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Hey there Kaboom242! Thank you for the high praise and I'm glad you enjoyed it!
We fully agree that the key bindings were absolutely horrid and they have been addressed in our own internal build!
And yes I do fully agree, we need music haha! We don't have an audio person on the team however so that was a bit of a luxury for us that we sadly could not get around to within the 48 hour limit.

Thank you SkullBat studio! Super glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you Dylsdestiny! I'm really glad you enjoyed it! 

We've been considering not stopping and actually taking this further!

Hey there Curturp! I'm Linus, the artist on the team!

Thank you ever so much for the praise, I honestly never expected any responses quite like this! I can very much agree with every single point of feedback you've provided here and most of it was actually discussed during the game-jam itself, we just never had the time to take care of it.
And the flying away enemies were definitely not intended! But perhaps one of those happy accidents we should expand more upon haha!

We've done a little bit of messing about with the project after the jam and we are considering futher developing it, controls have been tightened and those horrid keybindings are gone and the combat will surely see a lot of tweaking, more feedback on attacks and we gotta get rid of those as you mentioned bugs where animations would play and wouldn't.

Again thank you ever so much ^^ Your critique was extremely well laid out and super helpfull!

Oh wow yeah, sorry but that's quite a weak system you've got there! integrated intel cards are never recomended for gaming :/

We'll be adding some quality settings in possible future releases however so hopefully we can get it running smoother on your system.

Agreed! 's a fun fight. Thanks man!

Haha, thanks a ton Alex ;)

Hey there Lunatic! Sorry about the preformance issues you're having! Could you possibly share your PC specs with us?