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Hey! Thanks for the feedback and thank you for playing! :) .. The levels only go harder before the end. :D  I think we made 14 levels total and the last ones are... hard.. :D Yeah the browser experience is kinda limited but it lower the barrier to play the game so.. The win-exe has a lot better performance anyway :) .. 

Hey! Thanks for playing and for the feedback! It's appreciated! :) .. Sorry you had to deal with our disaster of a collision system ! 

Hey! Thank you  for the feedback and the provided article! Interesting read! .. This was our first time creating a tile-based game and collisions for it so because of the time-constraints there were no room for tweaking the collision system.. "Intended by design" but not really the way we wanted. Thanks for playing! :)

Thank you for the feedback and playing the game! We been addressing the issues regarding controls and collision especially. Greatly appreciate the feedback!

Shouts a mobile release! :] Very polished!

Great addition to the 'one-bullet' -genre.. ! I see lot of potential in this one to be developed further! :)

one-button PICO-8 game! Love the PICO games :) Great music too! Well done!

This game has awesome music! :]

Very clever! Great job! Really unique.

It's a PICO-8 game! Much love for PICO! :] 

Thanks for your feedback and thank you for trying our game :) .. We tried fiddling around with the speed controls a lot and there is actually no "maximum speed" for Catshy.. It just an "arbitary" algorithm that calculates the distance from mouse pointer and then some.. So in theory.. if you have a reeeeaallly wide screen....... :D .. Maybe we'll fiddle with "fast" and "slow" control options if there will be a post-jam patch :)

Cant say for sure.. I usually try to play in windowed so.. ? :D If it launches in fullscreen automatically, then fullscreen. xD

Very intense 'puzzle' -game where your goal is to get rid of the ghosts before they get rid of you!

This was really great! More levels needed here too! :]

Love for a PICO-8 game and love for the VERY unique idea! Great job!

This was very unique and well executed game! Good thinking on the difficulty setting! Great work :)

Very well executed game in the "one-bullet" category! It was sometimes unclear why I was spotted by the enemy and sometimes not.. But overall the stealth elements adds nicely and the atmosphere is great! Well done! 

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Idea is very neat, but the design makes the gameplay bit too unstable for me. I am greatly annoyed by how the platform moves much more quicker than the character and the moving overall is kinda slugish. But as I said the idea is very good and nothing here that a post-jam patch wont fix! 

We really appreciate the feedback! Thanks for playing! :]

Thank you for the feedback and playing the game! :) .. We ran out of time to adjust the wall collisions so we call it "hard by design" .. as it adds to the gameplay where you really need to be accurate with your movements. Maybe will update it a bit if we make a post-jam update :)

I really like the breakout-style gameplay.. Adds really well to the whole "one-bullet" genre!

This was really inspiring game concept! Well done! :)

Thanks for the feedback! Never even occured to us to add a mouse click reset!  Awesome you liked the game!

Thank you very much for the feedback! :) Glad you liked our game and found a way to DOMINATE ! :D

Our hero is a super cute cat ^_^

Very well executed! So addicting game :) Good work!

This was very well executed! Great work!

Leave us a comment while you are here! :)

Thank you for the feedback! It is greatly appreciated! :)

Love for Pico-8 entry! <3

This is a very neat idea!

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We have just released our demo of Triplane: Furball for you to consume!

an furball
"free airspace is in short order!"

Triplane: Furball is an 2D dogfighting game and the demo features one playable map with up to 4-players or AI planes trying to control the skies! The game is best played with friends and has gamepad support! (It might get little tight around keyboard with 4 people cramming in! :)

We'd love to hear some feedback about playability and balance,  as this project has been going on for over a year now and we are too accustomed to notice anything anymore!

We are doing weekly devBlogs at our home site for those interested in the development process and all related!

Let the best pilot in skies win! .. or the best stunt pilot? 

Air Stunts!
"little devEyesOnly stunt landing trick"

 - Antti @

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Game only supports x-input as controller type. 

If you want to use your non x-input controller in the game, download x360ce controller emulator.

Place the .exe in the installation folder of Triplane: Furball and follow the program instructions.

If in trouble - post below! :)

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Known issues of this demo version.

- If AI planes land they won't know how to enter the hangar
- Infantry stacks behind each other
- Infantry bullets are sometimes way offset
- Infantry may continue shooting the ground without logic
- Infantry *some other not known bug*
- Can't bind controller analog sticks
- Resizing game window in the skirmish menu will cause everything drawn to screen disappear
- Sometimes menu button hitboxes after rezise are offset A LOT
- You may experience weard framedrops. If this happens please report us! :)