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I understand your point, we just realized the spacebar was affecting the web page 5 mins before the deadline :/ So we made up a solution, and since we are AZERTY devs.....

Thanks for the feedback and the advice !

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Very cool game ! I liked the art and the concept :D

Very cool game !  I liked it a lot :D

Thanks for the feedback ! We had a discussion about the feedback of the switch and it looks like we made the wrong decision !

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Very cool game ! I restarted it 15 times :O All aspects of the game perfectly fits together !

Nice game ! I really love the artworks X)

Nice anmiation art and sounds !

Nice game !

Nice Minimalist Game  ! It took some time to understand what was the things i can click on but it's a nice puzzle game !

Nice game ! Gg :D

this game looks good !

I enjoyed it !

Nice game !

One of my favorite submission so far ! I have literally Nothing else to say. Really cool game :D

Nice game ! I just think the key binding is not very practical. but I still enjoyed it :D

All of it in 48h :O ? 

GG for the game it's really cool :)

Nice learning curve and level design in general ! Your game makes me want to finish it :O
Very cool puzzle game !

Nice very good looking game ! I think you respawn a bit too far from the actual puzzle but a part from that it's very cool !

Nice game ! liked it :)

Nice game ! i loved what you did with the whole web page !

Nice level design and all of the game really fit together perfectly :D

Very good looking game ! I loved the music and sounds to :DO Simple and efficient gameplay, liked it a lot !

Too bad i have a problem with chalks :O But i managed to go to the end nonetheless :D
Very cool game !

Wow ! nice Gameboy-like game :D

That's defintetly a 6/5 stars for presentation haha :)

Thanks for the feedback !

Thanks ! I think we forget to lower the max speed X)

Nice juicy game !

Very cool game that looks and sound great ! GG for making all of it in 48h (Level design in short period of time is just too hard :O But yours is so nice !)

nice game and cool concept !

The game looks and sound great !

Nice game !

The game is beautiful and sounds great :O making all of that in 48h is just incredible :)

Very cool game !

Nice game !

Easy to understand and the game art is great !

Nice concept !

Very very cool game !
Looks and sounds great!

What ? OMG it's so cool !

(And the game is beautiful)

Sounds ad looks cool !
 Loved it :D

The game looks so great !

Very cool game ! GG :D

Nice game ! What is the max score ? I made 21 :D

Haha !

Haha you say it like it's "nothing" don't underestimate your work :D

Yeah were are on AZERTY keyboard so we know it's hard when there is only the QWERTY position available :') So we try to make it good for all keyboard configuration (except the TKL)

Nice game ! I got stuck in some blocks for some reason but i still enjoyed it !