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2020 sucks, want to throw yourself down a huge hill?
Submitted by WayfarerGames (@WayfarerDev) — 2 hours, 39 minutes before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
The player literally has no control, you roll down a hill and that's the whole game

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing art

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing audio

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fun game! beautiful graphics also the character switch was cool! haha i loved how he run and jump it was so fun! 


This was the game I needed! I love the variety of characters and the relaxation that comes from relinquishing control. I do think you could have a bit more fog so that the level doesn't pop into existence so abruptly, but I do get that time constraints are tough. Great work overall!


simple, beautiful and relaxing game, a great entry for the jam !


Awesome game! Really enjoyed it and it fit the jam well!


I could see this being converted to some kind of screensaver, satisfying to watch them roll through the obstacles, thanks for sharing!


Experiences I wasn't expecting this jam #2:

Some wizard dude I yeeted down a hill bounces from one bomb onto another and goes so fast the worldgen is barely keeping up. And I'm sitting here grinning like an idiot.

I love it.


Who knew a game with YEET in the title could be such a calming and therapeutic experience. Absolutely love the explosion effect. Is the world endlessly generated on the fly btw?

And the Gif exporter feels so natural as it pops into stops the gameplay! Were there values you could tweak for how long that effect lasts? Did you make that effect yourself? I assume it was part of the exporter. 

Anyways great job! This was fun :D


thank you! The world is endlessly generated, yeah, it just uses Perlin noise to generate a mesh. Super simple stuff.

The effect is entirely me, just stop time and fade in a few images. Really simple stuff - the only thing I didn't write myself was the texture array to gif file exporter. Everything else was done during the jam - including the frame recorder 😂 the effect is so long because it hides the actual gif export/write to disk 😉 it's crazy how you can just slap a photo frame effect on there and people assume it's intentional 😂

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Neat little game, reminds me of those classic launcher games you'd find on newgrounds except now with hilarious ragdoll graphics! Awesome job. Also, the photo moment was really funny and a great addition.


Incredibly well done. Aside from all the memery (which is great) the game itself was really well made.  The graphics are great, the gameplay was smooth, no bugs to report. I LOVE that there's character selection. Very unique and made me invested because I got to choose my character. I also love the slow-mo at the beginning before you jump off and the random screen caps in the middle of the fall. Super well done and great mechanics.


Fun little game. I wish there were more obstacles and maybe a way to somewhat control your character. Good game!


Nice work Chief. It was fun to watch the rag doll fly around!


Definitely a fun game! Only things that feel missing are a longer render distance and for the "Capture GIFs" setting to remember your preference when replaying (Maybe make it a PlayerPref?)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Nice relaxing (if you can call watching people falling down a hill relaxing) game with a lot of polish put in it as I see. I wish the terrain rendering distance was bigger though, as the chunks did suddenly pop into existence, and that was on high settings.  Also it didn't count scores on my second jump for some reason. The game is addictive nonetheless, and adding more features would definitely make it even more so. 

Btw, maybe a way to place additional bombs or whatever while the character is falling could add some even more fun to it.

Congrats on great execution!


The graphics are nice and post processing effects really sets the mood...

To be honest, I think the Out of Control thing went very far and made the game a little boring.. Watching the ragdoll fly around was nice but the game completely feels out of control and takes away the gameplay.. Nice game though!


A nice simple game which is elevated by the gif maker at the end as others have said and the music which gives a very fitting chill feeling to watching ragdolls be swung across the screen.

Unfortunately I think there's too little variation involved in the actual tumbling that the gameplay quickly stops being novel. Maybe with things besides just mines to alter trajectory or things that the player could interact with could spice things up much more!


Well this was stupidly fun to play. I wish the explosions were louder but I was so captivated to keep throwing people down a mine infested hill I didnt mind really.

Indeed I was so captivated I even developed a strat, the hold-down-W-and-hope-for-the-best strat, and using this glorious strat I must have yeeted myself halfway across China.

Honestly this was pretty fun just to watch and play, and with a little more oohm and more stuff to send you flying downwards (or up!), this would make quite a nice casual game. Good work, and I hope it gets worked on more!


Essentially its one of those games where you launch something and see how far it goes, but in 3D. Its really satisfying when you get launched really high into the air (unfortunately going into space isn't in this game).


I definitely had a smile watching the character tumble down the hill. The photos and end recordings were a really nice touch. On the one hand I feel like having some control would be nice, but on the other hand just leaving it up to the gods (and rng) to decide your fate also works. With a bit of fine tuning this could turn into a nice little mobile game. Good job!


I think the falling effect and the gameplay is really pleasant, especially with the music and art you went with!  I think the gif and character selection features are really cool and I don't think the lack of control is necessarily a problem, but the thing that stands out about it is being able to see a character falling in a fun way, and make gifs and share them! I could see someone playing this on a train when they have some downtime! I think if going further with this, a shorter average length for each run and some more elements to elements to make the way you fall more dynamic would add a lot (e.g. bombs that make you spiral or have unique explosion effects or do other wacky things), as well as having some things you can control at the start (e.g. how fast you run, when you jump, initial spin, some characters having different physics properties), but I think the surprise of what's going to happen is a cool idea that worked for me!

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