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I want to like this, I really do. I like the cute character that totally isn't Lakitu on the cloud telling you when to reverse, and it' certainly got an interesting idea behind it (only turn in one direction), but OH MAN the execution leaves a lot to be desired. Trying to turn left and push an object into a specific space is one of the most infuriating things I've ever had the displeasure of doing in a video game. There's also the fact that it's easy to get lost in the coin level when you can't figure out where the last coin you need is, and the game doesn't tell you to go back to the center when you collect them all. You definitely should have put way-points to show you where the coins are, and an instruction for going back would have been nice. And on top of that, the car you drive is slooooooooow.

I think I got a high score of 17 before I realized I needed to get back to whatever I was doing before I got sucked into this game! It's got such a simple idea and pulling off mid-air combos is incredibly satisfying. My only real suggestions are to make it easier to aim where you want to jump, and to increase the size of the collision on the water drops, because sometimes it feels like I go straight through them without getting anything. Amazing job!

I'm glad that you enjoyed our game, even if you couldn't finish it. The reason the tail has collision is because we entertained the idea of using it as a weight to hold down blue buttons. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to fully develop this concept, as it only shows up in the level where buttons are introduced.

This takes the "Only One" theme to the logical extreme. Although it's not all that interesting as a gag game, it's still very funny.

This game's certainly got a nice, creepy atmosphere, and the mechanics feel good. At first I thought you were supposed to try & grab as much gold as possible with the crown rather than survive, but after that I did pretty well. King moves a bit slow for my tastes and getting the crown back once you throw it is difficult as a result. Not a bad game overall.

The game's not quite as polished as I'd like, and it's hard to tell what you need to do to reveal certain level elements sometimes. Also you can get out of bounds too easily, with no way to reset manually. Other than these problems, this game's got a very neat idea, and one I'd love to see in a full game.

Not entirely sure if this fits the theme well, considering that "one message" and "one divine act" counts as two actions. Still, delivering a message of kindness & having my worshipers become successful was satisfying.

Such a simple premise, but it lends itself to some very nice puzzles! This is one I'd like to see developed more.

You... evil... malevolent... diabolical mastermind. Never did I think I'd see a game specifically intended to be painful for a game jam. Despite the fact that I never wanna play this again, this is an absolute stroke of genius.

Man, this game is haaaaard. The fact that you essentially have to stand still when aiming at enemies made the game very difficult (in conjunction with wrapping my head around the unorthodox movement controls). Also the weapons felt rather inaccurate, as unless my cursor was dead center on the enemy, it would often miss. Though I will say the game looks very pretty, and the John Wick reference was a nice touch.

Really, the biggest issue I have with the game is that it takes the "Only One" idea too far. It would have been enough to have the guns fire only once in my opinion, but the movement controls are too difficult to manage.

The concept is simple and well done, and the slime is nice and charming (love the death animation!), with a good difficulty curve. I just wish that I didn't recognize the stock music, instantly reminded me of where I first heard it: "Number 15, Tunnel Systems..." The horror... Either way, good game!

I really liked this one! The characters are simple but charming, and the sound design (including, no, ESPECIALLY the guns!) was top notch! The controls were also responsive and felt good!

Crazy hard, but fun nonetheless. Not entirely sure if Mark will be able to beat it, or how he'll catch on to the "Only One" boss idea, but this is still good stuff. Patters are nicely done.

The idea of controlling multiple characters simultaneously has been done before in other puzzle games like this, but it's usually in the context of trying to keep them alive. This game does the opposite with that idea, which makes it stand out. The puzzles were also pretty good.

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If there's one game (besides our own) that I wanted to "win" the jam, it's this one right here! The game has a lot of charm, poor Mr. Flipper just can't catch a break. The art style reminds me of Toejam & Earl because of the scratchy & colorful sprites.  I also like how the ball slows down when you pop off the board so you have more time to position yourself. If there's any complaints I'd have it's that the physics are a bit janky and inconsistent, and once the ball falls in the lava, getting it out is a pain.

Now this made me laugh, and the mechanic was really simple and easy to understand. However, I'm not a fan of how the laser beam is the same color as the background, as it blends into it, making it hard to tell where you're aiming. Overall a nice game.

Looks like we're not the only ones who made a "one jump" game for the jam! The visual presentation is pretty nice, love the animations on the robot! However, there were only two levels (I'm assuming you ran out of time) and there were no sounds aside from music. You should definitely develop this farther, it'd be great!

I'm so glad you liked it! We worked hard to make the game feel just right, and I wanted the "only one" jump to have a logical reason behind it. That's why the ball loses its tail when it jumps.

Now this is pretty cool! The game makes good use of its central mechanic, and none of the puzzles felt obtuse! My only issue is the last puzzle, that last movement is very precise.