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We didn't have as much time for balancing as we would have liked, but I'm glad the game was finished and that people like it! Thanks for playing!

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! And your take on the theme was really cute!

This feels like something straight out of mid-2000s Newgrounds, and I mean that in the best possible way! Such a cute game with a neat concept! I like it!

I saw the art for this in the GMTK Discord Server, the game looks very pretty! I like the idea of having to rotate the sword to avoid attacking enemies, but I feel like holding the button to keep spinning isn't as intuitive as simply pressing the button to make the sword quickly rotate a certain amount. Still a super great idea!

Just played this back! I think your take on the idea of a reverse pet sim is really cute! Great job on this one!

I really like the pixel art on this one!! And the take on the theme is interesting! I just feel that the game grinds to a halt when it's your turn to place stuff on the board. I feel the game could have used a faster pace, but I still think it's worth trying!

JEEEEZ this game really messed with my muscle memory!! Took me a bit to mentally catch on that the text box was the "player" instead of the robot, but a super interesting take on the theme! I like it... even if it makes my head spin.

This is definitely the most interesting take on the theme I've seen so far! Well done!

Such a wonderful idea!! I'm one of the few people who actually pays attention to the health bar in games, so this almost felt like a game for me! The game itself could use some more polish, and I'm not a fan of how you yourself can hurt the hero if you bump into them, but otherwise a great take!

Pretty clever take on the theme even with its simplicity! Things got really hectic fast and it was fun! Good job!

An extremely simple concept that was surprisingly suspenseful! I really tried to keep Henry's vitals in line and it had me on edge throughout the game's short run-time. This is a great concept that can be taken in an interesting direction of expanded upon!

It's a simple concept in a short game, but the puzzles were intuitive! Nicely done!

Hey! I got a new PC and finally got the chance to really play this, and the game is really fun and exciting! Chaining enemies together and slamming into walls is so much fun, even if it's kind of difficult! Definitely loved this one!

Simple, but charming. I was kind of worried that the robot would have to kick its head around all the time, but being able to put it back on was definitely helpful. Well done.

Dude, this game just REEKS of being a prototype BEGGING to be made into a full game!! It's genius!

It's kind of a shame that this game is so short, because I'd love to see this more developed! Well done!

I loved the mind-bending puzzle elements of this game, but the second I went down that hallway? Nope, nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope SO MUCH NOPE. Otherwise, this is a very nice game.

Finally got around to rating this. The grappling mechanic isn't a novel idea, but it does make for some fun, but at times frustrating platforming. And of course, the music and sprites are top notch.

This game was really difficult, but beating that last wizard was SO SATISFYING!!!

Now this game, this is just genius. I don't know what else to say.

I think the game is really fun, I got a score of 1360. The gameplay is easy enough to understand, without too much difficulty in trying to feed the pirhanas what they want. The main challenge is just trying to avoid the enemies, since Rowdy will lose a life with just a single hit. Personally I'd have given Rowdy (dunno if they're a boy, girl, or non-binary) at least some health points to help stay strong and make the game just a bit easier. But overall the game's a great time, and one I highly recommend if you want simple arcade action.

I noticed that the assets are in the .aep format, but I don't have any programs that can open them. Is it possible to offer this in .png or .gif for the animations?

You can adjust the grapple length with Left Shift & Right Mouse Button, hope that helps! Thanks for playing!

It's short, but sweet. The game looks nice, and the idea is executed well! Great work!

A simple, but nice take on the theme. My biggest complaint is the Level 10, that's an extremely tight window to change directions repeatedly. Everything else however, was really good.

I feel like there's better ways to do the "lose control functions" idea, because once you take damage, you can't jump anymore. And in a game where jumping is essential to progress, that's a death sentence. Also, if there's a shooting mechanic, I tried pressing different keys, but found nothing. I think the idea could have been done better.

As someone who's absolutely atrocious at card games, this is surprisingly easy to understand, and fun too! My only real complaint is the "Escargot" sticker in the bottom left, it doesn't seem to do anything and gets in the way of one of the cards. I think that it would have been nice if the leftmost card goes over it when you hover your mouse in it, but that's about it. Otherwise, good stuff.

There were multiple games I played that fiddled around with the idea of having controls be altered/taken away after certain things happen, and this game had a pretty interesting take on the idea. However, it's pretty easy as long as you can keep all of your controls, and once you start to lose them, there's no way to get them back, so it's a bit imbalanced. I think this game could work, but should have more balanced design: make it harder to keep your keys, but also implement some way to get them back. That way the game stays interesting.

This was the only game I played that used the suggested idea of a vehicle "without brakes" from the theme announcement video, and I think this was a pretty good execution on it. Nicely done.

The game certainly looks and plays nice, but a lot of games did the whole "out of control gun" idea for a top down shooter. It was good fun.

I'm honestly surprised my computer ran this at all, but I think this is a nice, if simple game. You just shoot the zombies and avoid shooting the humans. Easy enough to understand.

This one was really fun, and I love the character design on this. I just wish I could figure out Level 9, because I tried everything and nothing seemed to work.

It took me a moment to get the hang of the physics, and some of the jumps stumped me at first, but once I figured everything out, trying to get the best possible time proved to be an absolute blast! Amazing game!

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I'm not really sure what to say about this one. If there's anything this reminds me of it's the floating block levels from the Spongebob Squarepants Movie game on GameCube, what with the floating platforms in the middle of a void. What this game could really benefit from is a shadow so I can see where I'm gonna land.

The fact that the gun you use changes with every kill makes this game a really fun shooter, and some of the guns are really funny! I mean, a goose with TNT strapped to its back? You never know what you're gonna get with these Jam games.

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I'm not sure it fits the theme, but this game is still a fun puzzle platformer, even if the last level is a huge pain. And I'm glad I didn't have to worry about the character drowning, as that would only make the levels even more difficult.

I've gotta be honest, I barely understood anything of what I'm supposed to do. I got that if the employee rating goes down to 0 the game ends, but if there's a way to make it go back up. I couldn't find it. There is satisfaction to be found in controlling different parts of the Illuminati's assets, but if I can only do that for so long, there's only so much fun to be had.

I'm running on Windows 10, and I'm not getting any performance issues with the game.

The only other game I know of that had you fiddling around with configuration files to play it is OneShot. However, I feel the execution is off. The fact that there are certain files you shouldn't erase that look almost no different from erasable files makes this already intense game very tough to get to grips with.