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Thanks for the heads up! Played and finished the new version - only got logs in the last level (which I think is the original one?) it's certainly far more enjoyable now! You seem to be experimenting with level shapes as well, I'd suggest trying levels that go in one direction (bottom up, left to right etc) and then having a few branching paths along the way that converge back - that way you maintain the secretness or difficulty of some logs without generating some type of maze. Cheers!

Oh yeah certainly - that falls more in the grounds of more direct communication & proper tutorialization, which has been a common complaint and I wish I’d noticed the issue before submitting.

The submission version’s timer is also way too long... I didn’t manage to balance the 30s base timer so I had to fall back to the 60s one...

Taking damage resetting the delay is also a equalizing mechanic, it’s there to minimize the gap between better players and those having a hard time - kind of “no matter how hard you try or how well you do, you too shall perish”.

You can progress up until you lose the second to last move - then you're in a delayed game over state, you've already lost by that point and you are correct in that regard. You're in a terminal state where you have to move yourself into obstacles to end the suffering/game - otherwise it takes.... about 2 minutes? to end from timing out.

Had some issues with confusing colors (a great deal of the green objects like the parasols looked cyan or very close to yellow on my screen), but that was quick to sort out. Also, depending on the combination of keys held down, most keyboards do not react too well and become unable to detect certain key presses - not sure if that was intended but on mine if I held G+V then the up arrow key would no longer be detected.

Other than those small issues, it's a cool, fun one - wish it was a little longer!

Cheers and congrats on the submission!

Thanks for playing!
Jump forward + move forward are indeed the core moves required to progress, the other moves offer additional and often easier alternatives. The game wouldn't be more streamlined with just those movements as then it would not be possible to lose any movements, it's the issue you'll see with other 'moves = lives' jam submissions - as soon as you lose a single core movement it's game over. I've designed mine so the extra moves make the game easier but are not required to progress, and you lose them in an order that does not fully impede you of making progress until you actually reach a game over state.

I'm not sure how the loss of control would be unclear depending on how invested you were in the game, it's represented in multiple ways:

  • You literally lose your moves/commands whenever you take damage
  • When the clock completes a turn, your reactions get slower - your inputs are queued +1 turn later, which is reset by taking damage
  • For every damage you take, the clock timer gets shorter, inevitably spiraling your loss of control
  • All movement happens on a set, universal timer - you do not fully control the time of your actions & reactions
  • Once a movement key is pressed, you cannot willingly take it back or change your input, only taking damage will stop queued moves
  • Thematically, the game is built around the concept of human aging & a slow process of death by loss of one's own functions/control of self
  • The gameplay loop is designed in such a way that the end is inevitable, you cannot avoid losing yourself and dying, you can fight harder against it but your own death is beyond your control

If none of these aspects were apparent to you, please do share what you took/understood from the game and its workings as I haven't seen anyone mention not finding any "loss of control" in the game so far and it would be interesting to understand what you interpreted. Cheers!

Thanks, I started from the idea of delayed input and built the game around it to match - so I'm glad it all worked out!

I'm on 1080p as well, it just seems like important information that would require me to look away from the active playing area to read properly.

I like the concept of constantly-remapped control, but unfortunately it seemed like many keys would not work for me. Might have something to do with having a different keyboard layout, but keys like these:


Didn't work for me.

Still a cool take on the theme, congrats on the submission!

Really funny one, I really like how it leads you into believing that either option is something that can help you if you just knew which was the right one - but you're actually always saying something completely different. Had a lot of fun with this one! Cheers

This is great in every way - only felt like a bit more on the sound side could do wonders, but it was already wonderful. Love the concept of the monster trying to avoid destruction but being deeply flustered about it's inability in doing so - animations and the look on the dino are great!

Cheers and congrats on the submission!

Really solid submission, wish I could play on for a few more levels!

Only issue I had was with the movement feeling imprecise, so I was often stuck in a state of "ok I know what to do just - nope, overshot it again" and then repeating multiple tries. I'd also prefer if the rotation indicator & clock were closer to the play area that we're playing attention to, but that's very minor.

Cheers and congrats on the submission!

Oh yeah, that was it then! Thanks

You can certainly turn this into a deckbuilder game if you wanted as well.

Cheers, followed!

Really solid solution for movement + combat, the fact that you usually want to go and aim towards different directions was an elegant solution for feeling constantly out of control. The game also looks nice, wish we had a little more red on threats (a la Downwell), and the sound of the flamethrower drove me crazy bahahahah. I think I had some collision issues? Or maybe I take damage on a timer as well? I'm not sure.

Either way, amazing submission, congrats!

The harder it is, the easier it is - the real objective is dying, that is the only ending.


Even with the parts I didn't manage to implement, the death spiral was always the intended end.

The only part it's missing that I'd planned for was being able to reach your sister's grave if you get past all the challenges - this would then put you back at the start, but without recovering any moves or time. The idea was that you're visiting your dead sister once per year, and it's the same journey - but each time it gets harder and harder. When I didn't manage to make the cemetery screen + restart in time, I just shoved 5 extremely hard and maybe not passable challenges at the end.

The awkward staring at the motionless character is intended... but maybe should be shorter - you're watching her last moments before death, and then the game closes. It's certainly meant to be uncomfortable.

And yeah, after the first comments came back - it became very clear that the indirect tutorialization was not even close to being enough... which is sad as I still had enough time to fix that before submitting, had I playtested a little bit.

Really fun take, certainly out of control! Wish you had a little more time to work out some visual feedbacks & sounds, but still really enjoyable.

The controls are a 3x3 grid on the keyboard, so for qwerty it's QWE ASD ZXC

It can also be the same, but for an AZERTY layout or on the numpad.

Not communicating this properly with some sort of tutorial was certainly one of the most important things I should've done but didn't

Is that whole driving NPCs away part fun, though? Feels like  following and interacting with the chaos is where the fun's at, and despite making sense conceptually, the interactions with NPCs that you mentioned would get in the way of that. I'd say that NPCs that interact with the environment and/or the blob are a safer bet - things like the blob sticking to NPCs that walk around and then you have to knock if off of them, guards that mostly open/close gates and raise/lower drawbrigdes, jesters juggling balls + the blob, mages channeling some weird ritual and the blob gets caught within the ritual circle into some move pattern and so forth.

These are also suggested with different types of blobs in mind, with slightly different behaviours like targeting interactibles if it bounces close by, avoiding humans if it 'sees' them - either way it's way too much speculation at this point - there's plenty you can explore for sure bahahahahah

Yo get out of here, this makes the other 5 raters I've given look bad >:|

Really like the whole interacting with multiple spaceship controls thing; missed some stronger feedback for activating/deactivating systems and wasn't able to get very far in yours without getting yeeted through the walls into space, so I'm looking forward to an updated version if you do that!

Cheers and congrats on the submission!

I can certainly see how stunning could be frustrating, but there still might a way of making the 'excessive amount of physics displacement' a more consistent interaction - it already happens to some extent, you just don't really have much control of it as the designer, right?

Yeah, more environment interactions would be cool - the blob hitting switches closing doors, putting lights out and so forth. What was the goal with the NPCs? What sort of interaction/engagement would they ideally offer?

Really fun! Initially thought it was a cat (it's a very slim dog), but cleared that right up once I started playing. Love the sound & the visuals - wish the controls were a little bit more out of control but it's still a really solid submission.

Ah! Huh... puh-huh... ahn? Huhg...


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Hilariously disorienting - had tons of fun chasing the blob around and watching its destruction unfold. Felt a bit like the guards didn't really add much to the game though, they mostly got in the way but in a non-engaging fashion.

Would like to see maybe trap-like objects or interactions triggered by the blob that can hurt or stun the player - things like the falling candelabra, fenced gates that open/close, drawbridges, statues that fall in a tree-felling fashion and such.

Either way, an amazing submission! Congrats!

Solid all around - feel like the 'real-time' is a little too fast but that might just be me; ended up spending most of my time in slow-mo land :P

Congrats on the submission!

Simple & fun - the bomb power gives you back some of the control, but things can still get out of hand. Congrats on the submission!

Honestly, really cool - I'd like to see this one expanded with additional commands (like drawing 3 cards for movement + another 2 for strafing/shooting etc). Congrats on the submission!

Really enjoy having to manage multiple things at the same time, gives that overcooked out-of-controlness vibe. Had some issues with ingredients getting stuck, but could still play it for a bit. I like the art, you could look into color correction to make things pop out a bit more!

An original take and looks nice - in the end what felt most of out of control was the jaw bahahahah
Congrats on the submission!

Certainly, I honestly don't find my game that enjoyable or fun to play, so I certainly get where you're coming from bahahahahahah

Even this isn't really a platformer, the game only supports a flat plane - it's more akin to a rhythm-based or time-based obstacle dodger.

Yeah, you actually start with QWE ASD ZXC as inputs; I thought the implied directions in the game would be enough (they certainly weren't), so I ended up missing any clear instructions in the game.

Certainly, thanks for the feedback.

It's only the way it is for this one because the objective is losing in the end - as mentioned elsewhere, if I reuse this mechanic it will probably be for something RPG-ish.

Looks hella clean, gotta love the tactile gameplay! Congrats on the amazing submission

I'll be frank with you, the game's supposed to end when you lose - I just added 5 or so super-tough areas to the end 20 minutes before submitting and then hoped that no one would be able to get through. BAHAHAHAHAHHA

I might make something out of a similar mechanic, but I was thinking more into RPG territory - with different equips with different actions for each move slot.

Looks cool, unfortunately unplayable on my PC - hit me up when it's fixed!

Even if it was intended, doesn't necessarily mean that it seems that way in the game.

If you have to explain to everyone that it's intended, perhaps the game needs a clearer way of communicating that it is intended.

Simple to understand and a great take on the theme; perfectly connects 'out of control' into a core puzzle mechanic & also introduces new elements at an easy-to-learn pace. Congrats on the amazing submission!