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What if you were the one that is being controlled.
Submitted by Mults, Jo.Bxan (@j4j4j4go) — 1 hour, 25 minutes before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
Our game is about a playable character from a certain game, who doesn't want to be controlled. So he's completely out of control of his actions.

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing audio

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I really had fun with this one! It's simple but the aesthetic is cute. Maybe you should add a restart button, I tried to do perfect score but every time I failed I had to refresh the page.


I really love the take on the theme you have done with this game!


Save those cuties people, pls! nice job, love the ascetics!


I love the concept of the game, very original, and the graphics are super cute, It' s a shame I has killed so many little pigs... :_(


Fun idea, the game has a lot of personality in the graphics and sound design. There's a lot of potential here, I'd love to see some more layers with the mechanic. Good work!


I loved this! The art looks great and I like how you guys took this in such a quirky direction xD My only complaint is that I think I would've like to see more feedback in terms of getting the right button press? Just like, the corresponding button on screen turning green or smth like that? But anyways, great job :) 


Very well presented, extremely polished. The mechanic is fun and full of enjoyable feedback too! Just a bit too hard for me, can't press the first key that fast!


The game was awersome!!! The music and art was good (i feel bad for those poor souls... 😥) and the actual game was fun, although the difficulty curve was way too steep and way too hard... (is noticable that I'm not a fan of quick time events?? 🤣)

PS. Are you really italian?? I am too, y'know?? UwU No, you're not... i feel betrayed now... 😶

PS2. And now, after watching a 5 minute video about a sandwich called "Completo Italaino", although in reality it doesn't have anything to do with italy at all, i'm hungry too... So, thanks, i guess... (It looks totally cool, and i want to try it now... 😗)


Very simple concept but executed perfectly. What makes this game great isn't the core gameplay itself but all of the emotions portrayed by the animations in the characters. Awesome work!


Animation work for the character was great, really fun gimmick as well. I can definitely see how he's "out of control".


I love that run cycle, it's got a lot of personality for being 3 frames long. The music is really fitting too.

It seemed like for the first button press it'd fail you much quicker than the subsequent presses. I got used to it eventually but it does require a pretty fast reaction.


Hilarious concept haha, and the art and music really fit the idea well. Not too much to say about the gameplay, I don't enjoy quick time events too much and I think the idea can still fit other forms of gameplay. However it's simple enough to not be frustrating, and considering it's a jam I understand going for something simple like this. All in all, great work!


Such a great idea, with some awesome art too. The animations are just gorgeous and the feel of the game is amazing! 


Hola! Es cool ver otro jueguito chileno owo. La música me gusta y calza con el juego, la parte visual se nota que tiene harto trabajo y cariño igual, está bien hecha. Un pequeño nitpick eso sí es que usan muchas fuentes distintas y algunas son pixel art y otras no, entonces no se siente muy cohesivo. El gameplay es entretenido aunque al final se pone medio brígido. Supongo que hay que getgudear nomás lol. Igual me habría gustado que la parte de "out of control" haya estado implementada de forma más directa en el gameplay, ya que ahora es más una cuestión de la historia. Buen juego tho!


I really liked the pixel art for the game. I don't really enjoy QTE's that much, but I enjoyed the challenge from this game. Overall a neat submission


Well done - loved the art, and the reaction timing needed was juuuust tight enough that I kept feeling like I'd miss one but then I'd get it :D

I'm not sure how much further you'd go with it, but I enjoyed it


I love the idea, but I feel like I'm hobbible slow XD


Really cool game ! :D


The art is incredible! Is hard if you want to have 0 deaths. Maybe add different color for each letter to increase the arcade feel and make easier to recognize the key. Great game!


I really liked the animations and the art, and the music chosen was quite fun. Personally quick time events are not my "cup of tea", so I'm not sure I can give too much feedback on the gameplay, other than say that the game mechanics were well communicated to the player, in my opinion, and the controls felt responsive. The art and gameplay fit well with each other, great teamwork!

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