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Never owned a Tamagotchi, but this is a cool pet simulator, and the art style is very unique!

Very noice :]

Outright stealing and using someone’s idea and resources without permission is definitely a crime. I feel really bad that this happened to your game. I hope that Google takes the necessary action to take down that rip-off!

Hello LeoFireMage! Yes, we are aware of that, it is something that wasn’t reassured when we were submitting our game, once the jam ends, we will upload a working web build with new updates! For now, you can still enjoy playing the game on standalone platforms like Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Enjoyed rampaging with a bull and smashing objects in a China shop. I can see that there are a lot of UI effects, really great job with those, I can see that there was a lot of effort put into them. Some more sound effects would’ve been cool to add, like some bull sounds. I definitely think that the lighting could’ve been improved, maybe you can explore other kind of art styles, like the art style in the game called “Ape Out”. But other than that, nice work!

Thank you for the kind words! Yes, the leaderboards are online, and were made using “Leaderboard Creator”, a.k.a a free tool of mine :]

The game does have a pause button, it is the Escape key, this is stated in the Controls table in the game’s page. Beware though, pausing the game will not allow you to unpause it due to a bug. We’ve fixed this and after the jam we plan to release a new update. Thank you for playing!

Hello! Thanks for the great feedback! Technically, the game does work on WebGL, as we tested it on a localhost. But due to the fact that the compression format was selected as ‘Brotli’, the WebGL build is not playable on, and it is something we noticed after the jam had ended. About the suggested price tag - we removed it for your, and others’ convenience.

I had fun exploring the house and causing chaos! I think the difficulty was on point and having to find various objects was pretty creative. Nice!

Cool strategic game! I had fun trying to guess the physics of the game, the jumping felt a bit too floaty though. Adding more explosives and guns would’ve been cool, but for a jam game this was still great. Well done!

This game was inspired by many games, one of them being the Crypt of the Necrodancer. Thanks for playing!

Ah I see, its a very interesting idea!

Thank you for your review! Get ready for more soon… [ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°]

Yooooo nice I remember your duck game to hehe

Cool game. Though I do not see any chaos here. But why does this ball bounce on a CPU? Lmao

I loved this! This was really fun, I want this to be continued as a fully-fledged game. Though I don’t know how it really fits the theme 😅

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Cool game! I liked the graphics and the use of ragdolls! But I think some more elements could’ve been added to the gameplay to make it even more chaotic.

Cool bullet-hell game. For a while when playing I thought I wasn’t really progressing and the game began feeling repetitive, but when I saw the boss come out I almost crapped my pants, and it became REALLY CHAOTIC. I am impressed, great job!

THE MUSIC IS WAY TOO LOUD!!! Apparently I ended up breaking the game at some point, but other than that I had fun laughing at the cursed animations of the enemies getting sucked by a black hole out of nowhere XD


I built a pp using the shapes. Very nice 5/5.

The art style was so cute! The game reminded me os osu! a little bit, but the fact that it takes place in a circus was pretty cool. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel too much chaos while playing the game, but it did get intense after a while. Overall, great work!

At first I got really confused and it required some time for me to actually understand what I’m supposed to do. But then I finally figured out that the player is invisible, so it was hard controlling the character but because the camera movement was static and fixed to the player I was able to still play and destroy 4 huts. Despite that I can see that there was a lot of effort put into the game, in terms of design and art. Well done!

The graphics of this game are magnificent! And so is the audio! However, I don’t think I noticed too much chaos going on in the game, and while the gameplay tries to get chaotic it instead got harder and frustrating too quickly for me ;[ But imagine players who are more skilled in terms of reaction speed and maybe players who have mastered touch typing can easily enjoy playing it.

Good simple bullet-hell game. The only chaotic part about the game was the increasing amount of bombs being thrown over time, which didn’t really give the chaotic feel to the game too much. While there is some decent visual feedback, there is no audio feedback for the player gets hit, when bombs collide, blow up and get thrown. There is a mix of pixel art and normal art, and they don’t blend well, so I recommend next time to stick with one art style only. Despite that, I think this is still a nice simple game for the jam.

This is a greatly polished diner serving game, I definitely experienced some chaos in the last 2 levels XD. There is a bug on the last level tho, I served only 10 people on the last level but that was counted as the end of the day for some reason. Either way, I enjoyed playing the game, but I still can’t wrap my head around the question of why people would order raw doughnuts lol

Liked the 2.5D art style! In terms of the theme, I didn’t feel too much chaos going on, but for a first game jam game with Unity this is pretty solid.

Cool innovative game! Its simple, but quite fun. I don’t think it was too chaotic but what really hooked me was trying to figure out how to actually play the game, which happened pretty fast. Good job!

This game felt more like an interactive animation, rather than an actual game with many interactions and gameplay. Other than that, the audio and graphics were just amazing! 5 stars for them without a doubt!

Loved Downwell, this games seems to match it’s vibe as well, so well done! Overall, great music, great simplistic graphics, but I felt like the game wasn’t too chaotic. Most of the time I felt pretty chill playing the game. Nonetheless, this is a solid game.

Cool game! The game has some really nice models, enjoyed scaring off the beans. Though there was something about it that made the game feel less chaotic, and I think its because of the fact that there was no audio.

Murdering innocents was definitely chaotic! Though the game felt more like a simulation, or, rather, an interactive animation. The graphics were simplistic, reminded me of old flash games. The audio quality was great too.

Cool concept, could be expanded upon! The graphics were just amazing, although fixing the sorting of the sprites wasn’t properly done. The actual sprites were solid, especially the AMONG US teacher reference. The audio penetrated my ears, and only that felt chaotic for me XD

Very innovative game! I feel like it could’ve been explored more though, to become a more fun and an even more unique experience. One suggestion that I have is to add some sort of cooldown to limit how many blocks/bricks you can place at once, otherwise you could just spam them and stay invincible forever. Definitely could have some potential if you find some ways to make the game more engaging!

A pretty polished entry, in terms of graphics and audio! I felt like the game was a bit too short, personally wanted to see more challenges, like enemies that have weak points to specific knights. The game tries to be chaotic enough, but I felt too confident in myself while playing the game because the orb felt pretty overpowered!

Cool 2D platformer! I liked the graphics, especially the player animation. One suggestion that I would give is to not upload development builds! They take more time to load and they spoil the console errors that you normally wouldn’t see. It showed that it couldn’t load a scene on the last playable level.

Nice 3D platforming game as your first one. The first level was very challenging, but I was able to get to the staircase and climb it. However the second level just seemed impossible, after the second jump especially. Regarding the graphics, I think the lava could’ve been better in terms of its color contrast (it was kind of painful to look at it XD). Also make sure to add a fullscreen button (there is a toggle in the edit page of your game). Nonetheless, congrats on making your first Unity game!

Cool jumping game, reminds me of Doodle Jump a little bit. I liked that you added audio feedback for bricks falling down, and for other interactions too. I also liked the art style, though I think to spice it up a bit more you could’ve added some post processing effects such as bloom. In terms of game design, I think the game could’ve been improved. The bricks fell down too quick in my opinion, and sometimes accelerating to the top after bouncing on a couch, can have a big risk of the bricks hitting you. Other than that, it was a pretty challenging game and my greatest distance was 23. Is the game endless?

Hello ButterAleks! Thanks for checking out our game! Real chaos is meant to begin after the 2nd level :]

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Thank you for taking your time to play our game, iXALE!

Hello DemnEye! Thanks for playing our game! To make it clear, there is no health bar, only the dance meter. The “How To Play” section at the beginning of the game explains that your objective is to keep it as high as possible.