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Between a Bot and a Hard PlaceView game page

When AIs go rogue and factory planners simply neglect worker safety altogether.
Submitted by Akimbo, Yuval Bar-On (@hyuvii), shoze — 1 hour, 6 minutes before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
Switch control between two characters to survive an out-of-control factory run by a malicious AI

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all audio during the game jam

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Hi all, coder here. Thanks for the comments, we’re glad many of you seem to have enjoyed the game. As Yuval mentioned before, some features were planned but ultimately did not make it in on time for the deadline. I’ll list below a few ideas we had, which we might get back to at a later date to make a more complete edition.

  • A timer, obviously, as a form of score keeping.
  • A difficulty curved was planned. Ideally, I would increase the rate at which panels light up over time, and probably start the game off at a lower rate. Breaking the panels entirely once they go past level 2 is also on the table.
  • Some visual and audio upgrades once you go past a certain danger level.
  • Deactivating the panels requiring holding down the key for a bit (rather than being instantaneous), requiring more time from the player.
  • Restarting the game after death should skip the intro screens.

I can’t promise these will actually get implemented - we may call the jam submitted version the final one - but just thought I’d give you an idea of what was planned.



Very nifty concept, and the characters are all very cute, especially the scientist with those blurry lil' legs when he runs. It was a little tricky to pick up at first but the tutorial does a good job explaining the mechanics. I do wonder if it might be a good idea to start off without the crushers just at the very beginning so you have a chance to move around a bit? Maybe go through touching a few terminals before the crushers start so you can get used to switching back and forth between the characters before the danger kicks in. Still, really nice game, and quite well-polished for a jam game!

We made one too and would love your feedback if you have the time. Cheers!


Amazing game! Super hard but awesome.... Sound and art were super cool too! 


Thank you so much! :)


You did a really good job communicating what character is being controlled. I was never confused even though I switched back and forth really quickly. Managed to get quite far that way as well.

This was fun. Hard and hectic, but fun. Looks and sounds lovely as well.


Thank you! It's really nice to hear a comment about the sound. I usually compose music, I never made music for a game or did FX and all that so I was unsure how well it turned out. I'm glad you liked it :) 


Amazing art! Very challenging! But I guess that adds to replayability!


Lovely art, and I have a soft spot for character switching mechanics. That said, I'll echo other reviewers that the difficulty is rough and the game warrants a score count.


Very beautiful looking game! Gave me the same style as helltaker when it comes to art.

I think it's not as hard as others make it out, but I do think the elevator should be automatic like others have pointed out, it would add a new layer to the challenge imo.

My gripe is that there is no real scoring system, it just plays out until its over. I want to be able to flex my score on my friends!

For real, when the biggest criticism I could come up with was "I want to see score" you know you've nailed every other aspect. Congrats!


We honestly didn't manage on time. We wanted to add a timer but our developer was just so tired at that point we left it out. I'm so glad you enjoyed the game, thanks so much! 

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Cool idea! I agree with other commenters that it's quite hard - maybe it'd be nice if the robot would ascend/descend on its own when you put it in the light elevators, so I could put it in position and then switch to the professor for a second. It'd also be nice to not have to click through the controls on every restart. Just my two cents :) Still really good job, especially for a game jam!


Really nice presentation! Very high difficulty curve.- I never managed to get past fixing one or two panels. 


Very cool, just a weee bit too hard. 


I like the idea and art but super hard (or im just bad)


Very pretty, but no score or win state?