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Edson "Presto" Correa

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This game is FUN!

After you get the jump mechanic it is great!

I had to spend some time to understand the mechanics. But when I got it, I was able to play and create some strategies. Nice concept you have there. 

Good game!!

I liked the visual and how the player is highlighter when you are behind the buildings. 

I can see potential in this project. Nice job.

Beautiful art and game 100% related to what we are living today.

Nice game here. Waiting for more levels.

This game reminded Krusty Super Fun House. Really fun to play.

Nice job.

Nice idea, nice art!

The only thing it is not comfortable to keep Ctrl and Space pressed while moving. Maybe if you toggle on / off the button would be easier for the player.

But really good job!

This game made me laugh really hard!

Great art! Great Sounds! Great Mechanics!

Nice game!

Really hard game! Good concept. You need really good timing to beat the level!

I loved the idea how you control the ship and cannons! Very enjoyable to play.

Hard to avoid enemy attacks.

Nice job.

It was hard to understand in the beginning. But after some tries I got the game. I had fun time with it. Nice concept. Never seen it before.

Man, this game is hard!

Right click boosted me to a asteroid and I stopped rotating! 

I was confused in the beginning where to go because you need to go left (not usual), but I learned after playing for a little bit.

Nice job.

Lovely to see your kids art in the game!


There is one moment that so many enemies appeared on the screen hahaha that was fun to kill them all. 

Nice one.

Nice man! 

I was confused with the inverted controls at the beginning, but I could survive some levels! 

Nice job.

Ty for playing and for the feedback!

Cool art! Hard to get the game strategy. But nice first game jam game!

Really neat idea! 

Very addictive to play. You keep going and going through the dungeon. 

Gameplay, Art and music work well together. Nice job!

nice graphics and fx!

I spent most of my time rotating out of control haha

After some time, the game gets slow with so many enemies.

I protected the barman as much as I could! :D

Really fun game!

I spent a good amount of time playing!

Nice job.

I got curious about the game!

The concept seems neat. More levels, please!

What a charming game.

Bad dog! It really needs training.

It worked on Microsoft Edge. Really fun game! Nice job there. 

Nice feeling to shoot in this game. 

I had fun. 

Hard and fun. Very addictive! Nice job there!

Its great to play the game with one hand.

Fun game! Nice job.

OMG I am really bad driver! You start to get the timing and the turns. 

Fun to see all bad drivers on the road. lol

Very satisfying to punch in this game! Really funny!

Interesting writing! Good job.

Really fun to play! Nice job.

This concept is really cool. To be the NPC!

I had fun playing. Really nice job there!

Amazing art! Very challenging! But I guess that adds to replayability!

Easy to play. Good formula to get people addicted! :D

The programming part seems interesting. But as others mentioned, it is not clear how to use it. 

I believe that affects when the Key Change. Is this how it works?

As I did not add nothing to the first screen, when the Key Change to me,  I pressed all keys and could not find it how to continue moving. Not sure it is related to the first screen.

Interesting concept!

Nice game, but not sure if the way you used "out of control" fits to the theme. It is funny though. 

Beautiful art! The concepts is nice, but it seems shallow. It seems to be missing some more mechanics. But I think this is a great start to continue developing the idea.

I really wanted to play the game, but the game just stays like this, in a grey screen. That's odd. 

I destroyed a few enemies! It is hard but when you get the controls it starts to connect. It is easier to use the shield to kill enemies than the weapon.

Nice Game!

Really cool that you need to face right direction to make the attack goes where you want. You can create strategies with the cards you have. 

Nice job.

I enjoyed the art and interesting concept.  The turtle was not progressing through the level, so I was using the bullets to push it to a direction, eventually it ran out of bullet and it was killed by the enemies. 

Maybe if you a cool thing to add would be a button for the turtle to change direction (random direction), would give a little bit of "control" to the player.