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Thanks for giving it a go! I wanted more time to speed up the combat but just ran out of it! Alas, lessons learnt!

Thank you for playing!

Thanks for playing and for the kind words!

Took me a whole to figure out what was going on but once I did I really enjoyed this! With some polish and a tutorial this could be a wonderful game!

Great take on the theme! Nice mechanic and overall well done!

You're very kind! Thank you for playing :)

Really cute game! Nice mechanics and adorable ladybugs!

Thank you ever so much for playing! I think I might have to hit up one of my other programming friends for the port though :D

Great game! Nice little puzzle. Would be cool to see it expanded.

Thank you for giving it a shot! There was a lot more I wanted to do to make the luck important but still give the players options but as always, ran out of time!

This is fantastic! If I had this on my phone I'd play for hours! Great job

You are very kind! Glad you enjoyed playing!

Thank you! Hope you enjoyed yourself :)

Thank you for playing :) 

Yeah that was on the todo list but just ran out of time! 

Wacky little game! Had a lot of fun with the random effects. Definitely didn't kill myself with a black hole...

Thanks for giving it a go! 

I was hoping to get some item unlocks and more actions in there but just ran out of time. 

Level 8 was quite tough! Had a great time! Would be cool to see it expanded with different player movement options

Thank you very much! I had very limited time from the artist that usually joins me so had to design everything except the characters myself. Unfortunately I didn't have a lot of time on combat tweaking. It was much slower an hour before the submission but needed even more time!

Nice little puzzle game! Had fun playing it

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! Was mostly solo this year so pretty happy with the result.

Thanks for playing! 

I decided to lock the camera because it makes the movement code a lot easier but in hindsight I probably could've spared the extra 30 minutes to have camera rotations. Maybe in Roll Again Again: Rolland's Return

That was awesome! Love me a good tower defence. Really cool level up idea. Absolutely loved it.

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Thanks for playing! 

There were a lot of features I didn't get to. I wanted to add chests and items with more modifier and actions etc so I locked the camera early so the movement code would be easier but I still didn't get round to any of that. Being a mostly solo dev is hard! :D

Really enjoyed the concept and the art style. 

Only issue was in about 20 minutes I only drew 3 cards that reduced potion making.

Thank you! Been DMing for over 15 years so that was what I was going for :D

Thanks for playing!

Glad you enjoyed yourself! 

I'm very proud of the artists, they did a great job! :D

Thanks for playing! :)

Thanks for playing!

The dark reflections are trying to kill you and the crystal, but killing them hurts you, so you've got to decide between killing enough to make it easier or having a full health bar.

Very kind words! Thanks for giving it a go. 

Sorry for the late reply! We all crashed a bit over the weekend.

Thanks for playing! Hope you enjoyed it.

Thank you for playing! Glad you enjoyed it :) 

Thank you for playing and your kind words! Apologies for the late response! The team ran out of steam a little over the weekend.

The slowdown is super satisfying! I played this for longer longer than had expected, ha! Nice work!

The Shades should be targeting both the player and crystal, but because of the nature GameJams, there is a lot of balancing and polish that could improve things! Hopefully the design idea came across at least! But thank you for the kind words, and the feedback!

Interesting concept, I think there is a lot of potential here! Nice job!

Thank you! Yes, the camera was something that we struggled with, so there is much more we could have done to improve that! But we're glad you enjoyed it regardless!

This game really shines when it gets more hectic! Nice work!

Cute game, I like the idea! I think maybe it would have been better if the camera followed whichever tadpole is "active" as it was hard to see where they were going sometimes, but it was still cool. 

Cute game, I like the idea! I think maybe it would have been better if the camera followed whichever tadpole is "active" as it was hard to see where they were going sometimes, but it was still cool. 

I'm not usually a fan of these types of games, but this won me over with it's charm! Great job!!

The mechanics were really well introduced, and the idea has so much potential! I'd love to see more!