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You have no control over switching your weapons!
Submitted by Danial Jumagaliyev (@danqzq) — 19 minutes, 15 seconds before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
In this game, you have no control over switching your weapons!

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing audio

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Nice game, I like that the different enemy have different weakness' and strengths. The lack of music and shooting sounds take away from the feel a little. One note is that because all the weapons are single shot and long cooldowns,  they all feel a bit like variations on a rocket launcher+fragments or gravity or both.
(I did read how your weapon data got corrupted, so I am taking that into account. All the same I can only rate what is submitted.)


The art, sound effects, and particle effects are all very nice. The switching mechanic is neat, and I liked the idea that certain enemies were stronger against certain weapons, but overall I thought that the switching time was too slow, which kind of bogged it down a bit. Great game despite this


Nice concept and fun gameplay!

You can try adding more juice to the game.

Great Job!


A simple game the fits the theme well. Not doubt as you've heard from countless people by now, the cooldown between shooting different weapons really hurts the pacing of the game. The decision to include a cooldown makes sense, to force the player to make plans and to position themselves well with the arena, but the wait is WAY too long.

Besides that, the grenade weapon seemed a little difficult to use, while it's one of few weapons that works against all enemies it launches way too fast and bounces way too much to be of much use a lot of the time.

Other than that, it's all positive, I love the concept, executed well to make a simple yet entertaining little 2D shooter. Good job! ^-^


The movement feels good. If you removed the cool down on the weapons and had a few more enemies spawn at the same time, could make it a lot more fun. Having an overall faster pace to it while being able to slow down time would be nice.  I really like the weapons switching. In place of the weapon cool down you could have limited ammo then a random weapon drop placed somewhere close by in the level. Good job overall!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I like the simplicity of your game, it was entertaining just trying to survive the waves. :) One critique I have is that it's a little tricky remembering which weapons we weren't supposed to use--maybe on the enemies themselves there could be some sort of a hint or indication? But it was a fun time, nice job :D 


Thanks for playing the game! :D Its my first time hearing this type of critique, but in the post jam version I will do so as you say ;)


you could make the enemies the same color as the weapon that is strong against them 


They kind of are, actually... sort of :/


You're right for the green one but when you look at the wand it has more brown than blue in it. You could make it entirely blueish and the UZI could be in that brownish color. Doesn't have to make so much sense, it's more important that it works for the player to understand instantly :)


Really cool concept of the of the changing weapons and nicely implemented,  I do feel the cooldown on firing was too slow, I spent way more time running around bored, especially after throwing away a weapon I couldn't use.   It also felt like the machine gun(?) regularly misfired (or the bullet had a collision issue with my character.     The different enemie AI's were solid and I love the trying to juggle targets and weapons.   Really cool and well implemented concept.   You should definitely expand on this.


Really cute little game, great work ! 


A nice simple take on the theme that provides a lot of opportunity for exciting and varied gameplay :) I like the aestehtic of the game, even more so considering you created it all yourself! As many others have mentioned, the cooldowns for the switch is kinda long but this is something that can easily be tweked post jam and didnt take away too much in my experience.

You should deifnitely consider expanding on this after the jam! Nice job :)


Should i mention the countdown that makes the whole game slow ?
But yeah i understand there's problems during gamejams. My game as well is full of bugs (play my game ! ;) )


Thanks for playing! I played yours in my stream!


oh, is there a replay, can i still see your stream ?




Good game! Seems a lot of other people have mentioned the cooldown time already but I'll mention anyway, shorter cooldowns would be great. It's a cool mechanic, I like having to plan which enemies to attack and adapt when my new gun doesn't work against the ones I'm attacking. Nice work!


That was a pretty nice arena fighter


Pretty fun! As some others have mentioned, I think the cooldown of the weapons is too long. 

Otherwise, great job!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Definitely a cool concept! I think the biggest problem is the cooldowns, which really slow down the pace of the action. The idea of having to switch weapons really quickly could lead to some really fast-paced, frantic gameplay, so making the actual switching a lot faster and maybe giving the enemies some more varied behavior could really help to reach your experience goals, in my opinion. Also, visually, the game is really nice! I love the art, and the sound effects that are in the game work really well, but some music would really help the auditory aspect.


Good action plateformer. The idea is relatively simple and respect the theme, although in a relative safe way. The game was overall fun nonetheless.

The art is good, and sfx were well done and integrated. Unfortunately, there was no music so can't judge on that. Didn't find any bug during my play through and the control were intuitive to use.

Good job overall !


Interesting concept, but experience could have been better with shorter cool downs and few collision bugs with bullets. Rest is all good.


fun game! definitely took some time to master how to use all the weapons, especially the grenade! and the resistance mechanic was very cool! great job :)


This has a lot of potential. I'm sure you already know what you have to do to make this game really sing. I bet with a lot more time, it'll be a blast to play.


It was a really simple game but have a lot of potential for expansion. Multiple weapon types and downside for each weapon was a neat concept. And the slow down mechanic was a fun addition. Although, the game felt a bit slow at a time with the high cool down. I understand that it was a bug. If the weapon cool down was flesh out a bit more, the game could has been a lot more chaotic. Overall, I think this a solid game, and I hope you would work on this more post jam! Great job.


Simple and fun, wish the weapons were a little more chaotic!

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