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Keep control of your lazy mutinous pirates' by making the right choices, blowing people up, and claiming booty
Submitted by Joe P. (@DevFatigued), MarlyGames (@MarlyGames), Vollando (@_Vollando) — 10 minutes, 42 seconds before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
You receive random hands of command cards, and the lower your morale gets, the more likely your crew is to refuse your commands and slack off!*VERY recommended that you read the controls section, and turn that audio on!*

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing art

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all audio during the game jam

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Always nice to see another pirate game. Great concept and art and sound works great together.  After the jam maybe add some ports with quests and challenges. Could be fun to have to make a passage from one port to the next without sinking another ship. Overall great job!

It would help a lot if you would rate my game as well, it's my first ever so would really appreciate the feedback! Thank you


That game is really fun GG for all the sound effects !


The voices are great! Honestly, with some customization and a quest/progression based structure this could be a full fun game.


This game is really cool.  Great audio, very good presentation.


The audio definitely made me smile, and even chuckle out loud at times.

I think that sea asset is the same one as I used in my game!

I crashed into the land at the bottom of the map, and to my surprise sailed right through the mountains.

I'd have liked to have known a bit more about my crew's likelyhood to follow my next order. Maybe a percentage chance over the buttons, or something like that?


That's a good suggestion re: the percentages, the morale thing can feel a bit vague when you get low so it might be good to give the player a little more info! Thanks for checking it out :) 


Yarr scallywags, this game be a fine booty.

I might need a treasure map though, when I tried to show this to some friends and put "lazy pirates" in the itch search it didn't show up :(


Alas matey! Unfortunately, some of these jam submissions don't seem to be indexed or searchable by yet, and after 3 days support STILL haven't got back to me about the issue :( Thanks for the support though! Please feel free to link this page to any friends you want to show this to, and fingers crossed someday support will get back to me... Yarrr!


Aye aye, will do. Hope the support will get some wind in their sails soon.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

A little part of me don't like that there's nothing to the game's goal, because overall execution is perfect! Maybe that's why I want only more? ;)


Yes! Apologies, we didn't quite have time to put in the end-game goals, so for now unfortunately you just have to sail around until you've collected enough booty and slain enough scallywag pirates that you're content with your pirate career ;) We're planning on following up with this after the jam and releasing a more complete version though, so thank you for the feedback! :)


That's awesome to read, good luck!


Very funny, original mechanics and well executed. I love it!


Fun and very very hilarious, mechanics are also unique :D 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you so much for submitting your game to the stream! I had a blast playing it :)

Just hope that you didn't cringe too hard as I was probably the worst captain in history. To my defense I had a bit of bad luck with the RNG, and my crew disobeyed me every single time when I had a command that would get us booty, but where totally fine with taking us off the map and becoming landlubbers. 

Either way I really enjoyed it and FINALLY, after much struggling I manged to acquire some booty!

I also have to mention the voice acting, it was phenomenal. I love finding other people who also add voice acting, it really makes your game stand out in my book :)


Hahah honestly, it was one of my favourite playthroughs that I've seen! Your crew really didn't respect your authority haha, but I suppose that made you feel... out of control? ;) 

I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and equally as glad you eventually finally got the booty you deserved! Cheers for checking it out :)


AYE AYE CAPTAIN! One of the best submissions that I've encountered! The sea shanties were an amazing touch!


The sea shanties are awesome, love your game


I LOVE YOUR AUDIO SO MUCH! This is a game with a lot of heart, I really loved playing it. Good use of a low-poly aesthetic, too!


A very interesting and creative way of using the theme. I liked a lot the aesthetics and the game overall. Nice entry!


This games presentation was fantastic and the mechanics were extremely satisfying. Aside from the couple of bugs I found (like being able to sail through rocks) playing it was a blast!


Hey there, cool idea!

I've found a hilarious bug: action cards/buttons can be pressed multiple times before they disappear!

That led to a few funky interactions, kept me entertained for way too long, nice! x)


Thanks for the heads up on that mechanic! Using that bug was still an interesting value mechanic, that'd be kinda neat if something like that were an intentional part of the game.


Absolutely love the voice acting! The water also looks really nice. 


Love the voices - the shanty is a masterpiece. Really polished controls and feel to the game and you've got to love a pirate game! Love it so far and would be cool to see what else you could do with it. Great stream too! I was Otterboy from yours today. 


The voice acting is hilarious, also really cool take on the theme


WOOOOOW!!!! I enjoyed this one soooo much! It is very intuitive and fun! It's tense but chill at the same time! Maybe give the ship a bit less health, and fix some collisions, and this can be a great mobile game!!! Good job! This is a really good game!

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