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Hey there! If you wonder what we used to code the collision in this game, the answer is box2d (aka the built in physics, love.physics:

What you should use depends a lot on what kind of game you are making. For most people I would probably recommend using the library "bump" (

Absolutely, thank you for your feedback! The full game will be more like a rogue-lite. So you will start a game with a few packs of cards that you open and create a deck from. 

And just like you say there will be many different ways to obtain additional cards during gameplay (shops, drops etc). The full game will have (currently planned) 300 cards. 

Yes we are working hard at a full release of the game. :)

Thank you for reporting bugs! We created the game using the Löve - framework ( The game was made in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare game Jam (

!SPOILERS! After the game read this!SPOILERS!

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Cool entry, it's very difficult :D

Here's some feedback:

  • Key to game music is that it (most of the time) should be in the background and not too attention grabbing. Focus instead of adding a few sound effects, this will give your game a lot of "game-feel" for very little effort.
  • Same goes for adding simple 2 frame animations, or in this case simply rotate the sign over half a second or so when you swap direction instead of snapping it 180 degrees.
  • A simple score would add a lot of replay value, just check the distance that the player has traveled in the X-axis from the start position and display that on the screen.
  • You have a good base to work on, adding small things like screen shake and particle effects will go a long way to improve it.

Great job on your first game jam! :)

First of all, the concept is really cool, I do wish that there was some kind of way to "lose" or at least have some kind of combo meter or something. Like that if you make a line every 5 or 10 or whatever blocks you get 1 combo and so on. But I get that it was not the point of the game, but rather to be a relaxing "zone-out"-experience. And let me tell you, it does a fantastic job at that.

The visuals are suuuper nice, there's just something about the atmosphere that combined with the music just creates this feeling of "pleasantness". I genuinely felt good while playing and even though there was no "objective" it was such a great experience that I never really wanted to quit. I know I already mentioned that the music is great, but it really, really is superb. I would say it's the best entry when it comes to audio that I have encountered this Jam.  5/5, I hope that you expand on this in some way, because I would love to see what you could build upon this already superb experience!

There is a chance for sure, but initially we are going to focus on making the sinlgeplayer experience as good as possible. 

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Thank you for playing the game! This was made for Ludum Dare (a gamejam) in 72 hours. We are going to develop it into a full game with tons of bosses, enemies and cards! :)

Sorry for the suuuuuper late reply. Did you try the multi-platform version (.love)? It should by all means work. You just need to download the Löve framework at

I can see if I can make a .app version for the game in a while.

Thanks for letting me know, here is the link:

The optimal would naturally be to allow people to rebind the keys, the reason we went with the controls that we choose was because not everyone has a QWERTY keyboard and since Ludum Dare is an international event we wanted everyone to be able to play the game.

Thank you!

Thank you for your feedback! This was made in 72hours for Ludum Dare, so there are a lot of things that we would change if we had more time. But all input is very appriciated; what would you change with the controls to make them less odd?