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Amazing feeling for this game, and the idea is really original, well done !

Oh god that's awesome xD I'll go back play more haha I need to enjoy other player's characters ! 

Thank you for the feedbacks ! Glad you liked it ! We thought about the chain but couldn't add it due to time constraints =/ But yeah could be a nice touch !

The game is super cute ! Loved the artstyle and the story !

Hahaaha that game is so realistic ! I got angry at the cat as well. but he's....too....cute. but so annoying ! Let me finish that freakin' code part !!
really well done ! 

Hahaaaa that game's so cool ! How do you put other recorded patterns in the game ? Was the game connected to the internet while playing ? Is it a fake mechanic to add later ? How ? =o It's just awesome, the game is really well presented and it feels satisfying. Well done !

The art and theme/sound gives an eerie, calming atmosphere I really enjoyed ! The gameplay was a bit weird though and I didn't really understood it but the game is beautiful.

It's a cool game ! Only thing is I wished it could be downloaded as the webGL version can get laggy on some computers it seems (I saw this o many games including ours)..  The pixel art is great !

Hey ! I just finished my queue ratings finally =D I tried your game, it's fantastic ! The idea is original, the art, the sfx are on point and the game feels great as a whole. Well done !
The dices are such a cool mechanic and the way they roll with the icons on them reminds me some boardgames or videogames/anime from the 2000's probably but can't pinpoint it again... This to say, it felt nostalgic x). Another thing, the tutorial is engaging and the way you explained everything ingame is nice of you and your team. Definitely helps.
The big hand is funny to use too.

Thanks !

Thank you for your feedback !

The game mechanics are interesting and well done so far. I like how you need to connect the various cables to the orders of the car ! Nice job !

Interesting mechanics ! I like how you need to choose but felt the game was easy in the beginning, maybe by adding more noise to the random movements would suffice to make it totally chaotic. Great game though well done !

It took a moment to understand what was going on but when it clicked (haha) it was quite fun !  beautifully done but quite hard. Well done !

Thank you !!

I love this game. It's beautiful and well balanced. A bit hard to read all this information in the skill tree but once understood it goes smoothly. I love it.

Original idea, we really liked it ! the storyline though simple, is funny and is a nice twist to usual gun games. Well done !

Cutting the grass has a very satisfying SFX

We haven't managed to pass 2nd level because of the pit  and the ground door.
The animations are funny but the zombie assets look veeeeerry close to Dead Ahead up to the animation sequence =/.

Heeyyy Thanks for the comment ! Glad you liked it ! The Mace's face... well... It has character at least haha
I'm trying to clear my queue up still but will do !

Thank you for the kind words !

The gameplay is interesting. it would be awesome as a boardgame as well !

The animations are hilarious. The game mechanic is well thought, congrats!

The game is awesome !! I agree with the precedent comment with the collisions, it would be great.  We had a lot of fun playing, thanks !

Hey ! It''s confusing. I'm not sure if it's funny or boring haha. But well done, I like the idea and it's well done !

The idea is so well thought. The game is hard but probably mostly due to some fingers stiffness...

The game mechanic is cool ! also the art is beautiful (maybe the character was a bit difficult to see with the detailed background though). Also the story is nice. Well done !

Hey ! Nice idea ! I personally find it a bit hard to follow through the maze but I guess by spending more time on it it could be done. The mechanic is cool. Cheers !

The game is weird. But good weird. The puzzles were simple at the beginning and then. They drove me mad, well done !

Such a cool puzzle game. the artstyle and the gameplay are neat. I really like your idea !

Yes I saw that with multiple games, I thought it was my bandwidth, thanks for clearing that up !

The game is so cool ! The art is reaaally good, the sound as well, the gameplay is fun to play and I love the general theme.  The animation is.perfect.

Hey ! I like the movement restrictions, it's well thought. Also the soundtracks are beautiful.

The narrative is so spot on ! very emotional and well written. The game mood adds a lot to it and somehow I feel the webGL version to be laggy on my computer so the notes looked like a drunken mission control wrote it. Which was funny, I thought it was on purpose.
Awesome game congrats !

Hey ! I was first disappointed by the game as the WebGL is laggy. So I downloaded the win version and I have to say, the game is awesome. Frustrating just as it needs to be, the challenge is fun and how you presented it is pretty clever. It reads perfectly. Quite difficult to be focused on the triangle's position but it adds to the interest of the game !
Congrats !

Funny how the dying mechanic works. Also like the simplicity of the characters, well done !

Thank you ! 

This is the windows version =)

Really impressed by the game design ! The realization of your game is well done and quite addictive ! 

Sorry, there isn't...

Hey ! Thank you for your comment ! I think Kenya added a command through the mouse buttons to avoid to do the extrahand challenge ^^ It might make the game a bit smoother. Cheers !