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that makes sense then, and I do want to reiterate that it's a neat idea :)

Far too easy, made it through without dodging or parrying. I think it's a neat idea you've got but it needs more polish for the players movements to feel better and to up the difficulty of the enemies so you cant just run circles around them to the exit.

Cool idea, felt a lot like using the half life 2 gravity gun.

Very neat idea, I just wish there was a visible arc to see where your jump will send you.

An interesting mechanic, but I think it could be better with some polish. The enemies and their bullets move very slow which can make it feel tedious at times, and the bullets being able to hit each other is cool from a defensive perspective, but can make shooting some enemies difficult.

Definitely a neat idea, I second treewyn that touching enemies should hurt you. As is, your only goal is to absorb shots with nothing to avoid.

I really like the base idea here, definitely would be cool to see it expanded. I'm not super keen on the destructible walls that block the letters, but they are satisfying to blow up :)

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Felt a lot like the Stanley Parable, would have been fun to have some more ways to mess with the narrator. Like maybe you can't easily quit, or something. Or turning down the volume doesnt work.

Kind of an interesting idea, but it leaves a lot of room for growth.

Very neat idea that I'd like to see expanded, but I'm not sure how well it fits the theme. You didn't really remove jumping, so much as add that everything else jumps when you do.

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I really like this idea, very puzzley.  So glad that I could "thank Sam Jacobsen" at the end :D

For anyone who has trouble installing like I did, try disabling your anti-virus.

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This is spookily similar to my game even down to the term Gravity Well! I didn't decide to remove movement though, just the guns.

You've got some good stuff here, if a bit difficult to wrap my head around at first :)

I like it a lot, feels really good overall. I echo some of the other comments about getting stuck in spots, and also wonder if there's a nice way to do an aim assist when the next node is far away from your current one.

Very nice presentation. Too easy, and minimal on the game play side, but feels pretty good.

I like the general idea, but echo the other comments saying there should be more control. 1 think that I really would like would be to see the spawned barriers not be able to be at the edge of the current playable area. They would often spawn there making them useless against the enemies without me needing to take damage. Maybe have a margin that they spawn within.

A neat idea, but definitely feels clunky. The coins didn't seem to get picked up, and sometimes I had to hit space a few times for it to register correctly. With some more time you might have something here.

Thanks, and I agree. I want to add more level/enemy variety and a mechanic to limit the gravity well. I'm currently thinking a slider that moves back and forth depending on the type of gravity you are actively using, and if you max it in either direction that type is disabled or weakened for a time.

thanks, I definitely agree that it needs real progression. 1 infinite wave was the easiest thing to get up and running while I focused on the more important gameplay and feel. I'm thinking structured waves with some more enemy and projectile variety will help a lot

definitely gonna keep it updated with new enemies and mechanic adjustments :)

Thanks man, I totally get what you mean. Sadly as a solo project I have little time for art D:

Please share it around if you really liked it though, I'll try to update it soon with better game play and graphics if I can get an artist on board :)

Solid idea here, would like to see it expanded

Why is this a game jam submission if it was made for a school project?

Very nice, would like some sound effects and maybe bigger particles when jumping and landing so I can better tell if I've successfully jumped off an edge or fallen instead.

Hey hey, this game is similar to the one I made Gravity Well (gotta catch enemy bullets then send them back)

I like the way this one works a lot, my only complaints are the rotation speed and time before you start firing.

I think you need to rework how you determine where to move the shields to based on joystick input, it felt very slow if I just moved the stick from a side, to the center, to the other side instead of smoothly rotating it myself along the edge. In fact, if I moved the joystick to the exact opposite side the shields wouldn't rotate at all.

I also would like maybe a second more before you start firing so you can line up a shot easier, maybe have a visible indicator to show when you are getting ready to fire?

Thank you so much :D it was a lot of fun making it, I'm looking forward to updating it in the future too

Thank you :D I was mostly play testing with a controller, in future I'll try to add mouse support

I was mostly play testing with a controller, I think if I have time later I'll modify it to allow you to use the mouse to control the well. Also thinking through a few ways to limit the gravity well without breaking the game (maybe a slider that goes up and down based on using regular/reverse gravity, if you max it out either way that type of gravity becomes weaker or disabled and you have to use the other)

Thank you :D

Thank you :D

Awesome game, would love to see you expand this with more levels and a way to keep track of your best par.

Thanks for the kind words :)

I find it a lot more to play with a gamepad with 2 joysticks. It should be easy to add mouse, I'll try to do that in the near future. Thinking back on it, that would have been a better keyboard default.

I also want to add some aim assist to help launched items home in a bit if they're close enough to enemies.

Definitely agree, the damages and points that I assigned were very arbitrary mostly to get something there. I also think the gravity well should be limited somehow, not sure if that should be a cool down or ammo.

Chungus! That's a good name for a toolbar.