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Ah yes.. the "AAAAAAAH" game :D

Thank you for submitting it the the stream, I had a blast playing it. I just hope that the poor people who had to listen to it have recovered haha. Its a really cool concept, I have seen a couple of game that use the microphone before, but yours is the one that "makes the most sense" (the fact that your transmitting audio into the speakers in order to make the marbles move).

I am glad I managed to play through it! And I really liked how you could close the game with your voice :D

Great job!

Thank you for submitting your game to the stream! I had a blast :D

I love cats, but the first cat I picked came in last (obviously 100% due to the cat and 0% due to me being bad at the game). But the second time it went a lot better. I found that the food was best used to stop cats in the lead and the cucumber as a "boost" for my cat. Unfortunately the last cucumber that would have scared my cat into winning... well wasn't scary enough :D

Really cute graphics, cute concept and cute entry! Great job overall :)

Thanks for submitting your game to the stream, I really enjoyed playing it. I love multitasking games and honestly would play this all the time if there was a mobile version. The game looks and feels great, sounds great and plays great. There is a lot of cool buildings, and I am sure I didn't even get to see them all.

Just a fantastic entry overall!

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Thank you for playing it :)

Do you mean that either the ghost or the character was too weak? Because you are playing against each other, so the game will have the difficulty of your opponents skill.

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Thank you so much for submitting your game to the stream! I had a blast playing it :)

Just hope that you didn't cringe too hard as I was probably the worst captain in history. To my defense I had a bit of bad luck with the RNG, and my crew disobeyed me every single time when I had a command that would get us booty, but where totally fine with taking us off the map and becoming landlubbers. 

Either way I really enjoyed it and FINALLY, after much struggling I manged to acquire some booty!

I also have to mention the voice acting, it was phenomenal. I love finding other people who also add voice acting, it really makes your game stand out in my book :)

Thank you for submitting your game to the stream!

First of all, the art and parallaxing is just great. This is one of those games that "feels" a lot better when you play than any gifs/screenshots can do it justice. The idea is great as well, I like multitasking games a lot. RTS games used to be my bread and butter.

Unfortunatly they all burned and died in the end haha

Great job!

Thank you for submitting the game to the stream, I really enjoyed playing it a lot!

Amazing to see a jam-game have a story and intro . You did a great job tying the story to the gameplay. The music getting more and more hyped as the timer started to run out was great, but what really put a smile on my face was the fact that the sun kept "growing". Thats the kind of small details that make this game so great.

Great idea, great execution, great entry :)

Even though it isn't "Crazy Crabs", it's still an amazing game :D

Thank you for submittig your game to the stream, I really enjoyed playing it. The concept is just super cool, I have seen a lot of "time mechanics" in games before, but never like this. It's also clear that you designed the missions in a smart way, because very quickly I started having trouble with my old routes colliding with my new ones. Is it still roadrage if you get angry at yourself?

Awesome job! :)

This was fantastic! Thank you for submitting the game to the stream :)

My highscore was 6000, I feel like that was pretty good :D

The art and music and feel of this game is just outstanding, I am glad that you are going to continue development on it. Great job!

Thank you for submitting the game to the stream! I enjoyed playing it a lot :)

Really clever idea to make the "dynamic" checkpoint system, too bad I eventually couldn't make it further. I would have liked to see if there was an ending. I appriciate that you had a story and an intro, and it was cool that the start of the game "followed" the story, as in you got to see yourself jumping all the way down. Its a small detail, but its those kinds of details that set the mood of the game :)

Great job!

Thank you so much for submitting your game to the stream! I really love the artstyle, it just has such a unique feel.

Great puzzle game, unfortunate that I managed to brick my run. But I still played long enough to see that you had designed a lot of great levels.

Awesome entry! :)

Thank you for submitting your game to the stream! I had a blast playing as you probably noticed :D

It was just the rigth amount of difficult and I am very glad that I managed to play through it. Genious move to have the twitter link be a shootable button!

The idea is great and fits the theme very well, the graphics are really good. It's a bit hard to put my finger on what exactly it is, but it just "feels" intense/scary.

Overall a fantastic entry!

Thank you for submitting your game to the stream, I had a lot of fun playing it. I found it really humerous that people would rather die than get into the spaceship if it didnt have the correct food in it haha. It was really cool that you had a short "intro cinematic", it helped set the mood. I also appriciated the voice acting, always cool to see in a jam game!

Overall a great entry!

Thank you for submitting it to the stream, I had a lot of fun playing it. The levels are soooooo well designed. The graphics are simplistic but really coherent and nice. One of the best puzzles games I have played in a gamejam, really a good move to spend all that time designing great levels!

Thank you for submitting your game to the stream! I enjoyed it a lot, I agree with the comments saying that you should expand it. Very cool that you included a level editor as well! Would be cool if you could share levels you create somehow :)

Thank you for submitting this game to the stream. Although I got stuck and didnt make it very far, its clearly a really good game. I am actually going to play it off stream and try to figure out how to get past the level I got stuck on (And pet cats ofc). :D

Thank you for submitting the game to the stream, it was a blast to try it out. Very intereresting mechanic that fit the theme super well. I like how your level design fully used the unique mechanic to create interesting situations.

Thank you for submitting the game to the stream, sorry that I didn't play it while you where there. It was fun to try to figure out what to do and any game that has a highscore system in place is a game that I like! :)

This is incredibly adorable, I can't believe this is your first Game Jam! Thank you for submitting it to the stream. I had an absolute blast destroying the city with my panick attacks :D

The graphics are super adorable, the idea is novel, the theme interpretation is cool. Its just a fantastic entry all around! :)

Thank you for submitting your game to the stream. I had a blast, even though I feel like I did terribly.  Great interpretation of the theme and nice clean graphics :)

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It is a local multiplayer game, if you played it alone it wont have any challange. Please don't rate the game if you dont play it vs someone.

The game was made for Ludum Dare, a game jam where you make a game in 72 hours. This was our entry :)

You never know though, we might work on it more in the future!

Hey there! If you wonder what we used to code the collision in this game, the answer is box2d (aka the built in physics, love.physics:

What you should use depends a lot on what kind of game you are making. For most people I would probably recommend using the library "bump" (

Absolutely, thank you for your feedback! The full game will be more like a rogue-lite. So you will start a game with a few packs of cards that you open and create a deck from. 

And just like you say there will be many different ways to obtain additional cards during gameplay (shops, drops etc). The full game will have (currently planned) 300 cards. 

Yes we are working hard at a full release of the game. :)

Thank you for reporting bugs! We created the game using the Löve - framework ( The game was made in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare game Jam (

!SPOILERS! After the game read this!SPOILERS!

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Cool entry, it's very difficult :D

Here's some feedback:

  • Key to game music is that it (most of the time) should be in the background and not too attention grabbing. Focus instead of adding a few sound effects, this will give your game a lot of "game-feel" for very little effort.
  • Same goes for adding simple 2 frame animations, or in this case simply rotate the sign over half a second or so when you swap direction instead of snapping it 180 degrees.
  • A simple score would add a lot of replay value, just check the distance that the player has traveled in the X-axis from the start position and display that on the screen.
  • You have a good base to work on, adding small things like screen shake and particle effects will go a long way to improve it.

Great job on your first game jam! :)

First of all, the concept is really cool, I do wish that there was some kind of way to "lose" or at least have some kind of combo meter or something. Like that if you make a line every 5 or 10 or whatever blocks you get 1 combo and so on. But I get that it was not the point of the game, but rather to be a relaxing "zone-out"-experience. And let me tell you, it does a fantastic job at that.

The visuals are suuuper nice, there's just something about the atmosphere that combined with the music just creates this feeling of "pleasantness". I genuinely felt good while playing and even though there was no "objective" it was such a great experience that I never really wanted to quit. I know I already mentioned that the music is great, but it really, really is superb. I would say it's the best entry when it comes to audio that I have encountered this Jam.  5/5, I hope that you expand on this in some way, because I would love to see what you could build upon this already superb experience!

There is a chance for sure, but initially we are going to focus on making the sinlgeplayer experience as good as possible. 

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Thank you for playing the game! This was made for Ludum Dare (a gamejam) in 72 hours. We are going to develop it into a full game with tons of bosses, enemies and cards! :)

Sorry for the suuuuuper late reply. Did you try the multi-platform version (.love)? It should by all means work. You just need to download the Löve framework at

I can see if I can make a .app version for the game in a while.

Thanks for letting me know, here is the link:

The optimal would naturally be to allow people to rebind the keys, the reason we went with the controls that we choose was because not everyone has a QWERTY keyboard and since Ludum Dare is an international event we wanted everyone to be able to play the game.

Thank you!

Thank you for your feedback! This was made in 72hours for Ludum Dare, so there are a lot of things that we would change if we had more time. But all input is very appriciated; what would you change with the controls to make them less odd?