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A game about trying to escape while you are getting more out of control with each keystroke
Submitted by RedTeapot — 6 hours, 44 minutes before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
You can't "un-press" keys you have pressed, so the robot gets more out of control with each keystroke.

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all audio during the game jam

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Really cool idea! Enjoyed this a lot.


This looks really interesting. Unfortunately, I couldn't press "S" or "D", so I was stuck from the beginning x(


Thanks for your comment! Can you tell me why you weren't able to press S and D keys?


I don’t know!

Developer (1 edit)

Uh, maybe you could press R to restart the level. I assume you pressed A or W before that. There's a thing about pressing both opposite directions in the main mechanic.


I tried pressing R before doing anything, still can't use S or D. Tried any combination. S or D just don't work for me :O Not holding in two at the same time.


That's weird. Do you have QWERTY keyboard layout? I don't know why it wouldn't work. I think you can DM me in Discord (RedTeapot#1960) if you still want to play it, that thing is faster than using comments.


Really cool puzzle game !
I liked it a lot :D


Great idea for this theme. The art and sound are nice as well. Mechanics are also introduced in a good way. I just couldn't figure out the end part of the level pictured below. I do also like that you check if the player is stuck, so that you can remind them of the restart button.


Thanks for your feedback!

Looks like there was a bit too much timing-based levels, like this one. You needed to get to the lower blue reset tile, then move right, then press up when you are just before the conveyor.

I'm definitely going to redesign the levels if I update the game.


Well done. You made interesting puzzles out of a very simple mechanic like this.  My own game is a bit similar to this.

I did feel like there was a lag in input detection. Are you snapping the roomba? I never got stuck due to  being off by one pixel to the wall. If the lag is due to the snapping then it's no problem.

Presentation is also good. The music fits and so do the beep boop sound effects.

Overall, great job! I think you can release this as full fledged casual puzzle game with more polish and levels.


Yes, the game is actually grid-based, and the robot's position is snapped to it. Seems like it's not obvious for everyone, so now I'm thinking about adding small pauses between moving from tile to tile. Although I sort of like that smooth movement I've got here, so I'm not sure about it yet.

Thanks for your feedback!


The great art and soundtrack kept me going when I got stuck by the later puzzles. Really simple but clever mechanic that's explored fully through the level design. Great job!

Submitted (1 edit)

simple but effective. i like it. well done. 5/5


Good puzzler you've got here, simple to understand but tricky enough to make you think ahead.


Such a simple and ellegant premise, yet there are so many neat levels and the execution is on point and it fits the theme so well.   
The tutorial levels are done so well. What actually took me the longest to grasp was the main mechanic.  
I expected the short music loop, although really nice, would get on my nerves, but it didn't.

The only thing I was missing was the ability to look around the level, but the levels are short enough that this isn't a problem at all.


Simple to understand and a great take on the theme; perfectly connects 'out of control' into a core puzzle mechanic & also introduces new elements at an easy-to-learn pace. Congrats on the amazing submission!


I admit I was skeptical that the mechanics would be fun over the span of a full game after the first few puzzles.

But I'm glad I hung in past a few more because it really really works -- congrats on proving me wrong with smart puzzle design!

I was also impressed by the level of polish. Specifically, including auto-restart prompt in a 48 hour game is not something I was expecting. 

Visuals didn't have quite the same level of polish for me as your mechanics and puzzle design --- which isn't really a criticism, It's an invitation to say I'd love to see what happens when you collab with an artist.


The puzzles are nicely done and the mechanics fit the theme well. The music and sounds effects are very good. 


Loved the art style, the puzzles were pretty interesting, and it matches really well with the theme!


The music and art fit really well, the puzzles are well done, and the mechanic makes it more fun, it’s a really good game.


Nice music dood


That's the worst roomba I've ever seen.

For me at least, you somehow managed to make a square box that beeps cute. The soundtrack is a little techno bop which I love. It's an original idea that's executed incredibly well and I love everything about this game.


Fun game! It took me a few levels till I realized how I controlled the robot, which is part of the fun. 

I like that as the game progresses new types of puzzle elements are introduced. It once took me a moment to realize where the robot was positioned at the start of a level, as it blended in with the structural blocks of the level (both have the same color, although the robot has a few pixels of green/orange/red). Perhaps you can increase the color difference more between these. A few times the movement did feel off.

Overall excellent game!

Developer (3 edits)

Hi there!

Could you elaborate a bit more on the movement? Like, does it react with a delay (because the game is actually grid-based so it probably does)? Or, perhaps, switching from straight to diagonal movement happens late? As there are other people that have pointed out that movement is off, I'd like to know what's going on so I can fix it and avoid such mistakes later.

Thanks for your review!


Great little game! Having to use opposing forces to straighten out is a fun puzzle mechanic. Good work!


Great Game! Love the simple art, and the many levels you made!

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