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An overly sophisticated and chaotic way of moving, attacking, and getting rekt in dungeons.
Submitted by matthew9671, maoyuans, HFQ — 1 hour, 17 minutes before the deadline
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In this dungeon crawler you cannot control how to move. You cannot control how to attack. Everything is at the mercy of the cards that are dealt to you. Even so, they might discard themselves, or simply explode in your hand, leaving you defenseless against hordes of monsters.

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing audio

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How orginal! I cant help but leave a like :)


This is great! the cards overlap the game board, meaning the bottom layer isn't visible on some games, which was my only issue. A nice take on turn based gaming.


I love cards games, and this one is really good :) I've had a small issue with cards overlaping the game board, but that did not stop me to have fun! The game looks polished, the visuals fit the gameplay well, and i'm amazed by the amount of different cards you managed to put in! 

5/5, well done!


Nice game. We also think about such a card game, but decided to do something else instead. Its great to see the idea realized in such a good way.


This is a really nice card-based game. Feels well-balanced and fun to play! Good job!


Really loved the gameplay. Great job with art and the game itself!


Very good game. Maybe it could be interesting to make the player build his deck, letting him decide the cards to use and the amount of cards of each type


great game, really fun to use your ever strength increasing cards against more & more monsters. Nice difficulty curve. Great game!! there's an issue where the hand cards hide the map while in full screen


Very polished, I like how I was able to really make decisions based on enemy movements


Super fun game! Good job.


This is a really interesting concept. I loved getting new cards at the end of each floor. The way the directions worked was a little confusing though. I was expecting movement cards to move the player and but not affect the direction of directional attack cards (like right attack will always be to the right of the player) But once I realized what was happening it was a lot of fun to strategize


The gameplay is interesting. it would be awesome as a boardgame as well !


Very nice loved the graphics and the good and pretty addicting gameplay.

However there are some slight issues that I had with it.

The bottom row is hardly visible due to the cards overlapping it

It would be nice to see your current deck or to be able to skip the new cards, because its easy to loose the overview of what card you have.


Nice game... Had some issues with the left and right attack cards... Good Luck!


Nice Game!

Really cool that you need to face right direction to make the attack goes where you want. You can create strategies with the cards you have. 

Nice job.


Had lots of fun with this! A card game similar to mine, but I think this one fits the theme better with how the cards work.  Lots of unique moves and enemies with different behaviors! Timed cards shake a bit too much imo, but I guess that adds to the theme :)


A lot of fun to play, great work!


Pretty interesting concept and it was fun to play. Like others have said, my main complaint is that the cards block the screen lol. But otherwise, pretty fun! Give mine a try too :)


This game is tons of fun! My only complaint is that sometimes your hand hides the lowest rank of the map, but overall I really enjoyed every aspect of this game! I think it has material to be a really good mobile game or time waster


A fun to play:)

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