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Cool game, especially liked the alchemy table style of upgrading, would have loved to see more attack affecting upgrades like the triple shot tho.
My main gripe would be the player can't quick travel from each portal and has to go thru heaven each time instead.

I played it on steam, but donated here instead of buying the soundtrack which should give the devs a bigger cut.

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Great visuals and audio. At first I though the speedup from entering the starboxes was a bug but then I noticed a bunch of shortcuts that make use of that as a mechanic so I retried a bunch of times and I had great fun.

This's my PB

I encountered 1 small bug - I jumped when leaving the penultimate room and I got teleported to a previous level.

A quick restart would have been nice (I tried R and ESC) and some colliders could be a tad more forgiving (mainly the jellyfish and the corridor in the "soft-lock" level).

It's been fine till day 5. This one just gets a nope from me after 1 try.

Great game,  but there are things that made it rather tedious IMO

  • the main loop got repetitive and could have been shorter
  • the life pickup levels could have been just multiple respawn points instead of having to redo the whole thing
  • dodge traversal was not super interesting by itself and when I got careless and died I was simply frustrated that I had to repeat that

And finally while the boss is really neat it's just gets way too frustrating

  • shots in the second half come out immediately after which felt cheap everytime even when I knew it would happen
  • Some waves might cause the player to take contact dmg on spawn
  • Bullets can't be destroyed by using space except the special projectile that can hurt the boss
  • The 5th way with the boss shooting too felt like way too much coupled with the fact it gets quite long to get back upto that wave
  • No health pick-ups - really? 

Also I got the crash mentioned by inarsy, just once though.

I had a blast

I really enjoyed this, though I think it's just too hard.
It's rather difficult to avoid the enemy projectiles. Snaking my way around mostly worked, but didn't feel super fun. I reckon the enemy projectiles could have been slower too.
Also dying immediately after crashing into a rock or the shore just seems way too harsh. 

My inputs got stuck a few times resulting in death which was rather frustrating, but that might have been a me problem.

Thanks. It sometimes panics unfortunately - sorry about that. Not an oversight exactly - just didn't have time to fix it and it happened very rarely after dying, so it was fairly low prio.

That's a fair point. Part of this I wanted it to make it more uneasy than hard but it's also due to the janky enemies.

Maybe items should not be physics objects?

Oh, yeah - I wanted to mention that - riding up an ammo pack/jumping on it felt a bit janky too. I'd def prefer them to be just pickups, not collidable items.

 I also want to respawn the tower kit if the player falls with it because that can totally ruin the first wave for new players.

I actually quite like the fact the player has to be careful when carrying an item - I thought it was clever that falling down wasn't a game over but still had a cost.

Also low hanging fruit - multiple items can be carried but at the cost of reduced mobility.
Sorry for the back-seat-design - I tend to do that when I really like some idea 😁

A here I was thinking armaments is word used only in Elden Ring 😁

The premise is neat, but, as mentioned by others, it def got quite tedious at the end.
The gun felt quite nice, so I was said to just overheat it. You are lucky we've got national insurance in my country, otherwise you'd be getting a bill for RSI-induced injuries.

It was only very slightly, but I'd venture a guess it was actually 'cause of the auto-stepping as there was a lot of sudden movements that were out of my control.

Very nice puzzles and I wouldn't have minded playing a bit longer. However, I was not a fan of combining the the puzzles with execution, ie. the timed lasers.

I had a blast. I really liked having to decide between placing towers while making the platforming harder. I actually think this covers the theme - the side-effect of defense is worse mobility.
The controls felt great (was using a pad). The pitch reminds me of Aegis Defenders which I'm yet to play.

Here's a list of nitpicks and/or wishes in no particular order (and some if not most are probably just due to time constraints):

  • pick-up colliders are a bit wonky/small
  • players should be able to remove towers and place down/throw away pick-ups
  • the initial period after placing the 1st tower is kinda boring, esp. when the player slaps right next to the spawn area and then waiting 30 s for the next one
  • after filling the map with enough towers, the tower pickup is kinda useless - might be cool if it could be used to upgrade towers
  • the music loop is short and while nice, it got on my nerves quite quickly
  • it's possible to fall of the map just by placing a tower (nothing is lost but still)
  • it's hard to know what the enemies are actually doing - in my hard run I thought I was doing fine and then lost 2 HP 'out of nowhere' - a minimap might be nice
  • the towers felt weak - I reckon spawning way more weaker enemies and making the towers shoot faster (so bigger ammo packs) might feel nicer

In most cases I don't think jam games are worth post-jam version let alone an actual release, but I'd love to see this go further.

I very much enjoyed and as has been mentioned already, it's reminiscent of Inscryption.

The board is clear except the attacking animation goes to the center instead of straight which confused me at first thinking it was always attacking the tower/the player and not the card across.

The card play is really neat, but I was missing an overkill feature. On large I could setup the perfect quad-pitchfork and it wouldn't help and the large tower variant seems too rng dependant to my liking. The medium one was a nice challange for a jam though.

I was super hyped when I was a deck building interactive conversation sim, but then there was no deckbuilding 🙁
Anyway, I don't play much story-based stuff, but the writing was really nice and the artstyle is just lovely. Got the infamous crash on my 2nd playthrough.

Yeah, Godot is definitely more evolved in terms of its feature set.

If by an interface you meant an editor, then I don't think that's gonna happen in time for .11 - the actual UI system has to be polished enough to allow for that (since the editor itself is gonna be built in bevy I think). As for the UI, I think that's being reworked.

There's  this plugin as a crutch before the actual editor comes. It's not amazing, but still quite helpful when inspecting the ECS data.

It shows 🙂

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Really fun game to play with a great take on the theme and a very nice music track that fits well and doesn't get stale super fast. I also appreciate the fast forward button. It could have been faster actually🙂

I'd have liked the ability to move the last placed tile after realising it works differently than excepted (the laser tower) and to see the stats of already placed towers when picking a new one.

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The trippy effects are really nice, but I think it's a bad fit for a platformer. The first 2 lvs are fine, the 3rd one is a tad tedious and the final one is just an exercise in frustration.
On top of that, the char controller is super slidy. I saw a comment below saying you were going for an SMB feel, but from what I remember, it wasn't that crazy even when sprinting.
Also  I don't there's any coyote time or it's super short. To be fair the controls are very consistent and their some snapping to platforms too.

My second time took slightly below 3 mins. I'm not gonna talk about my 1st try...

Loved it! Shame about the lack of audio and undo. Luckily I was careful not to mess-up during lvl 12 😁.

Feels really nice. I'd have played way longer but I try to avoid mouse-only based games to avoid wrist pain. It's also less precise on a trackball (and I'm also quite bad 😁).

And how did you find bevy?

Looking forward to future jams!

Do you think you might switch or are you planning on using it just for bevy jams and sticking to Godot?

Loads of this comes down to balancing or lack there of. Sure, premade lvls would come out nicer, but the procgen lvls could be also much closer if they were tweaked properly.

Thank you for trying to repro the issue btw.

While quite simple I haven't seen quick counting/tallying as a game-mechanic and the bird theme is nice.

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Nice puzzle, but not sure why the last one took me so long to get right. I really appreciate the option to skip levels in a jam game. I didn't have to use it, but it's still great to see it.

Thx for playing. For lvl design pls see reply above.

Sorry... but also thank you.

Thank you 🙂

I'm not sure hand-crafted levels would be the same. Restarting a level would rob the player of the  initial discovery unless you mean creating a pool of levels which might be hard for a jam game.  Either that or stitching it from hand-made chunks/rooms could work.

Sorry the game crashed. Was that maybe after entering a portal? I think I encountered that a few times but didn't have time to fix it unfortunately.

Thank you. I think it's a neat idea (not biased at all), but I don't think it could headline a bigger release as the main mechanic.


I've never played Duskers. It looks super interesting though.

The music is really nice and didn't get stale even when surviving till the last stage.  
The East tower has fallen though 🙁

Gotta say, the last enemy type made me chuckle.

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You’re already a secret pocket cat, how can you be both?

Maybe I just want to think I'm a pocket kitty to overlook the fact I'm actual a ducky. Who saw this one coming? Not me...

I might be a bit sleep deprived from the jam.

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Really nice, I was hoping for more puzzles with the synced blocks.
I really appreciate there's an undo - that's quite rare for jam games.

I'm getting  a slight uncanny valley feel from this. Not sure why, maybe I'm secretly a duck...
I really like the tweening of the duck, the only thing there is a rotation, but theat might have been skipped cause the shadows are baked?

Same here - I was intrigued, but clicking items just removed them and even if tried to use one of the 'consume n of x', it still seemingly did nothing.

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Sorry if I sounded like a dick. I do mean well.
Making a solid controller is def no easy feat and I still haven't done so in bevy.

This twitter thread from the maker of Celeste is def worth a read (thought some stuff is pretty advanced).

And this is pretty cool too.

I had fun and the best I got was 10, but the controls/char controller stopped me from playing more.


  • no coyote time 
  • bad air control (just flipping directions?)
  • the side/wall collision sometimes wouldn't trigger
  • the ice platforms would sometimes slide and sometimes not so much
  • I just hate inverted controls, but that might be purely a me thing

To be fair, If the controls were tighter I would probably still be playing.

Also, the layout is a bit to RNG dependent. The start (before the player can jump on the fist platform) can take up to 8s and the text icons were quite far away from the player to check them mid-play.

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Gotta be honest, I got slightly motion sick when playing this. Also I'm smelling the new rapier character controller based on the auto-stepping. 😁

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I tried many times (at least 5), but any investment I make is not worth as I always get less energy back no matter if I eat apples or donut, I just always run out of energy. I think the game might be time-dependent.

edit: I was correct. When I switched my monitor to 60Hz (mine is usually 100) it became playable and was finally able to rescue the piggy.

The artstyle is really neat.

My main gripe would be lack of feedback. Even after finishing the game I still don't know when I actually pick up corn and what's the point of the mud patches.
Also, the number checking logic is off by 1 (i.e. 11 corn is needed to buy an apple for 10).

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Mission accomplished (I actually still had 7 s left 🙂)

Neat game and the pixelart is just lovely. SFX would go a long way, but I'd assume that was on the todo list 😁

The punishment for catching too many feels too rough though, i'd either lose time or lose all the chickens (or maybe just half).

This is a really cool puzzle game and super polished too. The core mechanics are simple but combine really well.

A few tiny nitpicks:

  • some interactions don't feel intuitive
    • namely the sticky one - I would expect the character to rotate just by 90 deg there

  • a reset binding for gamepads would be nice
  • probly too many lvls for a jam game actually
  • undo would be so nice (but I totally get it's a jam entry and it probly was on the nice list)
  • a lvl name/number to able to refer to specific lvls when complaining about them being too hard 😁

I got stumped on this one tho

Also found a funny infinite-jump softlock 😁