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Hey nick! All of the contents are listed in the asset pack description, so mostly different kinds of weapons/gear. No food items included. The sprite sheet itself handles like any other sprite sheet so I would say that there should not be any troubles regarding rpg maker (or any other engine).

This blur has over the double the perfomance compared to the GMS newly implemented "Filters and Effects" blur filter, it's also MUCH more versatile, can be applied to single object or an area or fullscreen. Super easy to implement and control!

Thank you for saving me so much trouble! What a great release!

Thats good truckin' !

Thank you for playing our game :)

Thank you for your feedback and compliments! I must agree on the out of bound mechanics, little testing would probably have fixed the issue, and because there is no sign anywhere that there even is an edge.. :(  

Thank you for playing! :)

First PICO-8 this jam I played! MUCH LOVE FOR PICO! Great work!

Thank you for playing our game :)

Its was pretty relaxing experience, this could be nicely expanded upon. The pro-solution was just always click with right mouse button once or twice and the wires were instantly correct so not much of a challenge. Clever idea.

Black paint to make my character stick to the surface so I wouldn`t fall so much :P 

Thank you for the compliments! :)

Thank you for playing and carrying! :)

I love the art style of the space ship! Very awesome looking. I managed to fly around without using the dash at all and it didn´t seem like flying or shooting affected the amount of dark matter in any way. So its was only destruction and death!

The mixin of the colors was pretty clever idea! Controlling the charactes is quite hard and I managed to drop dead more than enough times on wall running :O .. no black paint for STICKY .. :D

Very ambititous to make "room escape" in this timeframe! Clever idea and for once I managed to escape in the timelimit.. (there was none? :D)

I though I had it with this magnicifent beast but.. I was wrong.. :DD ... This game has oddly familar feeling....  .. Very nice, I really enjoyed the experience! 

I dont know how fast the fish does swim but it must be pretty fash as it will disintegrate to little fish fillets when hitting the fall.. :D  

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Thank you for playing and great job getting all the station tickets! 

Mechanics and presentation are top notch! What a super idea and great execution! See you at the tori to celebrate the success! :O Well done!

Very unique take on theme, simple design and great ui ! Very well done!

We`re glad you`re able to tick that box in your bucket list :D

Thank you for playing!

Thank you for the great compliments and thanks for playing our game! :)

Thank you for the awesome feedback!

Yeah the controls definitely take a while to get used to. We would have liked to fine tune them more but......... As a tip all I can say is "Try not to fight it".

Thanks for playing our game :)

Thank you for the compliments and thanks for playing!

This is one the most unique approaches to the theme in the whole jam! .. Does the game have an ending? I was just spinning the pieces around endlessly :D

Thank you for playing our game and leaving feedback :)

No money, no truckin` :D Its hard work to be a space trucker.. :D

Thank you for playing!

Please try out post-jam patch where controls will be tweaked to be bit more tighter :)

Thank you for playing!

I need to add that to the watch later list.. :P .. Thank you for playing our game!

Thank you for taking the time to play our game! :)

Smooth gameplay and polished look and feel, bit drafty and hard to grasp first but great idea and very nice presentation! Good work!

Super smooth gameplay and visuals! Levels very pretty easy as there were no actual limits where you could draw the lines. Very good use of physics and the theme :) Enjoyed it alot!

Very nice looking and well presented game! Love the minimal art style , (and CATS! <3)

Very small game screen :( .. And WHO had the clever idea to sail ship in such icy conditions anyhow? Love the art style and overall feel. Great work!

Cute idea to guide ducks to the pond. :)  Good hazards to spice up the difficulty! 

Quite intuitive mechanics on the game. Swining was quite hard and was not sure if that was even intended mechanic. Nice work still!

I think I played way more llama jesus than I should have.. And only managed to save 6 of them. :D Not gonna quit the day job! Nice work!

Very tight controls, but super small screen :( Can hardly see anything with the addition that you have to control two characters at the same time.  But the smoothness of the gameplay is top notch!

Very epic art style, this gives the same vibes as our own entry but instead of hauling cargo you haul cars.. :D SO whats not to love! Great work!

Very polished entry! Superb look and feel! First time around cpu died and I had no idea what I was doing and the second time around I was succesful but still had no idea what I was doing.. so .. I think it checks out! Great work!

Wasnt really sure what I was supposed to do, but diving head first in the hole seemed to do something atleast so I did that! :D .. Foxes look super cute :)

The art style and animation is superb! Really enjoying to look at! Nice work!