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it's back! and this time it's got a boss battle! :D

sorry to hear about that, ill take a look into it. glad to hear you enjoyed this early version!

this is the best 3D survival game I've ever played. I like it a lot more than 7 Days to Die, I'm not even kidding

congrats on #1!

LOL this was funny

hey could you make a video tutorial for this?

dude i love using tools made for my own personal use. i use unity, so i probably wont ever use this tool. but i really think its awesome you made your own tool

"This was an an insane fever dream." my new fav quote about our game XD

well you do love your sweets

thanks! i love our characters too ^_^ which one is your fav?

yeah we ran out of time for the levels, we'll def have those fixed for the postjam version

glad you enjoyed it! yeah we were going to have fully fleshed out levels but ran out of time. we'll fix the levels for sure in the post-jam version

glad you enjoyed it! yeah we were going to add a guest counter but we ran out of time. def have it in a post-jam version

i was confused, didnt have a clue what to do. i just sat and danced to the music until i ran out of moves

This game made me hungry for Honey Nut Cheerios. The bee is too cute and the honey looks too realistic, as it made me hungry.

i want to play this game but it runs at like 1 fps on my computer :(

thanks! glad you enjoyed it! yeah we were going to do an inventory but ran out of time. we'd totally add that in a post-jam version.

This is a really cool game. I think it has potential to be a really relaxing idle game

Heres a video on did of it: 

This game has some real potential. I liked having little buddies and that there was a tutorial.

Here's the video I made of it: 

This was a really cool game! I'm looking forward to the postjam version if you guys make one.

Also, I played this game in this video here: 

thanks glad you liked it ^_^

thanks! which character was your favorite?

yeah our writer did a really good job. 

thanks! stonicorn is my character ^_^

thanks! our artists really did an amazing job. which character was your favorite?

glad you liked it! thanks for the feedback, we'll keep that in mind for the post-jam version

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wow thats a lot! im so excited to try out the new version!

My answer is that the title is a warning to not break the rules. It reads a lot like "No means no"

if you want it to come true again, ill be making a post-jam video for all the games i made videos of in about a month

I played this game in this video here (10:37):

I played this game in this video here (10:07):

I played this game in this video here (6:41):

I played this game in this video here (3:27):

I played this game in this video here (00:21):

thanks! ill play it in about a month when i play the other post jam versions

sorry i try not to read descriptions. i like to see how easy a game is to figure out.

it was fun to shoot the enemies

well i had to play your game since you played mine. i just didnt record it

and nice! i was hoping they stacked. this is going in my favorites list

very cool game, nice concept.

it would have been nice to have on-screen controls

laggy on my computer so i couldnt play :(

very easy to get stuck in a corner

i couldnt get the game to run :/

the upgrades are funny

good concept

i felt it was a little more difficult than it should be, or maybe it was because i was trying to aim with the mouse and it wasnt working. is there an option to use J or K for attack instead? That would help me get it through my thick skull that I cant aim with the mouse in this game