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Reset button has been added!

Currently planning out enemies, I welcome any and all ideas :)

I'm fully on board, it's just a lack of time at the moment. I'll try to get back into this one soon though. Really wish I could do this as an actual job

Sorry it wasn't more easily understandable.

Once you understand the lie mechanic it does become fair. If you pay attention to the background you can tell when the clown is lying to you about what to do. You can only burn the creatures when he is lying. It is definitely possible to light both the dogs and bats on fire if you are following the lies. Lighting them on fire prevents the hand from sending them back.

The instructions alternate between the truth and lies. To succeed, you have to switch between doing as your told and ignoring it to light the enemies on fire. I'll admit it's not well hinted at in game, but we hoped that some of the fun would come from figuring out what the lie mechanic was and how to work with it.

We should have telegraphed it better - pay attention to the background and keep an eye on how changes there affect the enemy behavior. That should help.

Glad you enjoyed what you played tho :)

There is a way, this is something that I keep kicking myself for not hinting at better. Pay attention to the background and you'll be able to tell when you need to avoid them and when you need to burn.

I would say the base movement speed is fine, it's mainly the friction that stood out to me. It's not terrible, but if you aren't used to it, it is noticable. I fell off the edge of a few platforms that I felt I shouldn't have because I kept moving a bit too much after I stopped.

Wasn't expecting it to be so sad. Gameplay could definitely use some beefing up, but the theming you've got could be a good base (especially with that somber music).

As others have said, great job on the art. The gameplay is a bit too loose and unwieldy unfortunately.

Very interesting... would have liked some way to determine when the rules switched, and that fall speed really needs to be increased (maybe with the ability to move left/right in the air)

Thanks, glad you liked it :D

The volume changing is totally a bug - it was supposed to just fade between audio tracks when you get to a new phase. At the last minute I was going through and toning down the volumes on everything but messed up on that part.

Overall a solid game. There a few a technical things that you could clean up, but I liked what you have here. For example, some coyote time on jumping would be much appreciated, rebindable keys (many people don't like to use a direction button for jumping and prefer space), and a faster walk speed would all serve to heighten what you have here. Atmosphere is top notch.

Well done :)

A neat take on the reveal mechanic, I quite like how it makes you think as you move. Even as the circle gets bigger, you have to still be careful. One complaint I have is the hit boxes on the base of the saw blades.. why? It makes it very difficult to get past them.

I like the idea, but really didn't like the camera being influenced by the mouse. Made it very difficult to look around and almost gave me motion sickness. If you removed that, and maybe had the spotlight size/shape adjust by how much you move the mouse (holding it still lets it get a bit bigger?) this would be really great.

A fun little game. Broke my brain in a few spots, but I figured it out and got to the end :)

Came for the music and art, stayed for the cheeky subversion. Good job guys

You have an interesting idea with that possession mechanic, curious where you could go from there. As is it is very bare bones.

Very cheeky, but a fun idea. Could be neat if expanded as a mobile game.

Interesting idea, but execution could use some work (as evidenced by previous comments) and the theme is lacking.

I have the same complaint (chrome). It's just so snappy and almost gives me motion sickness

Interesting idea, but very finicky to control. I think you need to put more limits on the swinging, and maybe give another way to move around. Perhaps you can walk left and right, but not jump?

I don't know what I expected, but it wasn't that. Got a good chuckle.

Lol I really wanted to play a racing game :P Well done, the controls feel pretty tight and the lies are done well. I do wish the vertical camera follow speed was increased - when falling you can't tell where you will land because the character is at the bottom of the screen very quickly..

Good game though :)

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Really fun idea, I would love a difficulty select or tutorial area to get acclimated to playing it. It's tricky to get good in the moment. Good job overall though, and great presentation :)

Time to rest my brain though.

I really like the idea here, it's a nice puzzle-y game. Really my biggest complaint is that you can't move while in the air and you are slippery on the ground. This makes it difficult for the precise platforming needed.  Just increasing the ground friction, and allowing for slight movement in the air would make this much better, but it's definitely a nice base for a game. Good job :)

Really fun game idea, but I am super confused about the ending... how do you get the other ones? I played twice - once I collected every coin (cookie?) and once I collected none. Both times I go the neutral ending.

This was our spooky game, hope you like it

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Glad you liked it :D

We originally wanted to have more obstacles and player interactions, but trying to get things done while having to work during the day made that difficult so instead we settled for what you played

Stage 4 was meant to get ridiculous and become impossible, glad you liked it :D

Glad you liked it! I think FriedClam did an outstanding job with the art

It's always a treat to see your art

What happens when you try to run it? Seems to work fine for me and others...

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Paint me senpai!

Fair enough. Glad you enjoyed it though! If we go further there will definitely be an actual challenge. The centipede was supposed to be the first of several creatures that could hurt you, but timing got the better of me so instead I focused on polishing what we had and making sure we had the transitions and main controls working well.

Getting the blob effect was very tricky. Took like 5 iterations before I settled on what we have now. It still needs some work, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

Really like it, it's a bit iffy when moving around those bottomless pits but this would be super cool to play with a touch screen :D

He's just so darn happy :D

Really great game, simple but satisfying. Got a lot of good game juice, could definitely see this being a mobile game on the market.

Well done :D

Haha I love it!

It may be a stretch, but we've got 1 button control, 1 expanding level, and the blob is absorbing creatures into itself to make 1 bigger blob.

I checked yours out after seeing Mark play it, it's a very neat puzzle idea. I can definitely see myself playing a more polished version, though to be fair it kinda breaks from the theme too since you're amassing an army of minions you can use :p

It's just happy accidents :p