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Hahaha thank you very much for putting so much tries o that first level ! Sorry about those controls, we still need a better time management x), the second level should be a bit easier though...If you manage to pass the first one haha Thanks a lot for your feedbacks and the streaming !

I did enjoy it ^^ really like the idea, and the SFX and painting the walls with color is quite addictive actually haha

The game is really well thought ! the tutorial very clear, and the movement easy enough to get it first go.  it was a nice moment playing these few levels, cheers 

Hey ! Thank you for your comment =D
We do agree, we ran out of time for the jam and had to make some drastic choices annnd so we didn't managed to balance the game... Next time will be better ! ^^ Cheers !

haha thank you !

hahaha thank you, yes indeed but it was a great experience trying this jam ^^

Awesome ! Thank you for your kind review, yeaaah about these dangers and the balance.... we kinda ran out of time and some problems soo we had to take some decisions at the very end haha (but the monsters would've been neat ;)) Thanks again for the organisation, it was a lot of fun ^^

Hello !

We're 2 friends looking for a friendly Unity Dev to participate in the next Palette Jam ! ( here's the team link )

We have some experience in the game industry and with collaborative tools (such as SVN, Trello etc), but looking to develop ourselves in the jams. 

So if you're looking to have some fun and a bit of challenge and are easygoing and joyful/passionnate, please join us ^^ 

here's a link to my art folio if you want to take a look :

Such a cool game !!!! Please tell me it will end up on Steam, pleaaase ! =D

Your description warning made me laugh, your game too as first, and then I wanted to headbump my wall. Well done man, well done ^^

The concept is great and the game is beautifully done =D