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Thank you so much for your feedback! We'll keep that in mind :)

Thank you so much playing and the feedback! Hopefully we can do more about the controls in a later build to make it more intuitive x)

Thank you for the feedback! We'll work on making the controls tighter and more natural in the future :)

Thank you so much for playing, love to hear that people found it challenging but still very much doable!

I'm so glad you enjoyed the experience :)

Yeah, the movement does feel pretty weird at times. Thanks for the feedback on that! We really wish we had more playtesters before the jam was over as this is definitely something we should have kept in mind. 

I agree the textbox is rather important, we'll look at how to scale everything so that it strikes a balance between not cluttering the screen and showing all relevant information. Communicating with the player is super important for things like these haha!

Thanks so much for your kind words again :)

Thank you so much for playing :D

Yeah sorry the wiring mode got so clunky ! Thanks for the feedback we really appreciate it :)

Thanks for playing and your kind words!
Really appreciate the critique, we'll work on making the controls more intuitive and natural. :)

Hey thanks a lot for playing! Glad you enjoyed it :) We'll keep that in mind in a future build along with the other bugs !

I really enjoy where the concept and mechanics were taking me, it was like playing rock paper scissors where I was dealt the hand already and just had to make sure I don't land it on the wrong enemy. I think in terms of things to look towards in the future maybe reducing the cooldown would get me more hooked to the game as a whole! I love the idea of every shot being important but each wave still had me going really slow for a shooter. If you want to keep the cooldown to establish a sense of tension maybe make it so that you can fire immediately after you land a bullet, so that there's even more incentive to land each hit.

All in all, great stuff! Just work on the pacing a bit and that should fix quite a few things right up :)

Bro I'm dead this is hilarious! In terms of gameplay it's a classic throwback to old flash games and I'm sure everyone would be talking about this in 2008-9 newgrounds lmao.

It doesn't stop being humorous, and although it's quite challenging I still feel like I've got a fair shot at winning.

I feel like the biggest threat right now is time, and you're not so pressed for managing student's lives. Maybe switching the importance of two around would better align with the kind of game you wanted to go for haha.

Great work and keep it up!

Wow I love this so much much! It's executed so nicely and it's just a joy to play with how smooth the controls are.

I love the moving through space and actually colliding with asteroids in such a way they shoot me where I want to go. 

The "tutorial" if you would even call it that taught me exactly what I gotta do, kudos for that!

Maybe in the future add more stuff to do in space, it's so fun to play with these controls it's kind of a shame there wasn't more to do other than hunt targets. But that just goes to show how much more I want to play hehe

Overall great work man! I really loved it :)

Thanks a ton for the pointers! We totes should look back on the colliders you're right, or at least make the keycards not zoom all the way back to where you last picked them up haha. 

We'll keep that in mind if we work on updating our build! Thank you for playing the game!

Art was awesome, and I love the bump sumo style mechanic (is the best way I can put it haha). Nice challenging game though I feel like it could adhere more to the theme. The story is alright, but I was hoping for a bit more in that department.

As a game it's great though! My only gripe had more to do with context and less to do with the actual work itself. Keep pumping out great stuff man :^)

Wow what a game! I loved everything from the effects you get from each enemy kill to the overall physics of the gunnerang. There's really nothing I can criticize about this work. It's addictive, fun, fast paced but never too too overwhelming.

If anything (I know this is just a nitpick) but the gun bullets feel a bit too random to count towards just killing enemies. It's rewarding to get a kill like that but I don't really feel like I'm the one that landed that hit if you get what I'm saying. A cool addition would be that the bullets also damage you, so you have to be weary of their trajectory as well maybe (? unless it's too fast for the player to react in time. It's worth trying it out anyways!). Alternatively you can also control when the gun fires, the lack of control comes from how hard it is to time the bullets getting fired (and you being unable to just spam it lol).

Those are just some of my ideas of how you could expand an already phenomenal game. It's really up to you if you want to take any of those tips! The randomness of the bullets firing didn't take anything away from my experience I'm just postulating how you could add even more to it!

Anyways I'm rambling for too long, great work you two! This really is something else :)

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thanks for playing the game! Glad you enjoyed it :):)

great point! I should've thought of that hahahaha

Thanks a ton for the suggestions!

Will keep all of this in mind for the future! Ctrl Z sounds like a great idea, and I can definitely think of interesting puzzles with it. As for points 1,3,4 and 5 those are all stuff we should iron out in a future release. Thanks for pointing them out.

We can't answer 6 for... reasons ;)

But you did bring up a valid point of there being some levels where we have a few bugs pertaining to the clipboard, simple overlook on my part haha.

Once again thanks so much for your feedback :)

Cheers for really getting the atmosphere down and stressing me out as a player. After quite frankly too many tries (and agonizing loses) I finally managed to get my work and homework done! 

Sometimes the greatest games don't have to be the most gameplay focused, and I think this is a perfect representation of that. You nailed the theme perfectly psychologically, with cute art and a all too relatable situation. The character was quirky and familiar, you had a super fitting OST, and you wrapped it perfectly all in 48 hours!

This game, no, this experience was rewarding, engaging, and all in all fantastic! This is brutally underrated so far, I hope this gets more recognition as the deadline nears. I'm rootin' for ya!

(also if you really want proof I completed it my discord is hue#9234 lol, though this should be proof enough I took it to the end :P)

The mechanics are there, and it's definitely got a ton of potential. I'd love to see the levels maybe more compact? Everything felt a bit too spread out and hap hazardly put. 

If you could expand on that I think this game would be even better, keep it up!

Btw it's so funny watching the fireman shoot back lolol

Glad you had fun! Means a lot ;)

Hey thanks for playing the game dude! Appreciate the support :)

Well that was nauseating LOL.

Gameplay went as expected, though it felt a bit short imo.

Maybe you could expand it some more?

Keep it up!

This is surprisingly very charming! I love the gameplay as well, though I think a more forgiving game like having no lives counter would push me to really finish the game lol. The audio and art are a huge plus imo, really give it all personality.

Keep it up, the randomy screams are great!

Very beautiful looking game! Gave me the same style as helltaker when it comes to art.

I think it's not as hard as others make it out, but I do think the elevator should be automatic like others have pointed out, it would add a new layer to the challenge imo.

My gripe is that there is no real scoring system, it just plays out until its over. I want to be able to flex my score on my friends!

For real, when the biggest criticism I could come up with was "I want to see score" you know you've nailed every other aspect. Congrats!

I wonder where you take this! Keep at it!

A hilarious game! The gameplay was a bit lacking to be honest, at times I felt like I was doing a ton of trial and error.

The story definitely made up for it though ahaaha! Great writing!

Great design choices! I can tell you considered everything when making this game and that translates to us as players having a blast playing ;PPPP

Game was super engaging, partly because of the addictive gameplay and partly due to the cute and simple art.

I wish I had a better idea of what my tools did, took me a few tries to graps the concepts at hand.

Otherwise I had a great time trying your game out, so impressed you managed to do it all in scratch! Great job!

Fun stuff! The visuals were crisp and I loved the monkey main character LOL.

The flipping mechanic was cool, but it made it feel like I had more control than you might have intended. All the enemies were easy to take out without really feeling like the lack of aiming was a challenge. 

A bit more polish and this game would be a real winner though! Great work :)

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out of all the puzzle games I've seen in this jam (the one I partook in making included) this is one of the most enjoyable and well crafted of the bunch! The simple mechanics are used to their fullest and it feels super duper intuitive completing each level.

I almost wish you made more levels that really made me scratch my noggin, I wanted a bit more challenge personally but that's just a matter of preference.

Each new mechanic made a ton of sense and felt like it actually opened the door for new clever levels. Nothing really felt out of place which was a huge plus!

Sound design was great and satisfying, there's not really any complaints there.

Art was simple but I think it didn't take away at all from the piece.

Amazing work, I could see this easily making its way to the top! Don't really get what the title means in reference to the game though haha

This randomized power of the put sort of feels like an interesting take on losing control, but it also means that we have one less variable to think about when making the put.

That being said some of the levels really ramp up in difficulty, it's really tricky to hit the right angles atm. Maybe if you had a line that would point in which way the ball would go (think angry birds or other golfing games) it might bring the challenge a bit down?

All in all still great work!

This was one of the ideas (a character you indirectly control) my team was juggling with in the early phases of planning, I'm so glad to see it implemented in a game so cleverly (and with such a charming aesthetic!)

Your story is very funny, I had to play a few paths to see some of the different little blurbs!

Gameplay was a bit lacking but that isn't a bad thing at all in a game like this, I couldn't even tell until I played it a second.

Clever stuff!

I found the mechanics both really enjoyable and the gameplay fun. It was a tad on the challenging side and I was more focused on dodging asteroids than putting out the fires, I kinda wish there was a bit more of a balance between juggling both aspects. Maybe turning down the asteroid rate and turn up the fire spread would make the player focus on both aspects at the same time.

Great job!

Very fun to move around, I found myself moving to the beat of the song even though I could have taken my time for each move now that I think about it (probably because this reminded me of crypt of the necrodancer at parts). 

I would love to see a system where it shows how many points you get for killing the slimes and maybe different new enemies! I found myself super happy stringing combos together so I can imagine showing combo multipliers for killing multiple slimes with one spell would entice more players to do the same!

Great stuff! I can't wait to see where you'll take this (if you pick this project back up in the future of course)

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From the moment I saw the screenshots I knew exactly what this would be about!The gameplay felt smooth except for the weirdish physics in the game but I got used to them very quickly. The time limit on the goodboy battery did add a sense of urgency and made the experience much more stressful, but I think it was a net positive on the experience as a whole!

I can't get enough of this concept though! With a bit more polish and some exposure I could easily see this game do great even outside the context of this jam!

Seriously, amazing work on your part, this was such a clever take on the theme.

Clever puzzle game! Love the idea of not having control of some keys unless the box is over it. Very "baba is you" in that regard. The levels are challenging but don't feel impossible (I did have to quit eventually because I was absolutely stumped by one of them haha but that's on me) and there's instant feedback when you feel you've made a terrible mistake. Always a great sign of well designed levels. 

As others have said I would have loved an undo button, it would make backtracking and redoing mistakes a lot easier than remembering what steps I took and starting over completely.

All in all great work!

The game was very charming, and I love the inspirations drawn from Hollow knight (I mean just look at those wings and the sword!)

In terms of sticking to the theme, I feel like it made some of the gameplay kind of frustrating (notably the dash being very unreliable as a tool). I think thematically the idea of the magician losing control and going from having some spells to not having them altogether would have made some levels feel less like I'm fighting against luck to win. That's the only real criticism I have.

All things considered I really enjoyed the game and I think if not for that tiny mechanic (or more clever implementation perhaps) this would've been even more fun!

Fun game! I really like how it teaches the player when each pogo move is applicable. Forcing the player to be constantly jumping really adds a new layer of challenge that takes a while of getting used to, which is thoroughly enjoyed :)))

Great work!

Loved the quirks of each of the orders and reviews, though it got hectic real quick and I couldn't really enjoy that feature anymore. It did feel impossible at times but I still had a blast trying to speedrun shopping for other people haha!