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oh hey

i wanted to but i caught  a fever right before the jam. thanks!

i would have but unfortunately i got a fever right before the jam started.

i dont think you will be blowing anyone away with your second game but sure, i'll hit you up on discord. pass me your username

i'm on windows. the font was blurry

"i got horny"

Thanks! Could you tell me more about debug builds?

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The mouse stays in the center if you click on the screen (at least in the downloadable version). I use EDSF instead of WASD for accessibility

i had the idea of making a one pixel maze game, inspired by the one bit jam hahah

it feels average? i mean yeah i agree

it's the demo for the game i'm making for lowrezjam. It'll be a demake of A Short Hike

is this bootleg nuclear throne

accessibility for people with other keyboards

Looks like someone's taken shrooms before

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I dislike the idea because it might make some people affirm their depressed mental state and mental loop. Not fun at all and less of a game than an interactive experience. Just made me sad

The rock obstacles are not fun, maybe a ramp or speed-uppper like in a racing game and bigger lawns could have made it a bit more fun, overall decent job

fully agree here

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The visuals look okay but could be more punchy. I think it's a great idea, the Waves of monsters and each time a judge places a different condition; but it was executed poorly in the game play and choice of music. Fighting a horde of monsters shouldn't feel like watching a youtube kids video

The background is awful and looks like hell vomit, especially when going fast. Aside from that, the camera is a bit too jolty but feels good.  I almost got to level 5

Nice music dood

i think around 200,000

You did good! I see that Downwell and were your main inspirations here. The only thing that's missing is a mechanic to make it unique, and endlessly replayable. Maybe look to Nuclear Throne for that, haha

The bullets pass through the rocks when going really fast

It really lacks feedback. For a shooter game like this, there should be more stakes. Like, the effects just happen on their own without you wanting them to, would have been better. Screenshake, flashes, sounds when the enemies die and you hit them, ect. And the map lacks level design or strategic value too.

I feel like the movement code was very bad and hindered the gameplay. The visuals and music are really nice and fit the game. Maybe also the distance traveled should be less, and more attacks and varied gameplay would complete this one. Some games are harder to complete in jam time, haha

I enjoyed the part about strategizing and planning your life dots.  Maybe more of that and less running into the walls, hahah. I feel like running into the wall should be penalized, but not as much as plain moving. The ambient music and sound effects are good

Needs sound effects and polish, good job for making something and completing it though

I was thinking of adding a slider and spikes, maybe 10 levels too but we all ran out of time hahahah

this is definitely going in the top 100

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Nice, another Godot dev! Since Godot can do it, always export as many builds as you can, so everyone can play. Some sound effects or dungeon music could have been nice, and a clearer tutorial. I liked it though

Fantastic idea! The visuals and audio were premade but fit the game nicely. 5/5 on all fronts my dude. Maybe a more intuitive way of controlling the sliders would work better

I really enjoyed slamming into stuff, but maybe if you could control the rhino better it would be fun. I'm thinking a multiplayer game where you slam into other people. Overall, it was a very visceral, sexual experience to play this one, but the controls could be better and still fit the theme.

I think that a bit of screen shake and some fire-y explosions could make the game a bit more fitting to the game play. The screen being still is just eh, but aside from that good job

it says how to play in the start menu

I always try to make my games a clean, complete package. Even if I sometimes drop features I originally wanted 

You uploaded the file wrong. Look up how to upload different builds before your first time, cause the exe doesn't contain the game

also i couldn't really play much because it kept bugging me out

I feel like the car accel is way too slow. In general, all things about this game are too slow. a fast, action racing game where you hastily avoid obstacles and they explode if you crash? yeah that would have worked. Idk, it just feels bland. sorry if that was too harsh, haha

Please make a full game out of this! I really enjoyed it and would pay money for a version with a couple dozen songs, or user submitted ones.

aww you just made my day