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I just played this; it's short, sweet, and easy. I definitely liked it.

I noticed that the assets are in the .aep format, but I don't have any programs that can open them. Is it possible to offer this in .png or .gif for the animations?

You can adjust the grapple length with Left Shift & Right Mouse Button, hope that helps! Thanks for playing!

It's short, but sweet. The game looks nice, and the idea is executed well! Great work!

A simple, but nice take on the theme. My biggest complaint is the Level 10, that's an extremely tight window to change directions repeatedly. Everything else however, was really good.

I feel like there's better ways to do the "lose control functions" idea, because once you take damage, you can't jump anymore. And in a game where jumping is essential to progress, that's a death sentence. Also, if there's a shooting mechanic, I tried pressing different keys, but found nothing. I think the idea could have been done better.

As someone who's absolutely atrocious at card games, this is surprisingly easy to understand, and fun too! My only real complaint is the "Escargot" sticker in the bottom left, it doesn't seem to do anything and gets in the way of one of the cards. I think that it would have been nice if the leftmost card goes over it when you hover your mouse in it, but that's about it. Otherwise, good stuff.

There were multiple games I played that fiddled around with the idea of having controls be altered/taken away after certain things happen, and this game had a pretty interesting take on the idea. However, it's pretty easy as long as you can keep all of your controls, and once you start to lose them, there's no way to get them back, so it's a bit imbalanced. I think this game could work, but should have more balanced design: make it harder to keep your keys, but also implement some way to get them back. That way the game stays interesting.

This was the only game I played that used the suggested idea of a vehicle "without brakes" from the theme announcement video, and I think this was a pretty good execution on it. Nicely done.

The game certainly looks and plays nice, but a lot of games did the whole "out of control gun" idea for a top down shooter. It was good fun.

I'm honestly surprised my computer ran this at all, but I think this is a nice, if simple game. You just shoot the zombies and avoid shooting the humans. Easy enough to understand.

This one was really fun, and I love the character design on this. I just wish I could figure out Level 9, because I tried everything and nothing seemed to work.

It took me a moment to get the hang of the physics, and some of the jumps stumped me at first, but once I figured everything out, trying to get the best possible time proved to be an absolute blast! Amazing game!

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I'm not really sure what to say about this one. If there's anything this reminds me of it's the floating block levels from the Spongebob Squarepants Movie game on GameCube, what with the floating platforms in the middle of a void. What this game could really benefit from is a shadow so I can see where I'm gonna land.

The fact that the gun you use changes with every kill makes this game a really fun shooter, and some of the guns are really funny! I mean, a goose with TNT strapped to its back? You never know what you're gonna get with these Jam games.

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I'm not sure it fits the theme, but this game is still a fun puzzle platformer, even if the last level is a huge pain. And I'm glad I didn't have to worry about the character drowning, as that would only make the levels even more difficult.

I've gotta be honest, I barely understood anything of what I'm supposed to do. I got that if the employee rating goes down to 0 the game ends, but if there's a way to make it go back up. I couldn't find it. There is satisfaction to be found in controlling different parts of the Illuminati's assets, but if I can only do that for so long, there's only so much fun to be had.

I'm running on Windows 10, and I'm not getting any performance issues with the game.

The only other game I know of that had you fiddling around with configuration files to play it is OneShot. However, I feel the execution is off. The fact that there are certain files you shouldn't erase that look almost no different from erasable files makes this already intense game very tough to get to grips with.

I was honestly a bit confused at first, since I thought the keys you used to move would be rebound. But it turns out that it's a game where the rules change. The premise is pretty good, but I think the levels are really tough, I couldn't beat this one.

I liked this one quite a lot: it's another take on the grid rhythm gameplay of Crypt of the Necrodancer, but instead of being a roguelite it's a puzzler, with some truly challenging but satisfying puzzles. Very well done!

This. Needs. Multiplayer. Enough said.

This game looks gorgeous, and it definitely fits the theme with how chaotic it can get. It's certainly a juxtaposition with the calm ambiance. This is a very nice game.

I can't review this because I can't even figure out how to get past the title screen. What am I supposed to do?

Out of all the games I've played for the Jam where you need to plan out and control a character's moves, this might just be the best one.

Well this certainly fits the theme, trying to adapt to how the real world affects your ability to play the game certainly had me laughing.

The idea behind this game is pretty interesting, but it's really obtuse. Trying to avoid the spider when you can't tell exactly where you are is a good challenge, but I think there should be a way to restore sight once you lose it. If there is a way to do so, I couldn't figure it out. Also, the controls are needlessly complicated if you ask me. I think it would have been better if you simply used the arrow keys to move in 4 or 8 directions.

This game's got an interesting reversal in its premise. Instead of trying to strike things down with your lightning (as would be the case in other games), you're trying to avoid shooting gown birds! The ability to speed up the charging of your lightning also leads to some good decision making about when and where to charge. It's a simple and short game, but a good one.

Well, that was definitely something. Maybe not the most fun it could be, but it was definitely interesting. And the ending was unexpectedly poignant.

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One round was all it took to get 5 stars from me. The visuals and sound feel like something that could be made in an awesome LittleBigPlanet 2 level, and that's pretty great if you ask me. The shooting mechanics absolutely fit the theme, and it's just really fun.

Sliding Ice Puzzle: the game. That's what describes this game to me for the most part. It certainly fits the theme, but not in a way that I personally find enjoyable.

Didn't get much enjoyment out of this one unfortunately. As someone who grew up with 2D Metroid games, the wall jump wasn't that hard to figure out. What I still can't figure out is how I'm supposed to jump off of spider enemies. I keep pressing space right before I land on the enemies, but it's completely random as to whether or not I actually jump off of them or just die. Super Mario got this right decades ago. And as far as I can tell, Level 7 is impossible. I tried over and over again to get to the lower jumping area but no matter how much I tried, it wouldn't let me jump off of it.

This is cute, funny, and just a tiny bit infuriating. But once I got the timing down for the girl's response time it became pretty easy. Well done!

The vocal sound effects are what got me to laugh. XD Usually with these Jam games, it's the character, not the gun that's out of control, so this was definitely something different from the other top down shooters I've played. Not a bad game at all.

A very interesting take on the run 'n' gun idea, needing to adapt to the handicaps you can receive is quite the enjoyable challenge.

Well, the game certainly is out of control, but in this case that's not to its benefit. I have no idea why the character moves so sporadically when jumping or just being airborne, and the random moving objects look less like they're in an earthquake and more like they're glitching out. Once I collected 3 googly eyes, nothing seemed to happen, and even that was a challenge with the strange physics. Also, it's very odd to me that I can't control the camera, that certainly didn't help with navigation. Can't say I enjoyed this one.

There's one big problem that prevent me from giving this game 5 stars:certain objects like the aiming reticle are too small. The reticle blends into the background very easily, and in such a fast paced game, it can be extremely tough to tell where you're aiming. Also, while the orbs that you aren't supposed to shoot stick out nicely, the ones that you are supposed to shoot have the same problem as the reticle. When everything moves at lightning speed, everything has to stick out clearly from everything else like a sore thumb. That way, when you so much as glance at it, you immediately know what it is.

What makes this so much harder than it needs to be is the way the notes are displayed. Couldn't a simple vertical note arrangement like Guitar Hero/Rock Band have worked? That way telling which key(s) I was supposed to press would be so much easier, because the way it is now I get confused and I can barely last a minute into the song. It's got a good concept, and I like the music and visuals, but the execution of the rhythm mechanic is flawed.

I thought this was a really cute, if frustrating game. The visuals are nice, but I feel that the whole "out of control" gimmick leads to more frustration than fun. Also, a weird thing is that when I first saw the yellow wormhole (which looks more like a black hole), my Super Mario Galaxy memories kicked in and I immediately assumed it was a hazard to avoid rather than the goal. But I think this game was pretty good overall.

This game is really fun, and surprisingly easy to understand considering how much information is thrown at the player! I had a great time with this one. And of course, I certainly appreciate using the GMTK Game Jam pixel splash screen I made.