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The best chicken Puzzle-platformer game!
Submitted by braykin08, Moronyx — 6 minutes, 4 seconds before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
You do not have controls of the main character, but rather your surrounding. To complete the levels, you are using ctrl- shortcuts to manipulate the environnement, however, you have a limited number of "controlled action"

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all audio during the game jam

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Thats for sure one of the most original games around here! You took the CTRL mechanic to the next level. Fun to play, and the opening sequence is adorable! Nice entry!


I played this game in this video here (00:14):


i like that you had a cutscene at the beginning

this game has a really fun concept and ive played other games with a similar concept and it works pretty well. 

however, there are a few implementation details that id like to address:

1. clicking on things is hard when the camera keeps moving. the camera should move as little as possible. ideally, this game would have 1-screen levels where the camera doesn't move at all.

2. clicking on things is hard when the hit boxes are small. id recommend increasing the hitboxes on items used for clicking because sometimes i had trouble clicking on the chicken feed

3. mouse over indicators for clickable items. not all items are clickable. there needs to be a clear indication of what items are clickable beyond "i clicked it and nothing happened so i guess its not clickable". options include putting nailed down brackets on the crate sprites to indicate they're not movable. when you mouse over a movable object, it should respond or highlight in some way to let you know you can cluck it.

4. when an object is selected, it should be highlighted. you already do this, but i think a highlight border or a complete color change would be easier to see.

5. the chicken jumps way too much. this is really up to you, but id prefer if the chicken only jumped when it needed to, and if the chicken was smart about when it jumped.

6. it would be cool if multiselect was a thing

7. the hitbox of the end level flag is nice and big, and the level ends as soon as the chicken enters its hitbox. +1 well done i like that a lot

I ran into the bug, i think. literally. its the one with the spiders, isnt it?

anyway cool game, i look forward to playing the post jam version 


Nice game, good mechanic and good execution.


This is a really cool game mechanic that's executed really nicely! I hope you keep working on it and add more levels and obstacles :D


I liked the idea of the game and the art :) well done.


Interesting idea and well executed. Well done :)


Very cool idea! I like how the fact that you can only save one item to your clipboard at a time made for interesting decisions on when to override your currently copied item or not!


Very cool idea! Still giving control of where the chicken will go makes it way more fun! A really smart usage of "copy/paste" behaviour for games!


Omg, this game is amazing! A full cut scene for story! Amazing idea for mechanics super original! and you had time to make enemy designs and animations! So much fun playing this! Really hope you do well in this! Best of luck! :D


I love your concept.It's very unique game with original idea.Really enjoyed playing


Wow, that was weirdly interesting. Though there was no sound, I was able to have fun anyway. Bravo!


Good concept, but not the first one that use the 'ctrl' shortcut in this jam theme. Execution was verry well done though, with a setting and scenario that made me think of Angry bird. A bit confusing at the beginning, but figured out on my own that the seed were for moving the character around on its own.

The art was good. Unfortunately, no SFX and music so we cannot judge on that. Didn't see any bug, but screen tearing was happening when there was more than 2 copy paste. Otherwise, no game breaking bug, so coding was good I presume.

Overall, a nice proof of concept for that idea !


I feel like a way to see where objects are going to be pasted would have been nice (like a highlight on the mouse cursor). Sounds would have made the game even more interesting too. Otherwise, the gameplay is clever and well executed.


Really liked the aesthetics, and the puzzles were smart. The keyboard shortcuts were a really unique interpretation of the theme! Good stuff :)


this is a really nice puzzle game ! GG for the level design :)


Nice job! I loved the gameplay and the cute art! Well done! :D


What a unique and clever mechanic and take on the theme! I literally went "OHH!!" as soon as I realised where this game was going. I like the art direction as well!


Your concept is brilliant, the art is very fitting, and you level design is amazing. Great job!

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