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ayyyyo this game slaps , dman it's one of the jam games that I enjoyed the most, really unique way to interpret the theme, love that card walking animation , did you made those by yourself ? , one suggestion is  the gun equip time is too high , and when enemies gang up on you in corner then it bugs out I think , because it was not equipping any weapon, that could be fixed. but I had playing it, please develop this further into a full game.

wow, really nice concept , love the environment theme , music . one thing was lacking is tutorial, simple text pop up also  would have helped to let me know what a certain dice face does but anyway I had fun .

yo very unique concept, the tutorial explained it quite well, but I think the timer is too fast, I don't get time to find the value for that emotion  but otherwise it's fun concept.

yay, really unique take on theme, and that art slapppsss lol, one thing I didn't get does the enemy also get the number what we got on dice ? and does enemies power setup randomize ? I wish we could see the enemies setup so that we can plan our next set up according to it, but anyway I had fun playing it

thank you so much

Jam development is always stressful, especially in the last couple hours when unknown null references start popping up, and yes I will check out your game Thanks ^^

Thank you so much , Most of my time went into coming up with an idea 😅

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really nice take on theme, damn that prophet betrayed me , that red button was too difficult to activate , also you could increase the speed of dice when it is returning , because I was trying to dodge enemies but dice speed  and my speed was equal so it was not returning to me, I had to stop for a while for it to return, otherwise it's a nice concept, had fun playing it

also I got stuck somewhere in a level and forgot about that R thing to respawn , may be you can add a detector which can detect if a player is stuck from all sides and give a pop up to press R

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Things I love about your game : 

  1. concept is pretty neat and something unique
  2. low poly, heck yeahhhh
  3. Winds Howling (I see what you did there you sneaky witcher fan😉

Things that can be improved : 

  1. Camera control is too janky , like it's too weird sometimes it goes right , sometimes left
  2. I got a bug which is when I rolled, it used the last effect that was used not the one that was shown on top , like it was wall in my 4th turn then on 5th I got bouncy but It showed me wall then on 6ht I got wind but it showed bouncy castle and so on, I think array pointer got decremented by one lol
  3. then each time when a effect shows up you zoom in, display it, then zoom out, I personally feel that is not necessary , you can add a effect display in UI somewhere in corner of screen and that zoom in - zoom out just adds a delay and disrupt gameplay
  4. also some music 

Other than that I fing loved your game, please develop it into a full fledged game , may be android , it has potential😁

very neat trick to implement theme, I enjoyed it, some pointer ,player is getting stuck in wall , if we go too close to wall then we cant jump it gets stuck , then  also at some point I didn't even need to jump , I am just walking through the gap, getting stuck in next platform and that platform is pushing me up. I really liked that crouch position lol 

I like interactive story type of game, and yours story is well written , I think colored graphics would have been better choice but there are time constraints so no issue.

awesome implementation of theme, I like the vibe of game , one issue though the player should be able to rotate both sides I think , else it's difficult , then about your resolution issue, what you have to do is set some preferred resolution in unity under preferences settings and on itch while publishing it asks for resolution for web, dont use auto resolution ever, it always f**s up , enter the resolution manually that you have given in unity . 

damn that's too harsh , it's like 2d dark souls , your weapon is weak af and literally the first enemy can use ultra instincts lol , I love the concept and your take on theme , I think it lacks checkpoint or health refills so that I don't die so easily and come back to where I started hmmm come to think of it, I think you are a fan of souls like games, anyway I had fun playing it, also I wanted to ask, is the environment 3d , like the platform and stuff ?

very well made and polished game, loved every aspect of it, music , animations, puzzles ,those quotes are also nice way of mocking player and in starting levels i think quotes were used as tutorial and I dont know how to do that last level , tried for half hour got frustrated

nice you must be very lucky .

ohhh , I thought many people use that oof so its royalty free and I searched for player die sound effect and that came up on first search.

very nice take on the theme, love the animations and polish , one thing though you could have made the came controllable because it's hard to guess which die face is going which side, a camera which can rotate around the dice would have helped but I had fun nevertheless 

really nice take on theme, I had fun solving the puzzles. would have more awesome if it was 3d , today only I played one other game which had the same exact representation of dice, but I guess we can't do much when implementing dice in 2d. 

really awesome work and nice interpretation of theme , I cheesed one location where I was supposed to use teleport face but I used hint face then stoop on top cube , it lifted me high enough to jump through the gap, also after getting magnet the missile got bugged , I didn't die and missile was stuck at one location but apart from that great game.

really creative way to implement the theme, a bit confusing but I had fun playing it

yo nice one ,a unique take on theme, I think there is a bug where I rolled the dice vertically so, the horizontal face should not change right but they were getting swapped and  all of sudden it stopped swapping , it's like it fixed itself , would have been more fun if you had implemented in 3D, which engine did you use ?

It's not like I don't care , I usually upload the web version in 720p only, but this time I was in hurry and didn't change the setting, so it was build in 1080p. I know 1080p sucks on browser.

😂 Yes something like that, thanks for playing 

yes, these ideas were in scope but didn't get time to implement them.

hey , thanks for your feedback but I already know all these 😅, fact is I didn't get time to work on any of these heck I didn't even get time to add post processing, and about the environment, I am too bad at environment designing and lighting so I just slapped the first material I found online😂.

Shoot I was going to add a text above those dice views but it completely slipped my mind and I am realising that now.

puzzles are really challenging , nice and unique take on the theme, one bug is the roller tile can make the die roll out of bounds to infinity 

How did you design border for your itch io page, that border with dice ? can you show me your settings ?

wow, a very unique take on theme, very creative , those dices look like paneer pieces , my high score 970 what's yours ? also How did you designed your itch io page for this game, I liked that too, can you show me settings ?

awesome visuals and art, very unique take on the theme, is this inspired from Snowpiercer instead here it is Heatpiercer . 🤨🤨

also I found this little bug where I went out of bounds 

Damn, the environment it really spooky , and love your take on the theme, controls are a bit tricky , I think the character accelerates way to fast but overall its a blast. I would really love to discuss how you achieve such beautiful level design and you can give me some tips too , let's hit up on discord whaddya say ? my discord handle alkatraz1299#6248

awesome, fun experience , a very unique take on theme, I love those cute expression the cube is making .

yup, it's completely luck driven that was intentional

Very fun and creative , a nice take on theme, in the first level I thought it was easy a child's play, but from second level it's difficult .

A tutorial would have been better because for 1 min I didn't get that I am running the casino, I was trying to play pool lol, also I didn't get how it fits the theme but yeah, fun experience once you get a hang of it

Nice take on theme, tutorial could have been better, but once I got hang of it , it was fun, I didn't get how you are calculating damage and health .

Damn! nice one dude, how many rounds are there , I got annihilated at round 12, enemies got so buffed that they were shooting 4 projectiles at once and were taking 5-6 hits to die. I love the fact that we can destroy the projectiles with sword, really nice take on theme.

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umm.. despite your awesome tutorial, I didn't get the idea of what to do , but after while it was addictive

Thank you so much!