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Really liked the exploration and the minit-inspired art style! There's quite a lot of content for 48 hours, would love to see this expanded into a full-length game :)

Nice concept, implemented nicely! Graphics and audio were really good. I had some difficulty with reading the text  for the key bindings (the font was really small on my display), but overall had fun :) Good stuff

I have many thoughts, but they basically boil down to making it more accessible to new players

+ Bug fixes
+ Easy, Normal and Hard difficulty modes (the current build would likely be between normal and hard)
+ Explain the mechanics with in-game tutorial
+ Highscore tracking

+ Leaderboards
+ Graphical improvements
+ Audio improvements

I don't want to spend too much time on it (it was a weekend jam, after all), but I'm not happy with where it landed.

Thanks for playing!

100% agree about the mouse leaving the window - I actually have a fix for this in place, but can't upload any updates until after the GTMK 2020 Jam (which this game is also entered into) has concluded. As a workaround until then, you can play in fullscreen or download the windows / mac version. :)

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Fun game! As others have said, I liked that you exposed the RNG seed to the player. Also, the wall jumping was really nicely done :)

Nice, simple concept with great art and music :) Could easily imagine this as a professionally released mobile game. Good stuff!

Really liked the aesthetics, and the puzzles were smart. The keyboard shortcuts were a really unique interpretation of the theme! Good stuff :)

Very fun - smashing into the blocks was nice and juicy, good physics. Great job :)

Was really confused by this, until I read the comments and figured out how to decode the markings. After that, it became a lot of fun! Some smart puzzles in there that require forward thinking. Good stuff

Nice game - really addictive, I spent far too much time "reviewing" it lol. Overall, the idea and mechanics are spot on. Great stuff!

I would suggest constraining the randomness a little (if this wasn't an "out of control" jam game lol)... in one game the spawn rate was really low, and waited like 30 seconds before the first enemy appeared :/

Loved the art and music, and the "dizziness" mechanic rebinding your direction keys was a really smart implementation of the theme. Plus, the overall concept and story were really original! Good stuff

I liked the concept, and the depth of strategy. I could see this becoming a full release :)

I had so much fun playing this! I felt it was often best to just click randomly and wait for the bouncing to play out, but I guess that fits the theme even more :) Also, the graphics were really nice

Hahaha this game actually made me laugh. Love the concept! The tutorial in particularly was really well designed

Thanks for playing!

Nice game dealing with serious ideas! A very original interpretation of the theme

Thanks, glad you had fun!

Thanks for playing!

Nice game! Was quite tricky to control, but you can get used to it quite quickly. Unfortunately, I couldn't get past level 3

Really sweet and wholesome interpretation of the theme :) I liked the minimalism and the relaxing vibe

Loved it! Great idea and execution - nicely balanced difficulty, and gorgeous pixel art!

Top marks across the board :)

Nice concept and execution! Keeping all the rules in your head was challenging, and picking between rules and cards was random in a good way :) If I may make one suggestion, I'd suggest you make the animations / transitions a bit faster so you spend less time waiting and more time playing :) Overall, fantastic job :)

I liked this game a lot - floating through trash has never been so much fun! The art-style is nice, and its intuitive and a joy to play. It's a shame about running of time, but it's still the best Trash Eel Simulator I've played :)

p.s. the sound design on this is SUPERB :)

Very nice! Loved the oppressive mood and art style, and the timeliness of it. The visible red auras of the 'hitboxes' and the stationary 'tutorial guy' at the beginning were thoughtful touches. Great stuff!

p.s. Wear a mask!

Simple to play and fun as hell! Loved it!

Simple to play and fun as hell! Loved it!

Nice game, original concept with great presentation! The randomly changing / throwing attacks were a nice touch. The "aces of your sleeve" => "health" idea was inspired :)

Nice game! Didn't get it at first, but once I figured out how to play (that I had to stop *all* cars from crashing) it clicked. I couldn't hear any sound - I think that would may have improved it a lot.

Nice game! Didn't get it at first, but once I figured out how to play (that I had to stop *all* cars from crashing) it clicked. I couldn't hear any sound - I think that would may have improved it a lot.

Had a lot of fun - especially when I ended up spinning through the air! Great job!

Had a lot of fun - especially when I ended up spinning through the air! Definitely "out of control"! Great job

Interesting concept!

I liked how you have to combine the real tube map with the game, and try to account for how long each journey would take. I missed Elliott unfortunately, so missed their dialog.

Great job :)

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Wasn't expecting a narrative game in this jam to be honest - great work! Really smart how you have to connect the clues from the different characters to get the answer (although it took me a couple of tries to connect the dots)

Very original - the silliness and humour were on point! Had a lot of fun :)

Thanks for playing!

Nice original concept! Painting the wall was fun :)

Also, I couldn't figure out how to stop watching TV once I started? 

Thanks for playing! The mouse moving off the game is an unfortunate bug in the WebGL version - it plays better in full-screen. Hopefully will be able to fix if I do a post jam update

Cool game! Very original and funny. I like how we both approached similar concept in different ways. Nice how you have to manage playing the platformer with avoiding the viruses

I felt the game feel and controls of the platformer could use some work, was quite tricky and frustrating to control. The voice sound effects were a nice touch!

Overall, great effort

Thanks for playing! Yeah, I think in a post jam version could use some difficulty tuning for sure