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Didn't get much enjoyment out of this one unfortunately. As someone who grew up with 2D Metroid games, the wall jump wasn't that hard to figure out. What I still can't figure out is how I'm supposed to jump off of spider enemies. I keep pressing space right before I land on the enemies, but it's completely random as to whether or not I actually jump off of them or just die. Super Mario got this right decades ago. And as far as I can tell, Level 7 is impossible. I tried over and over again to get to the lower jumping area but no matter how much I tried, it wouldn't let me jump off of it.

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Sorry to hear that this game wasnt for you! And no, this game is definitely no Super Mario, nor does it intend to be.

Although, I have to ask, since you seem to have a lot of issues with the timing based mechanics; What kind of performance do you get, and what system are you running on? Appreciate your feedback


I'm running on Windows 10, and I'm not getting any performance issues with the game.

Thanks a ton for replying! Right now, the movement physics are rigidbody simulated. I've done what I could in the 48 hours to make it as predictable as possible (using continous rather than discrete simulation for example), however I've noticed that in high velocities it can feel pretty unreliable. When I take the game further starting monday, the physics will be completely rewritten and custom this time, rather than rigidbody-based.

That said, the game _is_ very difficult, however it should definitely not be impossible. Level 7 is a difficult jump, but both me and my playtesters nail that level pretty much every time now.