead to many situations in the 16 + levels where I just stood still and couldn't figure out what to do until I made a leap of faith.

But overall, wonderful game! I'm happy to see other games with some actual challenge to them!

My computer is rendering this game at thousands of frames per second, making my pc scream haha, a frame limiter would probably be a good idea!

Overall, this is a fun experience but I found myself managing to get through most of the levels without even having to consider any of the rules for said level and because of how zoomed in the camera is, it makes it hard to formulate any plans even if you tried.
Lots of seemingly random little elements that could kill you which eventually lead to me having to restart the game, OUCH!

Man I don't think I've ever been so happy to not enter a car.

Excellent writing, kept my attention all the way through, intriguing mysteries and characters!
Theme was extremely well implemented as well! Overall just a really swell experience, awesome to see some text based stuff from time to time!
Only real issue I came across was that the game seemed to skip ahead REALLY quickly on some screens.

Thanks a ton mate! Yeah the frustrating parts of the level design and mechanics are definitely intentional on my end haha, I like being a bit of a dick I guess!
The wire grabbing is indeed a problem and it's something I struggle with when playing the game myself, definitely one of the first things I would address if we were to further develop this! Thank you ever so much for the feedback, it's super appreciated!

These comments make me go, NO!

The artwork and animation is gorgeous! Well done on that part! The basic gameplay loop was very simple but effective, had fun playing through.

For some feedback, I'd address the issue of leaps of faith, many times you had to jump into places you couldn't see which was confusing, I'd also like to see some spell checking and music in the game!
Overall, a fun little experience!

Very charming game, the art and the music set a very specific mood and atmosphere that is just nice! The gameplay is interesting, jumping around in the spinning world is very fun however I feel like the primary reason for the game being as hard as it is, comes from the unpredictability of the camera rotation, I found myself never really quite certain of how or where the camera would rotate to which lead me to jumping into places I didn't really expect to go in! I think also the spikes may have too large hitboxes? I found myself dying quite frequently but I was uncertain if I had actually touched them or not.
I think with a little bit more love this could turn into something really awesome, great work! :)

Really it was just me being a dick about how hard the levels should be :D I like my punishing games lol!

Thank you! I'm super glad you liked it!

Thank you ever so much for the nice comments and feedback! :)

Thanks! The timer has indeed been a point of contention, it's bothering many and many are saying they like it! I think primarily for the design I was aiming for a more difficult speedrunning style experience, but that may not have been the best thing to go for in a jam like this haha ^^

Thank you ever so much for the feedback, all points have been noted! 

Thanks dude! <3

Thanks a ton! That's super awesome to hear, I appreciate that A LOT!

Thanks for the comment! Your feedback has been dearly noted! :)

Visually appealing and spooky! Generally an impressive romp!

Super hectic but fun gameplay! I absolutely adore the retro windows aesthetic! I found remembering the passwords a little rough but nothing a good print screen couldn't solve! Well done mate!

Thanks a ton <3 I'm super happy you enjoyed it!

Generally a very fun game! The starting phase before the round was a little confusing at first, could have used some more explanation but once I figured that part it it was all smooth sailing! Good work!

Thank you! <3 I'm super glad you enjoyed it!

Extremely charming game! The art is both pretty and clear, the theming is super interesting and the musical approach was great!
Had a ton of fun playing this through to the end, the last 3 levels got pretty tough but it was an enjoyable toughness! Excellent work!

Entertaining little waveshooter! The random elements were fun enough to keep it interesting for a while, made it to round 13 before I got overwhelmed!

The title is a lie >: (

I wish I could rate this again.

Fun little platformer with super charming art, only real issue I had was how the sleep/awake state switching is on a very long timer, it made a lot of the playtime into me standing around just waiting, but overall a very enjoyable experience!

Balls to the wall hard! Although not in a bad way, super fun speedrunning! I wish there were some minor descriptives in the game itself as towards how killing the enemies worked for example! I didn't even realize they were "enemies" at first, visuals made them look like mines or something so I avoided them!
Nevertheless, had a ton of fun playing this, well done!

Thanks mate <3 That means a lot!

Super fun and extremely pretty experience! I love the combination of puzzles and platforming, excellent execution! By far one of my favorites so far.

No for real though, this pixel art just revitalized my love for life.

Hoooly hell, the presentation of this is AMAZING, the sound and the art alone is just gorgeous <3 I'd smooch you if I could!

Hey thanks mate! Glad to hear someone got through all the levels haha ^^

Very fun to play! The swinging gun became a little frustrating after a while as it makes simply waiting for something to happen a big part of the game, but overall an enjoyable experience.

It was a bit hard figuring out exactly what needed to be done and the art could have used some more love, but overall the game works fine!

Fantastic execution on the concept, a ton of fun to play! Artwork was a little basic but that's the only fault I could really find!

Wonderful concept, great execution, art is brilliant and the game gave me many laughs! Good work!

Just brilliant in every way, LOVED playing this! Only issue I had was the resolution, the verticality of the game made the bottom of it get cropped out on my 16:9 monitor, but it was still very much playable! First perfect score I've handed out, well done!

The art was really really nice! Although the lack of instructions in the game made me completely unable to figure out what to do, couldn't make a single potion!

Really fun, and the art served its purpose very well! I think the gamejam concept was kind of shoehorned in though, could have been incorporated better.

Absolutely impossible to control! Fun idea, I think it could work if fleshed out a bit.

Nani, chotto matte.

What just happened.