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Thank you for the compliments! And thanks for playing!

Thank you for the great feedback! Yes, we were surely looking for a more 'chill' experience :)

Thanks for playing!

What an awesome idea on the theme! Great fun! Good job 👍

Its magic how smooth the experience is on browser.. AND SCARY!! 😱

Finally some revenge after all those years!

Was not expecting a horror game! :D

Great spin on the "be the boss monster" ... Nice one!

So intense..! Snake is always just right there.. No time for peace :D Great soundtrack with it.. great job!

Thank you for the awesome compliments ! :)  Thanks for playing!

It's great to hear you liked it. 

Thanks for playing!

Great atmosphere and great take on the theme!

The idea is very nice! Me trying to be a camera man in a race would produce zero usable material! Nice work!

5 points for the awesome tunes that instantly starts banging! Great style :)

Hey! Thank you for the feedback! Regarding the drop mechanic, once you start reaching those +13 levels, its most important to try to clear the board in such a way, when you get to the dropping phase that you can build those large clusters of colors ( +2000 coins ). So even if its only  just one color, it can give huge advantage to the next round. :)

If we are going to work on this further the dropping mechanic will definately be something we will look into :)

Thanks for playing!

We appreciate the compliments :) Thank you!

Thanks for playing!

Top tier clicker game, great job!

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Yeah it definitely could have more upgrade and achievement stuff. Our minds are running wild with stuff that could be added into the game! Unfortunately there is only so much you can do during the game jam. Balance is also hard to nail down in such a short time in these types of games.

Thanks for playing and giving feedback!

Super polished game!  Very fun and intuative gameplay!

Super cool art and very polished feel! There is definately something here to expand on.. :O

Great clicker! Enjoyed it!

Super neat and polished experience! Well done!

Great take on the theme! Finally I can take revenge and be the ball :D

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Super smooth gameplay and execution! This is superb fun! Great job!   +1 for the main menu! xD

Its like pinball in developer mode! 

Very smooth gameplay and as a pinball lover, love the take on the theme. Wad a great idea and execution! Well done! :)

Love the spin on the theme of light and dark more, and how the game aesthetics tie into it!

Such a smooth style and great spin on the theme!

For once I can easily avoid draining the ball to the sides as I AM THE BALL! Great idea!

Wish there would have been more levels! :)

Wolf ate all my sheep :( Rip fluffies

Great work on how the camera moves and the game feels in overall!

Hey! Thank you for the feedback, definitely need to look into the autofill mechanic if additional development is ever going to happen xD

Thanks for playing!

Awesome to hear! Thanks for playing :)

I don't know how this fit the theme. It was stil cute.

Loved pixel art, but sound effects omg :D I freaked out the first time I died, that sound was loud. Cool game though.

Nice puzzle game! I really had to think about every move. It is a good thing. Baba is You vibes.

Super clean visuals and art!

This was very good. I really liked playing it. Beautiful art, simple to learn and and challenging enough! Good job! :)

Fun concept! gameplay was good and I liked art in this :)

the music was relaxing, the cat was cute and the game went somewhat with the theme. I felt like something was missing, but I don't know what...