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OMG this is so good. Wish it was longer, loved the humor and the upgrades were really interesting. One of best idle games I played!

Really cool game, I really dig hiking/walking games so it is greate for me (wish it was longer :c ). I like that you made it kinde 3D gives it a nice vibe.

Unfortunatelly i didn't have time to add this during the jam.

Thank you!

Good game! I enjoyed jumping around the tree. I think controls should be a little bit stiffer. Overall solid game!

Yeah I figured it would add to atmosphere if the music only played at checkpoints.

Thank you for great feedback! I'm currently trying to improve the game (graphics/sound/mechanics/ add and improve levels) and i will surely change things you mentioned. I agree that ghost shoul have small collider. About the pixel art, everything was made pixel by pixel. Once again, thank you for feedback!

I mean throwing 100% needs improvement, I need to see when I'm out of range and not by disapearing indicator. Movement could be more fluent. I think bullies have to big range and sometimes even if you throw candy they still block the way. Maybe they shoul decrease their range while they are eating candy?

Cool graphics! Wish there were more audio. Good game

I wish I could shot up and down! I thinks this is the jam's game I enjoyed the most. Pretty nice graphics. I would like to see this game improved!

Maybe try to download it or play fullscreen.

Great game, altough I think some of the mechanics are kinda sloppy and not that well explained. Despite that i had fun playing it. Great take on the theme.

I wish there more level. Also the controls are a bit off. Overall pretty fun game.

Nice graphics, cool idea with the theme. What can I say more, great game!

Cool graphics, you need to work a little bit more on gameplay, I think jumping is bugged. Good luck

Ok i will try it!

I very like the concept. Graphics are cool but my computer gets laggy after being to long in level. Cool game, keep making more!

Graphics are gorgeous. Physics are a bit wonky but it's still a cool game. Great job!

Annoying family members gave this game a lot of charm. Wish there was moe interaction with them and more to gameplay. Good game.

Fun little game. I wish there was a twist to match the theme.

I like the surreal vibe. I wish there was more of gameplay and story.

I'll probably try to update it after the GameJam is over ;)

Most original game I've seen during this jam! 5/5!

Fun little game. I wish there were more obstacles and maybe a way to somewhat control your character. Good game!

Yeah i realised that player might get confused what to do after the jam ended. But still, thanks!

Thank you for you feedback.

Thank you, really appreciate that!

Great game. I really was getting nervous when i saw the sanity meter drop. Intresting idea!

Cool Legend of Zelda reference. Loved the music mechanic and the fact that some notes where disabled for a while. Also the rage mechanic was intresting. Cool game and great take on theme. Only walking took my a moment to get used to it. Awesome game!

Fun, well paced, great graphics and audio and the mechanic related to the theme were great. 5/5!

I'm a huge fun o the artsyle. Really liked the time warping mechanic. I think you took a great twist with the game jam's theme. Great game!


Thank you.

Thanks! :)

Thanks for playing!

Super addicting game. Really well tought mechanics. Also the comments where a nice touch. Keep up the good work!

Love the obscure artstyle and creepy comments. Physisc might need a bit of a tweak but i loved it!

Great graphic and fitting music. I love the take on Game Jam's theme. One of the best I've played!

Now that is a fast paced game. Cool idea I had a blast!