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Thank you! Hope you had fun playing my game

If there's a six in presentation, you get the six.

Even the powerups are tied to an instrument. Nice Job!

Thanks for the suggestions! I would definitely add those into future expansion of this game.

Thank you! I am glad that you had a lot of fun playing my game

incredible presentation! I am having the chills playing it. Glad that I played it in the afternoon.

One suggestion here : the walls could be lit a little more, i get stuck sometimes when running upwards.

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the game

Very fun game! Nice touch that having more bullets hit enemies more, but too much would induce a freezing penalty and more enemies to soak up the bullets a bit.

Thanks for pointing that out! It must be the problem about my work flow. I made the characters with piskel, it's nice for animation, but not as good at building a scene of things and compare their size, the biggest problem is that I did not pay attention to the object sizes in my prototype, which leads to the different scaling of sprites. 

Thanks a lot for the advice! I'm glad you enjoyed my game.

Interesting concept! Curious how it could be expanded, currently, you either go control freak to turn one of the action high or set a good enough ratio and sit back and watch.

Very original idea! I play screeching as the monkey does. Really love the atmosphere that makes a frustration-inducing game very casual to play.

Cute game! I like it that there is weapon that does nothing but a honk

Really nice aesthetic choice, like it as the old console games

Cute game! I think that the health can be changed to probably "patient" of the bunny, and set it to a clearer times left. That may allow you to make longer and more interesting levels

Thank you very much!

I implemented enemy projectiles so that it can compensate for the rising enemy numbers. Originally, I was hoping to create scenarios that you throw those projectiles away from the ship, however, with the current ship behavior, its very hard to dodge bullets.  A lot could be improved.

I'm glad that you had a nice time playing my game.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed my game

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it

You have a good point! I think that if I can make the ship smarter, dodging bullets by itself, i may be able to expand the area to allow for more interesting maneuvers. Thanks for playing my game!

Super cool game! You really starts to cut corners as you try to get good on the game.

I think that the sensors are very well designed, that the easiest to use one : "all sensors" is effective but takes a hell lot of energy. 

I hope other things like reloading could be done this way too, so that the game can ease the player in one step at a time. Maybe giving player strong generators that could handle all auto sensors working and gradually take away the energy supply so that player can take their time getting familiar with the functions and start cutting corners.

once they understand the game, even camera can be cut lol. I hope this can be expanded and go as wild as being able to cut everything in the game if needed.

Thank you! Hope you had fun playing my game

Nice Game! Really liked it that you have a short pause every time the kid gets a coin or after a shield bash. Reminds me of the escort missions in the old days.

A nice concept to force player changing the control schemes to adapt to the situation.

Overall, the graphics are super gorgeous, i love the little robot and the bones in the controller.

Here are several suggestions :

It is an action based game, so I think the movement is very crucial to the game feel. There are several things that can be done. First is to make the dashing snappier, a good example may be how fast a character flies in cuphead. Another thing that happens to me is that i often miss ledges, well probably mainly due to my potato level laptop, but an additional help like the "coyote time" will certainly make it smoother. Secondly, players are like dogs waiting to get a walk in the park, they can't wait to get into the actions. The player projectiles can be set faster, at least faster than player movement, and could use more "hits" on contact with enemy to make it feel more powerful.

The color codes on controller reads very nice. I always know what i am selecting even it is bitten off by the demon. But I think that you could find some ways to shorten the time needed to swap controls, since it may slow down the flow of an action game. For example in may key-binding settings, you click on a button and press the key you want to assign to, or automatically select the nearest button/slot for you to make it easier to swap buttons. If the swapping is very smooth, I think that the timer can really heighten up the challenge and fun to speed run through the levels while fixing your character on the road.

Cute game! The music and the art is so cute while the narrative is horrifying as hell lol.

I think that you can add some expressions of the player when yo successfully prevent your friends death, like fiercely bashing the buttons, that's what i do some times when the controls are out of control

Man, our computers are from different worlds! My game crashed your laptop while yours froze mine LOL sad that I couldn't see what this game has to offer

Thank you! Im glad you like my game

I really like the presentation, it calls out my nostalgic memory when i was playing flash games somehow. 5 for the presentation.

I went in without reading instructions, the planet crashing made me go OUCH

Nice game!

a small suggestion : i flew pass several planets i placed, so a bigger collider box would be nice, at least as big as the outer radius of the rocket.

Thanks! Hope yo had fun playing my game

Great level design! I can feel the magic of "I want to do this but I can't do that" puzzle game feel

Dang,  what happened XD

Never expected my game to be that "over the top"

Thank you very much!

I do plan to expand just a slight more and slam it onto app store. Would try to implement more wild player and enemy behaviors.

Thank you very much! I'm glad that you have fun playing my game

Thank you for your compliment! I'm glad yo had fun playing my game

The squishing animation does bring life to characters very economically, I learned that from blackthornprod's YT unity tutorials.

Thank you! I'm glad you had fun playing my game

Good concept!

I feel that this has a potential to be a shoot to move twist. For example, having the movement tied onto player movements.

I think that making the random changes in the game change player behavior would be effective to keep players on their toes. Take the aiming malfunction from your game as an example, it does forces me to aim the enemies in a distorted way, good one there.

Great vibe!

The levels seems to get easy once you secure one path to the heart. Took me some while to figure out that they could all move onto the same heart grid. I suppose the game would be super crazy if a new heart grid appears once an alien takes the spot of the current heart and the took spot will now be occupied so others should avoid it instead.

I think you can add a store to spend money, which could  provide players with incentives to carry on the murder. 

Grim thoughts, what if killing innocents in fact yield more, way more money?

having goose bumps just by thinking of that.

A super cool twist on tower defense and bullet hell! As the comments below stated, there are so many things done right.

Trying to add something aside from those comments here. **Nitpick alert!

My optimization brain told me to aim for tower predictfulness, which leads to picking aim + barricades (to my surprise the barricades do have health lol) and finally switched to spamming quads leaving only a safe spot near the track.

My thought is that the tower defense aspect is well done, however the bullet hell part could use for some working. I think it is indeed a great challenge to do so! Since bullet hell requires player to move a lot, while the enemies in a TD tends to follow a set track. As a result, player would try to go back to the picking spot but the bullets may not allow so. There's a contradiction here, a double edged sword that may induce interesting gameplays or disruption of flow.

Maybe that's why i opted for the strategy to remove one part of the contradiction to allow for the ease of the main TD game.

I really hope that your team can expand this to a full game!

The bullets get "out of control" very quickly, which highly limits the maneuvers player can do, maybe each type of turrets can shoot in consecutive turns, and in small bursts, which can be more forgiving in bullet hell gameplay, and encourages players to place different kinds of turrets instead of optimmizing for a single one.

Sorry for the long post, but i'm very impressed by the potential of this game.

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Imo, this is by far the game that nails most on the theme "out of control".

How's that you may ask?

First of all, my strategy is to pick certain things that i will have constant control, e.g. "a" & "d", and ditch up and down to improvise with what I get.

By concept, I think being able to grasp control out of a chaotic situation while accepting things that will certainly be out of your grasp is what an "out of control" game should be.

Nice job! Vittorio Corbo!

P.S. if you want to aim for a speed run game, a restart button would be nice.

The use-last-key-bindings is a nice touch!


I think providing feedback about what yo get from the boxes can be nice.

Not sure if it's a glitch that the enemies are not killed by bullets, if not, maybe you could aim for a more horror atmosphere to make it more nightmarish.