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Wow! Thank you for your efforts for making the writeup! :)

When the time comes we'll give our best effort to add linux and mac builds as well! :)

I am stuck at 131.73 .. ! :D .. A button for togglin shooting on/off would be awesome. Would totally avoid those spawn on top of cursor deaths! I've played this the most in the whole jam :D

Awesome to hear you liked our game! 

Thank you for the feedback and thanks for playing ! :)

Cool idea with great artstyle! The movement mechanic is really clever and the house fixing kits are great addition ! Resulted for 90sec run! :D Great work!

No definately dit not come as negative at all. It  is just something someone said somewhere, I myself really cant enjoy anything with bad controls  as the character movement is usually the center of the core gameplay, so if that is not fun then the game is not fun.  There are of course exceptions here but then the core gameplay loop is usually tied to something else rather than "controlling the character" :)

- antti @

The idea is there, but there seems to be no penalty for missing the beat neither reward for hitting the beat. So I think there was a bit of time problem perhaps ? I'd love to see a post-jam release on how far you could take this as this definately seem very interesting :)

What a great idea :D Art is super awesome! Well done :)

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I really like the mechanic here, and after reading your short tutorial it was pretty clear what to do. But the death mechanic is way too punishing right now and I seemed to die arbitrary reason at a moments notice.. Usually the culprit was too heavy or too light island.. Still I'd definately like to see a post jam patch! Very intriguing ! Well done :)

What super clever idea! Very well done!

Hyvin lennetty!

Wow thats awesome you posted the result in finnish! :D

Thaks for the feedback and thank you for playing! :)

We'll do a post-jam patch with rebindable keys ! (and a function for the car invert! :D)

Thank you for playing ! :)

Thank you for playing! :)

"bad controls dont make a good game" :)

Thank you for the feedback!

Torilla tavataan.

Hey, thank you for the feedback and for playing! Custmizable controls in the after-jam-patch! :V

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Thanks for the feedback! And thanks for playing!

Well that was a wholesome experience. :)

Very well made game! You should add some music and checkpoints though. I had much fun. :)

Very fun game, one of the best timed weapon games. Nice variety with the weapons/powers. Maybe and some invincibility frames after some of the transformations, died too many times. :D

Polish up the graphics a bit and you have a real winner! Good job!

Great presentation, love the pixel ghost :P

One could say this was... catastic ? ....................................... :D Love the art style!

All these types of games where you need to control the character to control something are just begging for multiplayer mode! :) 

I love the music and how the game looks ! :)

First I thought the pigs were supposed to be herded IN the blackholes.. But as the score counter would not rise when pushing those innocent pigs to their doom.. Its a great idea and love the walking animation! :P

Thanks alot for great feedback and thank you for playing! :)

Thank you for taking the time to play our game and leaving feedback! Awesome! :)

So sad that your game broke at the last minute. Because everything that works is totally on point so good job there!

Hope you make an after jam release. :)

Fun idea and gameplay. The graphics are very cute! Polish it a bit and you could do a lot with this concept. Good work!

Nice game. Gameplay is smooth and fun. Polish up the visuals a bit and you have a real winner here! Good job! :)

The handgun felt miserable, but after you get the bigger guns the fun starts! Had a blast with your game! :)

Solid game. The darkness really adds to the atmosphere.

Nice work! :)

Fun and simple idea, fits the theme perfectly. Took a moment to understand the concept but got the hang of it quicly. Good graphics and sounds also. :)

Well that was hard but fun. Nice graphics and sounds! Bearly could keep it under control. I just want some honey beer...

Very fun fire truck simulator! Had a hearty chuckle when I read a spark started a fire and encountered the whole forest on fire. :D 

Well made game, works smoothly. Fits the theme perfectly.  Definitely needs some sounds tho, not a proper fire engine experience without sirens!

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You are definataly correct about controls being visible.

They keys are just arrow keys, up for throttle, left/right for turning, down for rolling the car. Collect the pellets to get more gas, and try to go as long as you can, Gas is on the right upper corner counting down.  Remember to put pedal to the medal! As that is kinda the point.. to go forwards.  :D

Hope to see you try again to get bit more out it, I promise you its worth it ;D

Thanks for feedback!

Very solid game! Bouncing around was very fun, though seemed a bit inconsistent. Only really needs some kind of visual charge indicator. Hope to see an after jam patch!

Really good strategy game! You could expand this a lot. Really like the graphics, they feel very nostalgic to me. Good Job :)

A bit rough overall, but I had fun messing around with it! A bit more polish to smooth out the movement and some sounds and you have a great game here. :)

Really dig the visual style!

Good and simple fun. It was a bit claustrophobic experience though. :'D

Good job!

Hey that's a really cool mechanic you have there. Fun game! You should totally develop this further.