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I really liked the game, unfortunately every time i played an enemy got stuck in the top-right tree to the left of the pond but other than that i liked it. :)

The main issues i'm seeing are slow text, having to go through all rooms again when making a wrong choice (i was hoping the "rooms" menu would let me choose where to spawn) and the slow, unskippable credits.

Graphics are very good, audio is good, overall a good experience. :)

Yeah we rushed the menus and variety of modifiers due to lack of time. :P
The idea for the theme was to have modifiers that affect gameplay, but told in reverse. That way the player doesn't feel cheated (as you know what's really going on) but you're still being lied to, ideally by switching frequently enough in a fast paced game the game will trick you (at least it did work on us while testing and on a few streamers).

Feedback and UI will be improved in the future. :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it (especially the balance part <3), thanks for playing!

I liked the memes you sprinkled throughout (we live in a society, bottom text, etc) and it looks quite good too.

The main issue is that you start from the beginning after dying, which can get annoying if you're trying to get to all the endings. :)

The idea was to have a game with modifiers that impact the gameplay significantly but told in reverse (hence are lies).

Unfortunately we ran out of time before adding really spicy modifiers and the menus were rushed, so this information is poorly conveyed.

I'm glad you liked it! :)

Hey i assume you got the controls to work? ;)

The idea was to have modifiers that impact gameplay but are told in reverse (hence the game lies), unfortunately we didn't really deliver this information to the player very well as we rushed the menus and didn't have enough time to make many impactful modifiers.

Glad you liked it! :)

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Initially there was a penalty but we ended up removing it since if RNG can sometimes screw you up and later on the pistol lacks the dps needed to actually kill all enemies.

Once we balance the game further we'll add the penalty again. :)

Also thank for for playing, i'm glad you enjoyed it! :D

The idea was to have modifiers that impact gameplay yet are told to you in reverse (hence the game lies). Unfortunately we ran out of time before we could add more impactful modifiers and we had to rush the menus which didn't help either.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks for playing! :)

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It was one hell of a ride that's for sure, i'm glad you enjoyed it!

We ended up rushing the menus so i see where the confusion is coming from. :)

Seems weird, did you try both webGL and downloaded versions of the game?

Controller controls are bad right now so i'd suggest against it (never had a chance to try them, there's no deadzones and navigate the menus poorly).

I had to give up on level 13 as well. Cool game tho. :P

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Howdy, here's mine:

The relation to the theme may not be obvious: the idea is that over time there will be modifiers that change how the game plays, but they're told in reverse (hence the game lies to you. "You move quickly" = you move slowly and vice versa).

If you can send me a ping on discord when you stream the game! iv2b#3860

GLHF! :)

The idea for the game was to have modifiers that change how the game plays, with the twist that they're told in reverse (hence the game lies. so for example "you move slower" means faster movement). Unfortunately due to time limitations we don't have too many impactful modifiers and we delivered them quite poorly as the menus were rushed.

Still, glad you enjoyed it! :D

I really like how it looks, the fact that i can click the keys solves issues with my keyboard layout. One bug i've seen is that while the enemies are moving i can still activate/deactivate keys (this doesn't change the path at all), is that intentional? :O

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Here's my game, check it out if you want! ;D


The list looks quite intense, mind pinging me on discord if you happen to stream it? iv2b#3860

I like the graphics and audio, the walking animation is quite nice!

Nice twist at the end. :P

Hey glad you liked it! :)

Actually that used to be a thing during development, but we ended up removing damage when enemies leave the arena since it can feel unfair when RNG decides to not drop weapons (or explosive weapons with the no explosions modifier). :)

I'm glad you liked the game! <3

Yeah we ran out of time before adding more modifiers and the menu was rushed so the feature isn't presented too well.

Still, i'm glad you enjoyed the game! :D

Howdy there, nice to see you stopping by! ;)

I'll play your game soon enough! ^.^

That's a concern i've had as well, the cover image kinda makes it look like a low effort meme game, i'll see if i can improve it.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game! :D

Yeah the idea was to have gameplay changing modifiers but told to you in reverse, we kinda ran out of time before being able to make really impactful modifiers (currently the best one makes everything explode) and the delivery isn't the best (we had to rush the menus). Still, if i read them odds are i'll get fooled at least once or twice over a playthrough. :P

Showing the current high score and having a combo system would be good additions, we may be able to implement them in a future update, same for going to the main menu from the pause menu (i think i just forgot about that one... ouch).

I'm glad you liked it, thank you for playing! ;)

Why would it be anything else? u.u

Jokes aside it was a placeholder player sprite at first, but then it grew on me since it looked hilarious. It's a bit out of place truth be told but it never fails to make me smile. :)

Hey thank you for your feedback! :)

I'll do my best to play as many games as i can from the jam, starting this afternoon. Your game is definitely on the menu (love the hammer throwing effect)! :D

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The concept is to have a platformer with gameplay modifiers, but having the game lie and telling you the opposite modifiers (ex: "you now move quickly" means you move slowly).

Unfortunately we ran out of time before we could properly present the feature and make more modifiers.

I'm glad you liked it, thanks for the feedback! ;)

Yeah the idea was to have a platformers with modifiers that impact gameplay and laving the game tell them reversed (hence lying). Unfortunately we ran out of time before being able to work on really impactful modifiers and the menus don't really deliver it too well either.

I still get fooled by it at times when reading the modifier list (especially the "no explosions" modifier) but i agree it'd delivered poorly.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game, thank you for your feedback! ;)

Yeah the idea was to have a platformer with modifiers, then having the game lie and telling you the opposite, we kinda ran out of time before we could make really impactful modifiers and the delivery isn't the best (menus in general were rushed).

We may be able to update the game and give the idea justice.

Still, i'm glad you enjoyed it, thank you for playing! :)

Do you remember other details as to how it happened?

I tried to replicate the bug but i couldn't get it to work, was it after playing multiple times?

Thank you for playing, glad you liked it! :)

Cool idea, i really like the art style!

Not bad, i really liked it, i liked the graphics a lot and there are a lot of features given the time!

The difficulty felt absolutely fine for me, i went straight for the bosses after the first level and aced both of them, i really liked the small touches like the boss exploding and emitting particles for a bit before dropping down, they're the kind of small things that usually get shafted in a jam. :)

Only complaint is that a keybind to reset all connections would've been quite neat. ;)

I've added a description on the game's page, the short description/tagline reads "Play as Strandy, a slime capable of casting strands of slimey goo to use as a rope." but it's possible cut it short.

Good point, i'll add a description early tomorrow. :)

Hey thank you for playing!
In the early tutorial and the area after the 7:20 mark the trick is to aim down and lift yourself up using the rope, honestly i'm amazed you managed to climb all the way up the hard way! :O

In a future update i'll improve that portion of the tutorial, once again thank you for playing, it was very entertaining to watch! :)

I liked it, reminds me of Gonbe/Otae from Muramasa Rebirth.

I liked the puzzles, having the ghost auto-move to a position instead of having to hold rmb is convenient, the initial placement of the "ghost-wall-rune thing" is smart as it intuitively explained how the ghost can't enter that area.

I really liked the art style, it definitely caught my eyes when looking at the cover image.

I feel like the ghost should heal a bit faster, just in case the player manages to be severely injured after the first enemy or so.

I look forward to seeing the update after the freeze period. :)

I really like the art, reminds me of Monolith!

I like how you can run past enemies, seeing all the previous enemies chase after you made me smile.

I'm not a fan of the hover-y controls, i'd prefer if it were faster to start/stop moving.

You're spot on, we did take inspiration from Downwell for the art style. :)

I'm planning to completely rework how the rope works, i wanted to do it mid-jam but i was all out of time, once that's done i'll touch some levels based on feedback, clean the code up and add the source (for the sweet extra challenge :P).

Thank you for playing! <3

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In hindsight the last jump of the last level is a bit too naughty, the last part of the 4th level could be a bit easier too.

I intend on completely re-writing the rope code (hopefully within the week), i'll make sure to edit the levels accordingly based on feedback for that update, thank you for playing! :)

Yeah the menus are... extremely minimal. I tried a few options and while they felt more usable they also looked generally worse, i can see if i can improve them for 1.2.

The game has been generally perceived as hard, which is fair since i didn't include a tutorial (besides the GIFs and the video), the difficulty goes 0-100 immediatly and it's tuned around my performance during testing.

For 1.2 we're making it easier to turn around and throw shapes by throwing upon releasing the mouse button and disabling movement while it's held down (so you have a lot more time to aim and it's easier to do), which seems to be the biggest complain in terms of difficulty. :)

Glad you enjoyed the game. ;)

Hey glad you enjoyed it! ;)

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Score gained per match does increase over time:

Difficulty scales over 3 minutes, reducing time gained per match (from 8s to 2s) and increasing score gain (from 1x to 3x).

Then there's also a second bonus based on the number of shapes matched which scales slowly but infinitely (linearly).

I got to 79k in about 12 mins 40s, you can see the footage in the game page (it's the video linked). :)