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Thanks :)

I think the main interaction should remain (you can hit whenever). The tricky part with the 2 balls swinging around is to keep it from being annoying. Like, if I think I lined up a shot but the balls end up going off course cause of randomness then that will feel bad for the player.

How are you playing it - what browser, and mouse or keyboard for menus? I've seen the button animations be a bit weird on mobile, but in chrome everything seems fine to me. Could be your mouse and keyboard fighting to have a highlighted button (might modify the cursor logic to hide the mouse when a key is pressed)

Would love some thoughts on the latest build if you have time. I think it addresses a lot of your concerns (cursor is still hidden but should feel a lot better)

I would like to offer some insight and questions.

There is elastic physics between the balls, but only when the player is not supplying any input. This is to prevent the player from simply dragging the red ball to the goal and getting a 0 par. How would you prevent this if the red ball was always being pulled to the blue one?

I agree about the ball swinging while you are shooting being annoying and am looking into alternative ways of control to avoid that. If you don't try to hold your aim then it feels much better.

I personally think the mouse controls are fine (aside from the above concern). It does not matter where you begin to click, it is all relative. Click and drag to the left, blue ball attempts to move to the left of the red ball. The blue ball is essentially your cursor. How do you envision seeing the mouse cursor itself aiding?

That was on purpose (I assume you mean the tutorial text) but I do agree that it could be cleaned up with a more appropriate font. Glad you liked it :)

Must have just been my own timing and aim them

I really like the central mechanic here, it is well implemented and the controls feel nice. I would love some on-screen UI elements to make it clear if I am pointed at something that I can latch on to - I'm thinking some sort of cross-hair, have 1 state for nothing latchable, 1 for latchable but not in range, and 1 for latchable and in range.

For a simple proof of concept, I had a lot of fun just swinging around.

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I really like the idea here! I would like a rework of the dash controls though - the mechanic itself is fun but it was tricky to line up a dash properly with just WASD. Maybe it would be nicer if you dashed into the mouse direction, or if the collision box for taking over an enemy was larger so even if you technically missed you would still get them?

Great job :)

Please ignore my previous comment

Fun game! Needs some polish but it's a very nice base idea and I quite like the theming. One thing I noticed, the direction of my shot didn't depend on the direction I was facing when I clicked, but rather the direction a few frames later. So often I would try to fire then turn to run away, only to fire in the complete opposite direction haha

This is something I see a lot of - UI's are built for 1 specific resolution and do not properly orient or scale based on the screen they are played on. Recommend always checking that before you get too far into your UI building.

On to the game - fun idea, but tricky to play. I'm not sure how many jumps I was supposed to have but I kept being able to get more than 2? Also I did not like that my horizontal movement was halted after a jump, would be nice to decouple those 2 movement speeds.

Fun little game if a bit easy. I agree with another commenter who suggested removing the platforms and leaning into the gravity swinging. Also I think I'd prefer direction switching to toggle when I press the button, not require me to hold it.

thank you so much :)

I like both of those, definitely gonna try and implement and see how they feel. Thanks :D

Thank you :D I'm doing some camera tweaks right now (zoom out based on ball distance and speed) but I'm thinking of adding in direct camera control of some sort (either a pan or zoom). Any thoughts on that?

Thank you :) I think I know what causes the double hit (it is triggered directly off the user input, not the location of the balls) so I can definitely do some tweaking to make that feel tighter.

I've been working on the camera, currently it zooms out based on the distance between the balls or the current speed of them (so when you pull back it zooms out, and when they're flying fast it also zooms out). Could also do some sort of direct camera control to let you pan around maybe.

I've been messing around with the camera. I agree the base camera should be zoomed out a bit, but I'm also playing with having it zoom out more depending on the distance of the 2 balls and the speed they are moving (far away or moving fast = see more of the level). Thoughts?

I personally didn't have a huge issue with the hitboxes, more just spitballing ideas. Though in general I agree that hitboxes for good things should be larger than the model (easier to collide with, select, pick up, etc), and hitboxes for bad things should be smaller (more forgiving when the player just barely grazes a hazard, etc)

Aw yis, perfect score!

Fun idea, and I love the theming haha

Some fun ideas here most definitely. With some tightened up physics and more polished levels (they were very unforgiving) this could really be something cool. Well done.

You could do bigger hitboxes, and in the case where multiple overlap where the player clicked you assume they wanted the one closest to the mouse.

Fun core idea here, but needs some polish. Collisions are way too harsh, I think it would help to tweak the collision models to be a bit smaller so the player's intention is more well translated. Enjoyed what I played :)

Very fun ideas, and a nice take on the move 2 characters theme I've seen across the jam. It would be nice to be able to adjust movement in the air, and to have the blocks be slippery when against walls/ceilings since they would sometimes get stuck if the rope was too stretched. Also, why are the controls wasd if I can only move left and right?

Lots of fun and potential here, though I did find an optimal strategy was to just hide behind the ball and let the enemies walk into it on their own, or pull it towards me and hit them instead of just swinging it around. Playing this way was still fun, though I don't think it was intended

Very neat idea here, would love to see more of this. Shame it was so short, I could see there being a lot of potential in here by tweaking the game field (pits, other hazards) or adding more waits that the other blocks fill and interact with each other (diagonals or rotations?)


Fun idea but unfortunately not playable beyond the first few levels for me. In web player and windows, the game renders partially off screen so I am missing some key information (and was unable to exit the tutorial without closing the game completely)

Very fun idea, needs a bit more polish to truly shine. I enjoyed what I played, though would suggest that the balls be made a bit more forgiving for going through the holes, and the voids also be more forgiving. Maybe some indication that a void was about to consume one of the balls (noise, visual highlight, etc)

Great art, animation, and sounds. Smooth gameplay and controls. As others have said, there needs to be a way to fire people. As is, once you've filled in the desks there's nothing really to do. I could see this being a fun challenge with some more time to flesh out the ideas here.

Beautiful. Great aesthetic, controls are perfect, and the ramp in difficulty was great to teach some more complex moves early.

Glitchy, but I loved it. With some cleanup, polish, and more levels this would be absolutely amazing. The physics of moving portals definitely needs to be reworked, it was just so slow cause the character would get bumped away. And the duplication mechanic was tricky cause too many clones was causing a loop and then I'd arbitrarily lose the level.


Very nice puzzle mechanics and theming! Needs some better conveyance about where you click/release to move body parts, and to know which alien is being controlled. Good job :)

Loved the idea here, but the platforming felt imprecise and that camera hurt my eyes whenever it switched.

As others have said, definitely room for improvement. I didn't dislike the opening text, but the way it scrolled in made it very hard to read.

Fun idea here, I quite liked how the split up mechanic worked but there were a few times where sister spawned in a place that immediately got her hit by an enemy which was not fun :(

Nice concept, and nice execution. A few bugs to work out here and there. Felt a lot like crazy taxi, but repair shop themed haha

Very interesting idea, took me a few failures to get what I was actually supposed to do. With some better conveyance, and changeups to the gameplay this could be really cool.

Fun ideas here. I think the broken buttons could've been handled a bit better, there were times where I had no real way to get past them cause the timing meant they always activated when I didn't want them to. Love the aesthetic and general gameplay though :)

Interesting idea, but very easy. I wish the bullets(?) had more punch to them, overall I think this just needs more polish. Shame about the spawn issue cause I would've liked to play more.

Usually I hate ice physics, but they actually are required here haha

Haha I loved that! Really wasn't sure what to expect, but I had a lot of fun.