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Still the best itchio game of all time

Really showed that fish whos boss huh. NES ninja turtles water level vibes

Very unique mechanic, great use of the theme

Lots of personality, love it

Really good once you get the hang of it

Amazing entry. Cute concept, suprisingly fun gameplay. If you ask me, its also a role reversal of those mobile games you see on ads where two people have to go from A to B without bumping into eachother. Loved the intro cutscene lol

There's not a lot to say really. Extremely polished, very enjoyable experience. A straight up game.

Clever game. Nice gameplay, nice art, nice music

Thank you so much!!! and yeah, i'm very surprised this interpretation of the theme wasn't more common, so far the only other game i've seen that has a similar premise is dietzribi's UVZU

Underrated. Love the premise of playing as the guys you usually shoot at/sneak through. Really liked the jam model and effects: The break room was a nice touch teaching you how tha jam works by showing the jammed camera and having the hoop with the ball, wouldve been awesome if it played a little party horn with some particles everytime you scored. Loved the Announcer gags, they're subtle enough that they don't feel "in your face". Wonder what happened to henchman 529.

Puzzles were a bit simple, but i can see them being expanded. Maybe you could make it so walking into the camera's field of view is a bad thing.

Very relaxing, cute game. Amazing art

very good presentation, sounds are satisfying. I feel like the puzzles are a bit more simple, but definitely has potential

Very good game, stellar presentation. I love how some ingredients mix up the controllers like the butterfly giving you infinite jumps or the skeleton being heavier.

Few suggestions:

Set possess and reverse to the same key

Make the mite jump automatically when reverted

Make the game run on a tiny timer that resets every time a recipe is done instead of a large timer that simply ends

Very cute artstyle and sounds

Cool idea, i suggest adding FNAF style cameras so i don't get lost

(and by that i mean having a minimap that shows you the map layout and clicking to see each camera individually)

funny little game, ending catched me off guard

I can just tell most of production went into the bread minigame, before that i was just following along the bit but my jaw dropped when that part played

First game i see that has a slightly similar idea to the one i had, only you executed it way better. Awesome game

Took me a bit to figure out why sometimes i could drift and other times i couldnt, but once i did it was stellar fun. I love the effort put into the juice and the animation for the laser gun is fantastic. Very cool take on the theme. Fire game

Very creative and really fun. I couldnt for the life of me solve puzzle 5

Funny idea, great art

A bit frustating, but satisfying when you get the hang of it

Breakout but pvz. Pretty cool

Reminds me of the chomper from garden warfare, very satisfying to eat a lot of dudes at once

I love the random arcadey roles like a golfball just randomly exploding lol

Solid game. Great artwork

Rly cute animations, i feel like you could expand a lot on the staffs mechanic

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I love the stress of managing. It's a reaaaaally fun game but it feels unfair when youre forced to sacrifice health :(

Maybe don't spawn the fastest guys at the beggining? I dunno

Fun game, Cool graphics

Though at the end it gets slightly easier, i feel like i cheated on lvl 9 and 10

Damn, it's kinda hard. Well executed

Though go a bit easier on the colors, i feel like the background is too vibrant

Amazing. Definitely the best one i've played so far. I love how EVERYTHING in the game supports the fact that it should be fast-paced, not-so-much-thinking movement

I meant spinning the dice by clicking followed by moving the mouse around and then throwing it when its released yeah

Also, maybe add an option to choose between gems or health after every battle so it isnt as harsh

Theres some serious potential here, theres just a few things i would change

-The block spawning makes the game a bit too easy so maybe have it break after a bunch of turns (every turn change the frame where it gradually becomes more broken) (this could also make it so you cant mindlessly end the turn until you get a good set up)

-Have it so the abilities dont reset when you end turn (maybe this was done on purpose by design so idk)

Overall a solid game and i enjoyed my time with it, 4/5

Fun game, have some feedback !

Didnt get the point of the rocket rooms, died a few times no big deal, walked right past em

Didnt get the point of slowing you down while holding the cube either, only slowed down time between rooms in my perspective

In the room right after the swapping places ability is unlocked, im pretty sure youre supposed to throw the cube through the gap but the throw isnt strong enough so instead i used the brain ability which served as a big jump and helped me "solve" the puzzle which leads me to my next point

I loved that in some rooms you can use more than 1 ability to solve it to not make some of them redundant so it isnt as annoying when the dice doesnt land where you want it too. For example, in the room where you have to use the magnet power and platform on the cube i fell down and couldnt get back up so i solved it by using the big jump from the brain power. Or when the button is on the ceiling you can either use the brain to use the jump, jump again and press it, or use the swapper throw it at the right time and press it. I do feel like this wasnt intentional and could be greatly expanded though so heres some suggestions:

-make the blast from the explosion power give you a rocket jump (a small one to not make the jump from the brain redundant, or bigger but harder to control, idk)

-make the jump from the brain power higher

-make it so you can stand on top of the cube when its moving with the magnet ability

-the jump from the brain power probably wasnt intended so maybe make that as the 6th power up idk

These already sound a hard to implement and also make the game a bit more platformey but they sound cool in my head so you do you

didnt really understand the mechanics and what the dice dictates but it has good visuals

despite being mostly luck based, it was pretty fun for the first few tries (which is why im grateful you can supposedly only play it 3 times a day although that didnt work for some reason) and since you knew there was a coin flip chance to get a cactus you had to consider all the options

got all the diamonds and fruit, sad that the star dissapears forever when i die once : (

Excellent presentation, music was good and fit the game,  levels made me feel smart once i figure them out

just wish the restart was faster and that it didnt let you move while the transition is playing

Nice visuals, too easy

Loved this one, wish you could roll the dice manually instead of it just getting thrown in the table

only complain is that the pacing is rather slow, especially since when you lose you go alll the way back to the start, which makes me want to stop playing after a few tries

overall a solid game and a complete experience, 4/5

Finished it first try! i wish grabbing  extra shields would serve as extra health (but maybe that wasnt done on purpose by design)

Music was exciting but chill enough for it to not be annoying

I appreciate that you couldve easily used a red sword instead of a skull but didnt, likely for accessibility 

5/5, definitely a winner

man, the art guy really knocked it out of the park

nice and simple