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Game Jam bugs are now fixed :D 

The vibe of this game is so great, I love how everything moves and feels when you interact with the weeds, really fun :D 

The animation and sound really complemented each other, specially since it is stated that the audio was done during the jam, good game, great job :D 

This is very unique fun and cute. The option in the main menu to honk and honk louder is a really really fun idea :D 

thanks for the feedback, yeah game is in need of balancing 

When will he join the avengers? This was such a great looking and fun game, The camera panning through past area into the current area when the player has respawned is a bit dizzying (specially if you keep dying like me). All in all this was super fun, specially with those character designs :D

the art is nice, the gameplay is fun though I do think the panic attack effect can be played a bit more, maybe make the player the source of the effect. The dialog and overall humor of the game is pretty great, it really kept the game interesting. Good job :D

good gameplay and nice art style :D I prefer if the rotation is a bit faster, other than that the concept works well with the theme.

Yeah I forgot the melee attack overrides the death animation, and when that animation is interrupted the animation event for the end game cant be reach. I did not have time for testing since I finished art and some features near deadline and my laptop builds so slow haha. Will fix it after the Jam tho and maybe add some more juice and things
Thank you very much for your feedback :D 

The game looks nice, the color changing mechanic and that double jump mechanic is a great idea. I just think that when the player falls , he should just fall directly and not do the bounce before falling. 

Poor Slimy boi, really  fun and intense, really like that there is a countdown before the controls change, good job :D 

Did not instantly realize that I can jump more by tapping space, probably cause I did not know what jump like kirby means, other than that I spent a good amount of time playing since the game is really engaging and challenging  due to the platform burning mechanic, really good job and very very gorgeous art :D 

I cri everytim,
This story is so adorable and relatable, Thanks for this its awesome quack :D

Amazing game from the art to the gameplay, I specially love the feel of the acceleration and deceleration :D

ah yes I remember the times we were put in cages by our teachers , kidding aside this is really fun and the humor is on point.I like that there are multiple cages and that they have a set capacity, making the player explore the area more :D 

Hey thanks for the feedback, I'm glad that you appreciate the games correlation to the theme and the game details :D

Adorable tornado doesn't want to hurt anyone :3 , unique concept of trying to avoid destruction rather than cause it 

The thoughts you use to get rid of a problem can also hurt you if you're not careful enough, marvelous idea and execution :D 

Glad you liked it, thanks :D 

yeah gonna have to do a lot of bug fixing post jam, I think the melee attack sometimes doesn't work when player hit animation is playing, will have to look into it, thanks for the feedback :D

I love how you used the character animation to tell the player that a random jump was gonna happen, rather than using a meter that runs out like other games with this mechanic. Great game :D 

The game is lit, and the gameplay is very interesting :D 

So freaking  funny and enjoyable, specially seeing the cat hanging for dear life

Hay, Thanks for the feedback and glad you liked it. There should always be Puns haha 

Really fun and frantic, having multiple tools for fixing while keeping an eye put for what else could go wrong, really emphasizes that the Spaces bus is out of control :D

I love the visuals, and the gameplay is definitely one of a kind, 
I did notice that when I wind up and release with the house colliding with rocks on the background the house breaks instantly before launching, not sure if that is by design though. Either way this is a really really well done and great game :D 

Hay there, this was fun art is nice and gameplay is enjoyable. Would love to see it with more animal types and items

Fun and very very hilarious, mechanics are also unique :D 

really challenging and a whole lot of  fun :D , I would prefer if the control indicator was at the bottom center of the screen. 

Thanks :D

good game and very unique, I would prefer the UI of the key values to be at the bottom, but other than that really enjoyed it 

What was billy thinking? Very funny and enjoyable game

Very nice concept :D 

glad you like it, thanks :D

very cute, and very fun :D 

Hey thanks for the feedback glad you find it fun, yeah I wish I had spent more time polishing it 

Yeah gonna have to balance it better post Jam, Maybe make the health replenishment constant when the HUD is placed back, rather than it being by chance.

Really appreciate the feedback Thanks