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Maybe some time later ;)

Cool game! I like the variety of the weapons and upgrades, and the art style is pretty too.

To better enhance the graphics, I'd recommend adding in some post-processing. Although the game does have visual effects like blood particles, there is still a lack of visual feedback, e.g. its hard to tell visually when you are getting damaged especially by the melee enemies. Slight screen flashes or particle effects could help.

That being said, for a game made in 5 days, its a nice 2D shooter! Its also astonishing how you gathered a pretty big team for a jam, something that I know can be quite hectic, yet you guys still managed to make a solid entry for the jam! Well done, hats off to you guys!

This is so relaxing to play, I really dig the look of the models!

Rate my cozy aquarium 😆

Accidentally reverted to an older version, where the Ping function didn't exist. Sorry about that. I've updated the upload file, it should be back now.

Hey, sorry for the late response, I am preparing to release an update to take care of this issue. Thank you for reporting it!

Hey, thanks for the response. About the leaderboards disappearing from the list, they are only saved as cache, so as soon as you clear the data of websites on your browser, they will be gone. That is why it is important to save the secret keys.

I think that I could create an account system in the future, which would just require logging in, and your leaderboards will be accessible at any time, from any device without restoring all of them.

Thank you for using Leaderboard Creator in your game. Would you be interested in having your game featured in the itch page of this tool?

Hello! Looks like one of my utility scripts accidentally slipped into the Unity package, sorry for that. You're gonna want to go to the LeaderboardCreator/Utils path and delete the Clipboard script.
I've updated it now, and alternatively you can delete the LeaderboardCreator folder, download this new version of the package and import it.

Theme: Asset pack
Restriction: Make a game using art from PxlDev's 1 Bit Pack Collection in less than 3 hours!

It should be online, maybe try connecting with a VPN?

I'd suggest using multiple leaderboards for multiple levels, as each leaderboard can only hold 100 entries for now.

I will probably update the library to include a "Ping" function which will check if the server is up or not, and based on that you could show an error message to the player.

Thank you for using my tool, I look forward to improving  it.

I can implement a system where you can toggle whether or not you want to keep the same scores, but that also means that someone could just spam the leaderboard with different scores but with the same name. If you want to go with this route, then I have a solution for you that is not so straight-forward, but it involves the usage of the "Extra" field.

You could save the scores of the user locally, then every time you upload a player's score to the leaderboard, you add their previous scores to the Extra field as a string. Then every time you request the leaderboard's entries to load, you can not only display the highscores of the players, but also their previous attempts. How does that sound?

(1 edit)

Just to note, the score will only get uploaded and submitted if its higher than the previous one in the leaderboard.

  1. Open the Package Manager window in your Unity project.
  2. Click the plus icon on click "Add package from git URL"
  3. Paste this in the URL field and then press Add:

Oh, I forgot to mention that you need to import the Json converter from Newtonsoft:

I might update the download file and include Newtonsoft.Json with the Unity package.

The rank is the entry index, I should've pointed out that the entries are returned in a descending order by score.

Hey, just wanted to let you know, I updated this tool. You can now migrate your old leaderboards (if you had any), to this new version of the tool and have more control over your leaderboards.

You are pretty much right! The mine is not as risky as we intended it to be, and for that reason we plan to balance the game, along with bringing in some bugfixes.

Hey, thanks for notifying us! I'm not sure as to who has done it, but would it be possible to just retract the votes from the accounts you claim to be fake?

Yummy, sushi! Its a pretty creative idea for the theme, the graphics and audio were great, I liked that there were visual and sound effects appearing on different occasions.

Interesting take on the mix of skill and luck in the gameplay. The presentation of the game is nice, but some more visual and audial feedback to the player would have been nice.
The only problem that I found was the score still increasing even after you lose the game. Besides that, well done with the game!
The frog is super cute btw :)

Wonderful strategy game! I really love the satisfying animation of the stones bouncing off the board when you win/lose.

Wow, so many things to try out in this game! I'm impressed by how many moves you guys came up with, allowing players to experiment and find out what works best.

However, in an ideal situation, instead of first throwing a manual book about all the moves before starting to play the levels, it would have been nicer to give smaller and clearer descriptions about them when you hovered in them, both when you choose your preset of moves and during gameplay. Otherwise, remembering about what all of the moves do, is a challenge on its own, lol.

Despite that, I think this is a solid entry!

Nice game! Some parts are easy with one mechanic while with others it may not be, which is a cool twist on the theme.
The inclusion of some music in the background could have been a nice touch to add for the presentation of the game. Overall, good work!

The design of some of the levels in this game was pretty cool! While I think the idea that you approached is not the most original, the usage of different tiles, such as falling and turning ones definitely allowed the game to get more fun!
I do have to agree with the comment below, falling off the map was a common and annoying thing for me. On the other hand, however, it just made me extra cautious about the steps I should be taking next.
Great job on the game!

One of the most creative games I've played in this jam. The gameplay is really fun, especially due to the fact that you have to constantly be paying attention not only on the enemies that are at the top, but also keep an eye out on what dice of ammo you are standing on and how much you have left to shoot.
My only criticism would be the fact that some sound effects were really louder than other ones, e.g the explosion sound of the rockets. Other than that, however, I think this mechanic that you guys came up with can definitely be explored even further, and has lots of potential!

Nice and simple take on the theme! There were a lot of reoccurring moments were you could just do nothing for a good solid while, you just had to press the space key when your dice got stuck, and I don't know if I found that too enjoyable. There's a lot that you can do to spice things up, like adding extra actions/modifiers or even less linear terrain that heads downwards. Overall, good game!

This game has some squishy and amazing visuals! Wouldn't say that the idea of being able to throw the dice at enemies is the most original, but the fact that there are various modifiers definitely makes it more unique and creative.
The game did bug out for me on my first playthrough.  After clearing the first wave the screen became black, so I had to refresh the page and restart.

I liked the inclusion of the funny "yooooo" sound too :)

Cool puzzle game! Was able to get the hang of it pretty fast. Being able to pan and rotate the camera was a nice addition, hence the numbers of moves left were on top of the dice you were moving.

Super polished with so much content! A great and creative way of approaching the theme!

Very reminiscent of the good old flash games! Amazing!

Maybe ;)

Yeah, the dialogue will change according to your interactions and the amount of times you play. There are secrets, that is the whole point of the game :)

At the moment there is not. However I am planning to update this application further down the line, and add a way to delete entries. In the meantime, you can send me your leaderboard details and the entry to delete if you want to delete and entry.

Thanks for playing! About the background: Nope, I made a map that just loops.

kewl game finish this now

Oh wow man you made an online multiplayer game in 3 hours?? I wanna try that some time soon.


Such a cool concept! For me it captured a feeling of being in space, or in some kind of unreal dimension of spots.

I really liked how spraying some elements can cause some interactions like playing music. I got stuck in the part when I had to wash the surface below me, as I did not notice the "wash me" text at first. But luckily I was able to barely spot it and figure out that I should have cleaned it. One bug that I found was if you are colliding with the wall, you can constantly keep pressing space to jump up. This caused me to fall off the map 😂 but I enjoyed the view of millions of dots from the bottom of the map.

Overall, this was really relaxing to play, and I definitely want to see you continue this!

Nice and simple game. I feel like it would've been more fun to have more stronger enemies, as its not too fun to just be able to one shot them. Not really innovative, but the game has some good graphics and audio. Overall, you did a wonderful job for a jam game!

It was not boring, it was very clear, but it could have for sure been better. I do understand that there was a time constraint, so hey. its no biggie :)