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I've gotta be honest, I barely understood anything of what I'm supposed to do. I got that if the employee rating goes down to 0 the game ends, but if there's a way to make it go back up. I couldn't find it. There is satisfaction to be found in controlling different parts of the Illuminati's assets, but if I can only do that for so long, there's only so much fun to be had.

Thank you for your feedback! I didn't have the time to add an in game tutorial, my original plan was to slowly introduce all the buttons for the money category then throw the other three at the player and start the game throwing the player in a out of control scenario. I ran out of time though. And thank you for mentioning that the employee rating is kinda confusing, your right! I completely forgot to explain that in the help menu :(. The gist is if the if a control bar is below 25% it subtracts from the employee rating and if it is above 75% it adds to the employee rating.

There is only so much fun to be had, tbh I only made it expecting a player to play it once or twice for <10-20 min due to the exponential difficulty curve. And clicker games without automation get tiring. I defiantly started with way to much scope.