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GG for the game and for making all of it within 48 hours !
I made it to the 6th wave :O
thanks for the game !

This game should have been really hard to imagine haha :D
GG for finding this concept !
thanks for the game :D

Nice concept ! I liked it a lot :D

Quite hard game but still perfectly enjoyable :D
thanks for the game !

GG for the game it's really cool :D

This is so weird I liked it a lot :D

Very cool game ! I enjoyed it :D

Really cool concept !
thanks for the game i liked it :D

You just got 5 stars ! I really liked it !
Thank you for the game, it's perfect :O

Really cool puzzle game !
I liked it a lot :D

Really cool game!
And also: Its splendid and sounds really good: O huge GG for having done everything in 48 hours!

Haha GG for the sound effects :D
Really cool story !

Really cool game concept :D 
I liked it :D

This game looks and sounds amazing :O
I made it to level 7 :D
Thanks for the game !

I didn't get far but I really like the concept :D

I managed to kill the first enemy but didn't get through the second one :O
Thanks for the game, the concept is really cool :D

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Nice concept :)
Thanks for the game !

The jump feels right in this game :O
thanks for the game I liked it :D

Looks so polished :O GG for making all of it in 48 hours
Thanks for the game :D

Interesting gameplay :D liked it :D

Quiet hard to understand without reading the page but once you do it's a fun game :D
GG for making everything in only 48 hours !

So weird this game haha :D Very fun !
Thanks for the game :)

Really cool game and it looks amazing :D
GG for making it in 48hours !

Thanks for the feedback ! I'll try with more screenshake :D

Very cool little game ! I had fun playing it :)

Very interesting concept ! I liked it a lot !

Haha nope, it's like a simple free drawing app (sketchbook i think, not sure) on a very old galaxy note (2014 or something)
We are no artists so thanks a lot for the compliment :D

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Very cool puzzle game :D
Just balanced as it should be,  Big GG for the level design! I really just loved it !

Very frustrating when you fall off the edge of a nachos :O
Just loved it :D

Very cool game ç I liked it a lot :D
Thanks for the game !

Cool little game :D I liked it :D

Nice game ! Quiet hard but i enjoyed it anyway haha :D

Very cool game ! I made it to the end :D
Thanks for the game :D

Very cool game ! I did not managed to beat level 4 but it really pleasant to control that thing :D
Thanks for the game !

That is a very interesting game mechanics ! needs a tuto maybe but still very cool :D

Very cool game !

GG for the game ! very cool concept :D

Gg for the game ! It looks and sounds very good :D

That game is really fun GG for all the sound effects !

The bomb explodes when you attack if the bomb bar is full :)
And the shield is right click on the mouse but it doesn't absorb red bullets :D only the yellow bullets that have touched a wall or in "alert mode"
Thanks for playing !