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This is deceptively fun. At least I think I'm having fun. Am I having fun or just doing work of some sort? I keep on playing, anyhow.

Dang, this seems hard!

I think that the web version of the game is having trouble recognizing ctrl+click on a macbook touchpad as a right click, unfortunately.

Pretty cool!

I wish the colors were a little more visually distinct. Blue/green/varoius shades of gray are a bit close, IMHO.

And it seems like the RNG can be a bit brutal. Maybe you could throw the player a bone in the beginning of the game and just prevent too long of a stream without generating a needed shape?

Cute, and pretty fun!

That makes sense. I'll keep you in mind for future projects that may be compatible.

Just want to make sure that I'm reading correctly.

Is your licensing compatible with an open source game in a "pay whatever you feel like" setup? Seems like no.