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I like it very much! IMHO it makes good use of theme and gameplay is fun. You could fix aiming a bit, because it was pretty furstrating that bullets aren't going straight forward :)

I couldn't understand why some platforms work in both worlds and some didn't seem to work in either world.

Pretty interesting concept. Unfortunatelly, sometimes buttons just don't work. I need to hit space couple of times to make jumping works. The same applies to flag placing and teleportation. It makes it really hard to play and I couldn't pass level 3.

Great artwork, It's very pretty!

Very cool and original concept. I had a lot of fun with abusing those cute creatures :V

Loved this one! Pretty neat job! Hope you extend this idea further!

Loved this one, everything feels in place. Great job!

Art is just AWESOME. And visuals play really well with gameplay. Amazing job!

I really like graphics, they are simplistic but has something.

Very nice implementation of "mixed up controls"! I can confirm that's how I see the world when I'm drunk!

Yes, I'm hangovered now.

Pretty fun concept! It was very hard till I discovered the shield :D

Can I actually win this game? :V Or am I miserable milenial with no perspectives? :V

I love the art and the concept seems to me like a good idea! It's little to ohard for me though

Save those cuties people, pls! nice job, love the ascetics!

Pretty fun concept!

Pretty fun concept, I accept confusement as a part of gameplay :D

What a cute turtle :)

How orginal! I cant help but leave a like :)

Pretty neat idea, but I couldn't focus enough. keep on!

I love chess and that maybe weighs on my rating but I love this idea and execution!

Cool stuff! Reminds me of old times... THIS TAKES ME BACK :D

Cool concept man, I really like this mechanic, please add more levels man!

Yeah, I had a lot of fun and frustration xD It was suprasingly very hard for me :V But that's really fun little game! Nice job!

IMHO the best entry I've played. Great job!

Lol, first game that implements similar idea like mine :V So what I can say ;) Excellent theme interpretation ;)

Cool idea and one of the better execution of "lack of control" over player!

Lul, I'm too good for the AI >D
Yeah, sometimes the AI does not attack me, even when it's obvious that's the right way to move.

But anyway, I had a lot of fun, and the art here is for me perfect for a jam game.

Hey man, that was fun! I just wish there is the restart button available and checkpoint system in place, because I'm pretty bad at this game xD

Love this game, everything feels in place and that's very original approach to the theme. Great job!

Pretty cool idea! I had many problems with jumping, sometimes hitting space does nothing :<

I love the concept and I have fun finishing it. Sometimes controls are bit confusing, but huh, it's a game jam though! Neat game!

That was pretty sad and fun at the same time :D

Pretty fun idea! I'd love to see how you extend it further!

I love everything about this game. Art, style, those paralax backgrounds, idea of playing cards to turn the ship in space. Really great entry!

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Yeah, that was silly idea to use the word "CURSORS" instead of for ex. "ARROWS"...

Super fun concept, I'm glad that I finished your entry.

There are some bugs with collisions, sometimes my poor rotato can't grab this shooting cans :V

I like the art and style very much. IMHO the game should be more challanging and maybe you would consider add some additional obstacles it?

Nostalgia has hit me hard, looks like an old game for gameboy <3

Dude, you should make it a mobile game, I would play it all the time while being bored in the public transport.