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Dodge Time Anomalies and deduce the reason you're out of a job! Just a normal day for a Space-Cat!
Submitted by uduwana — 9 hours, 38 minutes before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
We wanted to evoke the feeling of not having control over time passing during quarantine, so you use a jetpack to navigate moving hazards that speed up and slow down time! We also wanted to put a cheerful spin on other elements of quarantine where we've had little control, so isolation becomes outer space, and there's cats,and personal belongings just floating around everywhere.

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing audio

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"[...] moving hazards that speed up and slow down time! [...]" They're not really much of an hazard: the slow time one is actually very usefull to rotate you around and doing precise manouvers trought the ship and the fast time one it's just annoying to deal with, bu nothing too hazardous (Is that even a word?? 🤣), plus there's the fact that multiple time sones can't add their effects, so if you are already slow, you can't get slower and so on...

Overall this game is very fun and charming and the only complain (besides the time zones) that i have is that moving felt a little too hard, especially if i am close to a wall (the character tries to snap to it for some reason)


Yay, I did it!

I must say this game is more fun than I thought. From the description and the GIFs I thought it would be way too chaotic. But that's not the case.

It can be very chaotic, but if you're careful it is completely managable. So I had fun whizzing around and collecting the letters. It was also nice to read the letters, cool bits of story.

I love the sprites. They look really cool.

All in all a really cool game!


I like the theme and the concept so much, it really evokes the feeling of being out of control. Aside from the motion sickness issue, i think the camera spinning makes hard to read the scenario even with the minimap. Otherwise, the slow-mo is purrfect and it really helped me in the isolated space.


Definitely an out of control game, the constant spinning of the camera and zoomed in view made it hard to orient myself, relying more on the immediate icon. The aesthetic, sfx, and music works well together, but the sheer chaos is a bit much to play more than once.


I apparently forgot to comment! This is a super nice, cute, and funny game, Well written, well executed. 2D/3D aesthetic works very well, but the camera is a bit irritating. Amazing overall


The idea was good but the camera is incredibly annoying, I spent more time fighting the camera than actually playing, other than that it could be a fun game.


Funny cute rhymes, weird in a funny way controls and movement. Sweet artwork.

Sometimes it feels like the game is too spinny for no obvious reason but purrhaps that was intentional. I didn't find the oxygen mechanics and anomalies too much of a challenge. Nice touch on sounds when you're inside one though, I liked it.

Good job, keep it up!


Very cute aesthetic. Would have been nice to pause the movement when trying to read. 


This was very original! Great idea seriously, my only issue is with the motion sickness. Anyways, good game, good job!


Fun little game. Liked the cat theme and artwork. Felt like it was zoomed in a bit too much, so the anomalies felt like punishment for reading the mini-map incorrectly. If it were a bit more zoomed out you could plan a maneuver around them and react quicker to the pickups


Nice game! Absolutely love the work you did with the sound effects. The dampening when you are reading, the pitch when entering time anomalies. It's also really fun to play, hard to control but not impossible or frustrating. It's a nice balance. Also the art style is way to cute and everything fits nicely together. I don't have any remarks actually, well done!


I really liked the theme and the mechanics! The art is very cool. Good job.

But I suffered a little bit of motion sickness because of the camera. Maybe use a static camera or slower turns.


As mentioned the spinning and camera work could use some improvements, but I liked the addition of the mini-map a lot to help re-orient and know what to do. I would've been hopelessly lost without it! Also some really good flavor text for the whole 'cats in space' thing going on. Nicely done!


I’m really not a fan of the movement (which took me a while to figure out) but else good game ! Apart from that, the art and text are fun and the concept of time distortion that depletes your O2 faster is a good concept that encourages you to avoid or reach for the moving bubbles. Good job ^^

Submitted (1 edit)

Pretty fun game, it was also really cool, when you go through the bubble and it becomes fast.


Great little game, it felt fun controlling the cat but also fitted well with the theme when you ended up spinning out of control. However the camera being so zoomed damaged the experience quite a lot for me. I feel like it should be zoomed out 2 or 3 times more.  As well as this, I was a bit confused about the purpose of the space time anomalies, were they just to send you more out of control or did they serve some other purpose I didn't notice? That being said, the camera is an easy fix and the rest of the game was great, I really loved the cute art style and dialogue. Amazing work!


Feels amazing to play. The perfect amount of controllable and out of control. Loved the writing, characters, and distortion effect. Would have liked the camera zoomed out just a bit more.


Jetting through anomalies is incredible!

The rotation of the character is a bit disorienting, though.

I think if you can pack the map with more anomalies, flying through the ship will be like partying when you are high.


This was really fun! Only game I downloaded, but loved it! The speed ramped up really quickly but once I got the hang of it I was able to figure out how to control the cat.


Amazing art style!! Well done.

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