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Escape the out-of-control fire as quickly as possible in this surprisingly difficult sidescrolling speedrunner!
Submitted by Haikatekk — 12 hours, 59 minutes before the deadline
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Ranked from 48 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game fit the theme?
Two ways; The base mechanic for the game is fleeing the fire which is "out of control". Additionally the plot of the game is that you're fleeing "out of the spiders control".

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing audio

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This was one of the funniest games ive played since the 90s! :D 


The wall jumps and spider jumps are really hard to nail and sometimes it can get frustrating. Also, not a fan of restarting whole game after 5 deaths.

Levels themselves and overall desing of the game is very cool. Also, I really liked the art and overall presentation. Could totally work as a full game :)


Thank you for the review! :) Stay tuned, when I start work on the full game on monday, I will not only rewrite the physics to be much more precise and predictable, I will also introduce a more casual/easy gamemode.


Didn't get much enjoyment out of this one unfortunately. As someone who grew up with 2D Metroid games, the wall jump wasn't that hard to figure out. What I still can't figure out is how I'm supposed to jump off of spider enemies. I keep pressing space right before I land on the enemies, but it's completely random as to whether or not I actually jump off of them or just die. Super Mario got this right decades ago. And as far as I can tell, Level 7 is impossible. I tried over and over again to get to the lower jumping area but no matter how much I tried, it wouldn't let me jump off of it.

Developer (1 edit)

Sorry to hear that this game wasnt for you! And no, this game is definitely no Super Mario, nor does it intend to be.


Although, I have to ask, since you seem to have a lot of issues with the timing based mechanics; What kind of performance do you get, and what system are you running on? Appreciate your feedback


I'm running on Windows 10, and I'm not getting any performance issues with the game.


Thanks a ton for replying! Right now, the movement physics are rigidbody simulated. I've done what I could in the 48 hours to make it as predictable as possible (using continous rather than discrete simulation for example), however I've noticed that in high velocities it can feel pretty unreliable. When I take the game further starting monday, the physics will be completely rewritten and custom this time, rather than rigidbody-based.

That said, the game _is_ very difficult, however it should definitely not be impossible. Level 7 is a difficult jump, but both me and my playtesters nail that level pretty much every time now.


I found this game extremely fun, this is literally the definition of a masterpiece, and I'm shocked how you made this game in 2 days. 10/10, had me on the edge of my seat while I listened to the great soundtrack. I loved the idea so much I think this would be a great game to continue working on. To be honest, if this game had a full release on steam I would buy it for around 5 dollars


Wow, your kind words mean a ton! Not sure how I will go about distributing the game (maybe I just sell it on here), but I will definitely make a full game out of it! :) 

Thank you so much! How far did you make it?


Challenging to say the least! Nice graphics and fun concept. 

Some other feedback / my opinions:

  • As others have said the walljump took a while to figure out, but even then I continually lost the ability to walljump. Could be because of that the character lost touch of the wall or something.
  • The fire felt like it started too fast and spread somewhat too quickly. If I missed a walljump somewhere I was toast (litterally?)
  • For me it was impossible to not get hit by the fire on stage 2. Don't know if it's totally avoidable or not.
  • It wasn't intuitive that you had to explicitly jump on the enemies. I lost some lives before I understood what I was supposed to do, and even then I could easily mis-time the jump and not bounce off the enemy.
  • Another thing that wasn't intuitive was that you could jump off of the brown background tiles. When I came to stage 5 I had no clue what to do and lost many lives before I figured out that you had to jump off of the background. That could maybe have been introduced earlier in some easier fashion where you only had to jump off one of those? For example, a suggestion would be have only foreground and background things to jump from and replace the enemies with the background tiles. 

Thanks a ton for your feedback! :) As stated in the gamepage, this game is meant to be very difficult, and not meant to give any sort of help or pointers to the player. The fact that you have to discover these things by yourself (unless you read the bottom paragraph of the gamepage) is what defines the design of this game. Pretty much everything you mentioned is a testamente to the direction that I took in the design of this game.  I guess it's a nostalgic trip for me back to the days of NES and SNES where I remember having to read the games manual while pulling my hair out because I didnt know what to do. Quite a lot of players who have tested the game seems to have enjoyed this approach just as much as I do! 

That said, given the amount of similiar feedback I've gotten from many other players, I've decided to add a more casual gamemode when I take this project further in the future! 

Walljumping has a pretty unique and tricky mechanic, but once you understand it 100%, it's actually very easy and forgiving. I describe it to 90% in the gamepage.

And last but not least, as for level 2; I haven't been able to run through it quick enough to not catch fire. It has kind of become a challenge for me to see if it's even possible. Nice catch!

Again, thanks a ton for your comment and your interest in the game, warms my heart! <3 

Deleted 67 days ago

Kiitos! Yes the difficulty of this game really is a gift or a curse depending on who you ask 😅


Oli liian kova nuotio mun ukkellille! :D

Walljump seems really hard to get hang of, it just seems.. off compared to.. x.   But I love the aesthetics and how the fire really gets to you. 


Thank you! Yes the mechanic is pretty unique and even tricks me up sometimes. But if you nail the technique, it gets much easier :)


Once I got the hang of the wall jump it was a lot of fun. For sure a difficult game though. My main point of feedback would be maybe take a look at how Super Meat Boy does wall-jumping; if you aim away from the wall theres actually a short period where you stay stuck to the wall; this allows you to wall jump more easily. (But you dont want it to stick for too long, as itll feel clunky)

awesome job though! loved the gameplay


Thanks! And thank you for the constructive tip aobut meatboy! There is still some hangtime when walljumping, however its probably not very visually implicit.


I liked it! After you understand how to properly do the wall jump gets fun =)

The wall jump is hard because you have to press the button on the jump direction (opposite of the wall) and this could pull your character out the wall and then lost the habit to execute the wall jump.


Wall jumps can be pretty hard to pull of but except that the game is very fun!


The game is extremely challenging, but quite fun. Wall jumping control drove me crazy :)


I feel like the window for wall jumps/enemy bounces could be a bit bigger, but the movement feels great once you get used to it. Fun game!


Really fun platformer, but it is very challenging. I really like the idea that each level is timed, but its not just an arbitrary timer, it's an actual fire that you have to escape. Good job!


This game is hard as hell ... but guess that fits the theme. Love the aesthetics and how the fire spreads. Maybe skip the lives-system, so you get pursuaded to retry more. Although, I did get better every time I tried the first couple of levels...


You were right about this being hard! The movement / wall jump was very tight, and even though I died a lot trying to get past that spider jump on the third level, I had a lot of fun (and frustration but in a good way) doing it haha. Nice!

Submitted (1 edit)

Verry good speedrun platformer, but like everybody else, I didn't understand how to wall jump before going in the comment section here.

I have to wonder if the fact that you have to point in the opposite direction and press jump at the same time was done on purpose. Normally, you just need to press jump if you are close to the wall on most platformer to do a wall jump.

Anyway, once I got the hang of it, it became fun and I can understand the appeal of a wall jump implemented this way. I would only add the information about the input inside the game (like a hint at the bottom of the screen or a tutorial window at the beginning).

Anyway, 5 star for fun nonetheless :)


Yes, it's made very difficult like that on purpose. Normal wall jumps are much too casual to fix the idea for this game, but I guess the idea was pretty niche to begin with!

Thank you so much for your rating and comment! Means a lot! And I will add your suggestion high up on the list as I take the game further after the jam :)


glad I could help :)


This is a pretty cool platformer! It took a bit to get used to the walljumping.  It is challenging which is great! 


Thank you! Given this games difficulty, Ive gotten quite some angry feedback 😅 Feels good to be validated by people who get the idea im striving for!


wall jumping feels kinda stiff, but outside of that gameplay is really nice


Wall jumping is a bit unresponsive but otherwise cool platformer/runner!


It's brutally hard but i love it! You realy have a feel you are out of control. I personally liked the wall jumping mechanic. Good job!

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