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We've updated to version 2.2 with some significant UI improvements, including many of the ones you mentioned.

Take a look! SpaceBus v2.2

Thank you!

Thank you!

This is a really fun entry! The world set up is really impressive. The first few times I played, I was distracted by how nice the background looked. Great work!

Thanks for the feedback! We've improved the UI and added a tutorial for the next update, and have fixed the tool dropping bug . We may need to do some more tuning on how the engine power scales, but we also want it to get harder the more things break, so that the difficulty ramps up and the player feels like things are hard to keep under control.

Thanks for playing!

Thank you!

This is a really cool game! From the controls down to the atmosphere, it feels very well thought-out and polished. Great job!

This is interesting! I had trouble figuring out the controls, and it wasn't until I came to the comments that I realized I just didn't understand the mechanics. I agree a tutorial would be really helpful. Fun game once I figured it out! Nice job!

Haha it happens. It's a fun little game! It would be fun to see where it winds up if you decide to keep updating it. We'd love your feedback on our game as well, if you haven't done so already. SpaceBus

Haha of course! We'd love your feedback on our game as well, if you haven't done so already. SpaceBus

Of course! Excited to see what else you add to this. We'd love your feedback on our game as well, if you haven't done so already. SpaceBus

Wow, this is such thorough feedback. Thank you! Thanks for sharing that link - that will be very helpful as we continue to balance this.

For the pipe breaking, there is a set number of pipes that will break during each wave/flight (it increases each flight). At the start of each flight, a random point in the duration of that wave is selected, and that's when the break is triggered. In the future, we might alter that so the same machine can't break twice in a row like that so that it doesn't feel like your repair is wasted.

For the SpaceBus Power bar, it wasn't explained super well in the jam version of the game, but it's a combination of thrust (% of working machines) vs weight (number of passengers) - so as more machines break, the energy will drop faster. But you can eject passengers to drop the weight below the thrust and make the SpaceBus power stop  falling or start rising back up toward 100% again. In a future version, we'll make this relationship more clear.

I agree 100 might be too obvious. Maybe 140 instead of 160? So it kind of catches you off-guard right before you hit 150. Either way, nice job and I'm excited to see what you do with this! We'd love your feedback on our game as well, if you haven't done so already. SpaceBus

Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback! After hearing a few people compare it to Overcooked, I think there's definitely the potential to turn this into a multiplayer coop. We'll see!

This is a really funny little game. The dialogue was funny, but could have moved a bit faster. Nice work!

Thank you!

This is a really funny twist on the clicker genre. It might need to trigger the AI cutscene a little sooner, because I almost gave up when I hit 100 and nothing happened. Although maybe I'm just too impatient. Nice work!

This was really funny. Ambidextrose was my favorite part. Nice job!

This is a really fun concept for controlling a character! It feels like it could use a little bit of tuning in some areas, but it's a super neat idea! Good job!

This is a really silly little game. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Nice work!

This is a really fun little game experience. I'm not sure if I found it more fun or frustrating, but it definitely takes me back to the days of trying to bend the dumb little worm-light to point at the screen. Nice job!

This is a fun little puzzler! I don't think I ever felt "out" of control, so much as I felt like I had to think carefully about my controls. Which is still a fun idea. Good work!

Got it. I'm excited to see what you come up with in future updates! We'd love your feedback on our game as well, if you haven't done so already. SpaceBus

This is neat! I like the new take on this sort of puzzle mechanic by adding the carpet-rolling. Good work!

This is fun! It's a bit of a shame that it doesn't seem like you can move diagonally, which was frustrating. But that may just be a bug on the WebGL version? Not sure. Nice job, either way!

This is a really clever idea! It was tuned well so nothing ever felt too difficult. If the cars were much faster or if turning wasn't as precise, this would probably be a bit too tough. Great work!

This is a really cool little puzzle game, and the sounds are very satisfying. Nice work!

This is a fun little web game! Not a whole lot to it, but I enjoy that you added the leaderboard to give it replay value. Nice work!

This is a really nice card-based game. Feels well-balanced and fun to play! Good job!

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I've started to notice that as well. In our next update, we've changed it so duct tape is the default response if you don't have the correct tool. We've also considered expanding the level, but I think for now we're going to focus on balancing what we have and only add more if it feels necessary.

Thanks for playing!

Of course! We'd love your feedback on our game as well, if you haven't done so already. SpaceBus

Thank you for your detailed feedback! I definitely agree that as-is, it still needs some balancing. When I play for long enough, it's easy to get into a rhythm where you can stay ahead of the game and nothing really breaks. In the future we plan to add a few more things that can break, including possibly incorporating additional single-use tools, e.g. things will catch fire and you have to go get a Fire Extinguisher.  Thanks again for taking the time to review and comment, and I hope you'll play the updated version when it gets released!

Oh! That's really helpful to know. Thanks for point that out!

Thanks for the feedback! The plan is to add a few more small machines to break (like the pipes), but we didn't have time to get those in before the deadline. Thanks for playing!

Haha no worries. It's still a super fun game, and it looks very polished, so I think you made the right choice given the time constraint. We'd love your feedback on our game as well, if you haven't already given it. SpaceBus

Good tip! I think I just need to work on my patience. 🙃  We'd love your feedback on our game as well, if you haven't done so already. SpaceBus

Good feedback, thank you! We have a system set up where during each flight/wave, there's a set number of pipes that will break. The number goes up for each flight, but the interval between the breaks is random. So sometimes all of the  breaks will happen at the same time, although they're usually more spread out. I think preventing too many back-to-back breaks is something we'll try to tune out in the future. Thanks again!

Thanks for playing! Those 2 things are actually connected - we're planning to make this more clear in our next update. The power bar is based on the number of working machines compared to the weight of the passengers, so if you start losing power you can jettison passengers to slow down the bar and buy yourself some time. 

Thanks for playing! We're updating the tutorial to be clearer in a release that we're going to push through after voting closes. Basically, if too many machines are broken, you lose power faster. You can jettison passengers to lighten your load and bring your engine power back up to give you more time to fix things.

We have SFX ready to go! We just didn't get to submit that version before the deadline. Thanks again for the feedback!